Welcome to Fourth Grade!

PARTIES/SPECIAL DAYS: We will have four parties or special days through the year. Each child is asked to bring a snack for each child in our class on one of those days as indicated below. There are 13 students in our class. You may send a sweet or savory snack, and no known food allergies. If you cannot provide a snack on your day, feel free to contact another parent and swap days, but please let Mrs. Dottie know. 

  • Orange You Glad Jesus Loves You? Day (October 27): Adalynn, Madelyn, Josiah
  • Christmas (December 15): Millie Kay, Wiley, Josi, AJ 
  • Valentine’s Day (February 14): Tyler, Karalise, John Luke
  • End of Year (May 16): Daphne, Sean, Savannah

Click here for registration, curriculum, supply list information for 2022-23.

All main communicating should be made through our Faith Tutorial office, not the West Jackson Church office. SAVE this number in your phone 731-225-8172 or during tutorial hours Tues/ Thurs (our landline) 731-512-3492. 

Daily Schedule



Language Arts 4th grade

Mrs. Amy

Materials needed for Q3:  English 4 Textbook, Little Pilgrim’s Progress Novel, Little Pilgrim’s Progress Study Guide 

NEW4th Grade Language Arts  January-Spring Break Calendar –> 4th Agenda Jan-March

Welcome Letter: Chandler welcome letter

Math 4th grade 

Mrs. Michelle            

Welcome-We are so excited to get started! 

Click here–Welcome -McFarland

Agenda–Week 1–August 9th and 11th–Getting organized and ready 
Please send the Math-U-See workbook and test book to school. You can keep the hard cover teacher edition book and video at home. We won’t need the video or the hard back teacher’s edition in our classroom. We will start Lesson 1 the week of August 15. In your home plans you can review with easy Math facts by adding, subtracting and easy multiplying. Easing into 4th. 

Agenda Plans Click here–4th grade 2022 Fall math plans

January Plans–Jan. 16-20–Lesson 18       Jam 23- 27–Lesson 19     Jan 30–Feb 3–Lesson 20


Science 4th grade

Mrs. Dottie        

4th Grade Welcome Letter

4th Grade Expectations

Parents can put the AM pages for the current chapter in the student’s binder to keep from having to bring the entire AM. HOWEVER, please add the next chapter’s pages the day before we take the chapter test. Usually right after each chapter test, we complete the first page of the next chapter.

Homework Agenda. If your child’s planner differs from this agenda, follow what is on the planner since it will be based on what happens during class. 

Jan. 16-20Bring scissors and glue stick to class tomorrowRecord data and work on postersNo homeworkFinish recording data
Finish posters
No homework
Jan. 23-27No homeworkMock Science Fair Palooza
Resume work in ST and AM
AM 120
Read ST 168-171
AM 123
Bring scissors and glue stick tomorrow
AM 125-126
Read ST 172-175
AM 127