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Snow Days!!!

For some of my students that means building snowmen and having snowball fights, for others maybe lots of hot chocolate and staying in their pajamas all day! Either way, keep in mind that if you brought home your Color of Music artwork to work on (only a few 4th-6th graders), please make sure to bring it back on Tuesday, January 23rd! And it would surely make me smile to see drawings of your snow day experiences!

It’s that time again! I am so excited to see last years students and to meet any new students we have too! Teaching Art to children is so much fun, but creating masterpieces can get pretty messy! Please make sure your child wears play clothes or brings an old shirt to slip on over their clothes to protect them. Visit our Art Gallery photos throughout the year to see if you can spot your child’s artwork on our website and feel free to check out the links I’ve posted below for kid-friendly contests!

I’m so ready to start creating with your kids again!

Art Schedule


 8:40 – 9:25       1st

9:35 – 10:20     K

  10:30 – 11:15    2nd

 11:25 – 12:10   3rd


8:30 – 9:20        4th

9:25 – 10:15      6th

10:30 – 11:20     5th

11:25—11:55     PreK

Homework and Class Information

There are still a few students who have not brought in their required art items. Please make sure your PreK-6th grade student has turned in a 5×7 (head and shoulders) photo of themselves. The PreK-3rd grade should also have a 2-pocket folder with brads. In addition to their photo, 4th-6th grade should also have 3: 2-pocket folders with brads, a 14×20 paper portfolio, and their Art Workbook.

Thursday, August 31  

4th-6th grade should be reviewing the 8 Elements of Art once or twice a week regularly at home to memorize them. These are the basic building blocks of art and the more we understand about them the better our artwork will be!  We will also have quizzes  on this throughout the year.

5th and 6th grade homework

*Workbook pages 10-13. I will go over this in class next week and everyone will have the opportunity to fill in any unanswered questions and make corrections.

*Complete instructions for the “Overlapping Hands” project we began in class. Most were able to finish in class, if not, I will give instructions below. This is an ongoing project so make sure to bring it back to class so we can move on to the next steps.

“Overlapping Hands” Instructions-

 1. With a pencil, trace your hand (arm, fingers, hand…) 4 times anywhere on the paper provided, making certain that:

              A. you trace every part until it disappears off the page.

              B. each hand overlaps at least one other hand to some degree.

2. Add, from observation, your fingernails and all of the natural wrinkles, freckles, or scars that you see.


Art Contests for Kids

The Tennessee magazine has a monthly art contest for kids. Here is a link…

Constitution Day Poster Contest

Get to Know Contest

An Art, Writing, Photo, Video, and Music Contest

Free Kids Crafts Contest

Here is a sample of our Elementary Art Gallery…

To view additional art work, please visit the virtual Art Gallery