Welcome to Fifth Grade!

This page has all info and assignments for your 5th grader – English, Math and Science. To skip to a section, click on the links below

     School Closure Information will be found here and then through email. 

All main communicating should be kept through our Faith Tutorial office not the West Jackson Church office. SAVE this number in your phone 731-225-8172 or During tutorial hours Tues/ Thurs (our landline) 731-512-3492
  • Notes—
    • Everything that your child brings to school will go back and forth from Tutorial to home each day.
    • We like for our students to arrive after 8:15, but we don’t start our tutorial day until 8:30 am. That gives them time to visit and get ready for our day. Encourage your student to talk and meet to our new friends while catching up with old Faith friends. We want everyone to have a great school year.
    • We dismiss at 12:15 but please plan to arrive no later than 12:10. Please keep us posted if your child will be out or if afternoon pick-up plans change.

 Daily Schedule

Click below to see our daily schedule

2020 ELEMENTARY SCHEDULES 4th, 5th and 6th

Snack Schedule for 4th 5th 6th grades, Oct-Dec

Language Arts 5th grade

Mrs. Amy 

Get to know me: Chandler welcome letter

Materials for 2nd quarter: English 5 Student Work Text (2nd edition), Classical Roots 5 workbook*all to be brought each tutorial day.

5th Oct/Nov Calendar—5th Agenda Oct through Nov (subject to change!) 

Biography Project Options– Due Tuesday Dec. 8th! –> Biography Projects

*December Calendar coming soon!

If you have any questions about English, please email  amyehchandler@gmail.com 

 Math 5th Grade

Great Job 5th Grade. Continue to work hard.

Math 5th Grade Plans-5th Grade 2020

Meet Mrs. Michelle–click here-McFarland Intro Letter – 2020

Questions about Math-click here— Questions and Answers for Math u see

Please contact me anytime.  If you have any questions about Math, please email Michelle McFarland at mom.3kids@charter.net.

Science 5th Grade

Mrs. Dottie

Myatt Welcome Letter 5th grade

Myatt Expectations 5th grade

Materials: Science 5 Student Text (4th edition), Science 5 Activity Manual, and Science 5 Tests. These materials are published by bjupress and can be purchased at https://www.bjupress.com/category/grade-5-science-curriculum. Students will bring the test booklet to class on the first day so that we can keep them for use during class.

Additional items to have on hand to send to tutorial on designated days: 1/2 piece of poster board (for science experiment in December)

Additional items to have at home for activities throughout the year (see agenda for planned dates):

Materials for biome (January)
Decomposers at Work (February): 9 carrot pieces, 60 mL shredded lettuce, 3 clear plastic cups, plastic wrap, 3 rubber bands, cm ruler

5th Grade Science Agenda 2020-21. This agenda is very tentative! It will be adjusted based on numerous factors that impact our schedule. Watch your student’s planner and/or the website for changes and reminders. The peach highlighted days include a hands-on activity.

Please contact me anytime at dlwmyatt@gmail.com.

If you have any questions about Science, please email jaymewspencer@gmail.com.