Welcome to Fourth Grade!

This page has all info and assignments for your 4th grader – English, Math and Science.

All main communicating should be kept through our Faith Tutorial office not the West Jackson Church office. SAVE this number in your phone 731-225-8172 or During tutorial hours Tues/ Thurs (our landline) 731-512-3492


      School Closure information will be found here and through email.

    • Notes—
      • Everything that your child brings to school will go back and forth from Tutorial to home each day.
      • Bring a healthy snack–NO PEANUTS; Water or juice rather than soda. We have about 15 min. to eat and visit.
      • Bring a light jacket–can be hot or cold in some rooms.
      • Art will be Thursday–starting the first day. BRING YOUR ART HOMEWORK ON THURSDAYS.
      • We like for our students to arrive after 8:15, but we don’t start our tutorial day until 8:30 am. That gives them time to visit and get ready for our day. Encourage your student to talk and meet to our new friends while catching up with old Faith friends. We want everyone to have a great school year.
      • We dismiss at 12:15 but please plan to arrive no later than 12:10. Please keep us posted if your child will be out or if afternoon pick-up plans change.

Daily Schedule

Tuesday Thursday
8:30 – 9:40 Science 8:30 – 9:20 Art
9:40 – 9:50 Snack 9:25 – 10:15 English
9:50 – 11:00 English 10:15 – 10:25 Snack
11:05 – 12:15 Math 10:30 – 11:20 Science
11:25 – 12:15 Math

Language Arts 4th grade

Mrs. Amy 

If you have any questions about English, please email  amyehchandler@gmail.com 

September Agenda 🙂 –> 4th Agenda September

(subject to change- will always update you through email/your students agenda book)

Get to know me 🙂 Chandler welcome letter
Classroom Expectations/Info for 1st day: 4th Language Arts Expectations:Info

Math 4th Grade 

Mrs. Michelle

9/16–Monday —Starting Lesson 6. Review Lesson 5 and math facts of 5, 10, 3 and 4 (can use their white boards). Reviewing Subtraction.  Watch Video 6 for Lesson 6. We worked in class on place value in numbers.
9/17–Tuesday in class, Quiz over Lesson 5 with a Multiplication time test of 3’s during class. We are also working on 10’s. Lesson 6A and 6B. (Homework for Wednesday- Lesson 6C and 6D)
9/18–Wednesday –6C and 6D at home.
9/19–Thursday –In class 6E and review math facts with other types of problems. Homework– 6F and 6G and Complete test 6 at Home)
9/20–Friday — 6F and 6G; Complete test 6 at home. We will have a short quiz on this Tuesday 9/24 over Lesson 6
Sept 23–Lesson 7
This is a great base curriculum so feel free to add to it to keep your child challenged. We will also be doing all types of review problems together in class.

Please contact me anytime. e-mail mom.3kids@charter.net


Meet Mrs.Michelle –click here–Teacher Introduction Letter

Questions about Math–click here—. Questions and Answers for Math

Science 4th Grade

Please contact me anytime. email  jaymewspencer@gmail.com

Mrs. Jayme

welcome letter

Science–What to Expect – Click the link to the left to read what to expect and the class rules.

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend!!

Tuesday ,September 3rd- return test and take home for parents to sign and return- go over insect collection assignment and begin Chapter 2-read page 32-35 for HW and do page 23-24 in AM

Thursday, September 5th- Do the Amazing Discovery Activity in class and do AM page 25-26 for HW- Take Quiz 2-A –Read pages 38-39- work on Insect Collection over weekend

Tuesday, September 10th– Do AM 29 together in class,  Go over pages 40-43  and work on AM page 30-31 with partner – For HW AM pg.32  (EXTRA CREDIT- Whats for Lunch Activity in AM due 9/19)

Thursday, September 12thJersey/ Faith Shirt DAY–Take Quiz 2-B in class, Finish Chapter 2 vocabulary- go and look for bugs outside if time allows-  For HW read pages 46-49 AM 39-40

Tuesday, September 17th-Play review game for Chapter 2 test–HW study for Chapter 2 test

Thursday, September 19th–Take Chapter 2 test– and do Looking Ahead in AM, start on Chapter 3 vocab– HW- work on insect collection

Insect Collections will be due 9/26 –You will find instructions on page 30-31 in Science book

This is a tentative schedule as sometimes projects and lessons take more or less time– agenda books will be most accurate so always check those for Homework as it will depend on how far we get in class–



If you have any questions about Science, please email me @ jaymewspencer@gmail.com