Welcome to Fifth Grade!

This page has all info and assignments for your 5th grader – English, Math and Science. To skip to a section, click on the links below

     School Closure Information will be found here and then through email. 

  • Notes—
    • Everything that your child brings to school will go back and forth from Tutorial to home each day.
    • Bring a healthy snack–NO PEANUTS; Water or juice rather than soda.
    • Bring a light jacket–can be hot or cold in some rooms.
    • Art will be Thursday–starting the first day. BRING YOUR ART HOMEWORK ON THURSDAYS.
    • We like for our students to arrive after 8:15, but we don’t start our tutorial day until 8:30 am. That gives them time to visit and get ready for our day. Encourage your student to talk and meet to our new friends while catching up with old Faith friends. We want everyone to have a great school year.
    • We dismiss at 12:15 but please plan to arrive no later than 12:10. Please keep us posted if your child will be out or if afternoon pick-up plans change.

 Daily Schedule

Tuesday Thursday
8:30 – 9:40 Math 8:30 – 9:20 Math
9:40 – 9:50 Snack 9:25 – 10:15 Science
9:50 – 11:00 Science 10:15 – 10:25 Snack
11:05 – 12:15 English 10:30 – 11:20 Art
11:25 – 12:15 English

Language Arts

5th Grade End of the Year Agenda 

Tuesday, we will have an end of the year party, see our completed Victory Quilts (with pictures!) and finish Moon Over Manifest!

Catch Up Reading! (click on the links below to read)

(Corrected- pg 4, 5 12)
Day of Reckoning 1  Day of Reckoning 2  Day of Reckoning 3  Day of Reckoning 4  Day of Reckoning 5  Day of Reckoning 6  Day of Reckoning 7 Day of Reckoning 8  Day of Reckoning 9  Day of Reckoning 10  Day of Reckoning 11  Day of Reckoning 12  Day of Reckoning 13  Day of Reckoning 14  Day of Reckoning 15

Hattie Mae 1 Hattie Mae 2

Pvt Ned 1 Pvt Ned 2

The Jungle 1 The Jungle 2

Remember When 1 Remember When 2 Remember When 3 Remember When 4

Miss Sadie 1 Miss Sadie 2

Homecoming 1 Homecoming 2 Homecoming 3 Homecoming 4 Homecoming 5 Homecoming 6 Homecoming 7 Homecoming 8

Miss Sadie, August 1 Miss Sadie, August 2

St. Dizier 1 St. Dizier 2 St. Dizier 3 St. Dizier 4

If you have any questions about English, please email  faith.tutorial@yahoo.com.

 Math 5th Grade

May 7th-Lesson 28A and 28B Classwork: Homework 28C and 28D

May 9th–Lesson 28E Classwork; Homework 28F and 28G; Test 28

May 14th –Lesson 29A and 29B; Homework 29C and 29D

May 16th– Lesson 29E Classwork; Homework 29F and 29G; Test 29

May 20th, Monday –Video 30 and Lesson 30 A at home.

May 21st–Tuesday-Lesson 30B and 30 C in Class. Homework finish 30D and 30F—finishing up!!

May 23rd–Thursday –Field Day –Last Day

Wear Tshirts Neon tie-dye theme–Some will want to sign shirts

Bring a snack and a water bottle. We are outside –Bring board games if it rains. FUN DAY!!!


Meet Mrs. Michelle–click here--teacher-letter-final-draft (2)

Questions about Math-click here— Questions and Answers for Math u see

Please contact me anytime.  If you have any questions about Math, please email Michelle McFarland at mom.3kids@charter.net.


Science Letter to Parents 2018-2019

What To Expect  Click the link to the left to read what to expect and the class rules.

April 2019 Agenda

May 2019 Agenda

If you have any questions about Science, please email Lisa Woosley at woozcrew57@gmail.com.