Creative Writing WorkshopStudents share their experiences attending the Union University 2015 Creative Writing Workshop:

The creative writing workshop held at Union University was so much fun! We split in to small groups of about 5 people and started by reading a piece of writing and discussing it. Next, we had a few minutes to write our own short piece. Then, we read our individual pieces and discussed and critiqued them. After, we heard the winners of the writing competition and a few authors speak and read sections of their work. My favorite part was hearing other people’s writing styles and working to expand my skills. –Elise Sickle, LAII


The Creative Writing Workshop is hosted annually by the Department of English at Union University. The day began by getting to know your group leader. My leader Mr. Andrew Grey talked about different writing styles and types, including the concept of “show, don’t tell”, where one instead of simply describing a figure with basic words, expounds on each detail while leaving room for the imagination. Then, everyone began a brief writing period based off a topic given by our leader. I was assigned the topic of “conflict”. Once this had concluded, the entire group listened to guest writers present their published pieces. I was very pleased with the workshop and its professionalism. I would recommend anyone who is able to participate in this opportunity to attend. – Nathan Grantham, LAI


I spent my day on March 4 at the creative writing workshop at Union University. Even with the condensed schedule due to inclement weather, I learned a lot and had an enjoyable day. I was in the fiction section of the workshop where I had to pick two opposing character traits of mine, and then use them to base two characters radically different from myself. The rest of the prompt was that we were to write a story with these characters at lunch. We then work-shopped each other’s stories, offering praise and criticism as a group. I really enjoyed everyone else’s stories, learning more about imagery, and getting a better idea of how to start a story. Finally, we got to hear two published authors who teach at Union share some of their own work, which was great. I enjoyed one author so much that I purchased her novel to enjoy. I am really glad that I got to attend this workshop this year and was chosen to represent Faith. – Emily Kuper, LAI