Nathan GranthamMy name is Nathan Grantham and I am completing ninth grade at Faith Homeschool Tutorial this May. 2014-2015 has been an eventful year for me. My family and I chose to attend the tutorial to allow more time for my favorite thing—GYMNASTICS! Much of my week is spent practicing new skills, conditioning, and preparing for competitions. Tutorial is a great fit for me because I need extra time to practice. It is a dream of mine to compete gymnastics on the collegiate level and… maybe more! This year I was the All Around Champion at the state level 6. Then I had the opportunity to compete for our state at the Regional Meet in West Palm Beach in April. I was the second all around winner in my age division and 19th of 132 in all ages of level 6.

Another awesome event that came about because of tutorial was getting to attend the Regional Science Fair at Austin Peay University. Mrs. Lezlie Haynes arranged for our finalists projects to be entered at the fair. At first—like everyone—I did not want to have to do a science fair project. But after the awards ceremony—and some extra money—I was glad to have done it. Needless to say, April was a fantastic month for me and that would not have been possible without the tutorial.

Nathan Grantham