The at-home, end-of-the-year, art projects (presentations) consist of pre-k and kindergarten students choosing their favorite children’s book and then researching the illustrator. With the help of parents, they put all of their information on a display board, including a piece of art they do at home depicting a scene from the book they chose.

Grades 1-6 choose an artist from a list that ranges from century old “masters” to newer up-and-coming local artists. Some are traditional oil or water colorist, and some are very non-traditional artists who create “scavenger” art, jewelry, etc. The students randomly select an artist to research. They gather information and print photos of their art to mount on the display board. Then they must recreate one of the artist’s works or create one of their own using the same style and methods of their artist.

Each child, pre-k through 6th grade, is then given a few minutes to make a short presentation to their class. This project gives the students an opportunity to dig deep into the life and style of a new artist each year, and having the students present the projects in class allows them exposure to knowledge of a much broader range of artists and art styles.

The students also agree that this is one of their favorite projects!