Welcome to Kindergarten!

This Thursday we will be conducting a Pumpkin Investigation in class.  I will send the pumpkin and our Science Journal home to complete one of the investigations.  Please return the Journal to school, but keep and enjoy the pumpkin.

Thursday, Oct. 29 will be ORANGE you glad you love Jesus day.  Children are asked to wear an orange shirt to celebrate.  We will have an Orange Party in class, compliments of Mrs. Elizabeth.

Sight words are important to good reading.  Please make flash cards and practice on these daily.  Remember, sight words are not sounded out-just memorized by “sight.”  Please allow your child time to work on these each day.  Flash cards, games, and spelling and writing the words are good ways to practice.

Please take a moment and read this NEW information about drop off and pickup for your child at Faith.

Since we seem to have adjusted to coming in well, we would like for parents to try to drop off your child off in the morning outside the door.  This should make it easier for parents in the morning.  If you feel comfortable, you may also pick up in the car pool line each afternoon.  It may take me a few days to recognize cars, so bear with me!

Parents of Pre K and Kindergarten students may park in the parking lot and walk your child to the door, providing you are wearing a mask.  Children should wear a mask until they are seated in the room.  I will be outside the door greeting students each day.  Our room is located off the North Entrance Canopy Circle.  Our room is 108.

Remember car pool etiquette and please be patient, especially during the first few days.

Your child’s temperature will be checked before entering the building and a squirt of hand sanitizer will be given to each child.  Your child will be asked if he or she has been sick in the last 24 hours, so you may want to explain this ahead of time.

Children may be dropped off from 8:15 to 8:30.  This is the time I will be at the door.

I know this seems like a lot to take in, but we are committed to providing a safe environment  

Jersey Day

Kindergarten Curriculum Guide-

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Our subject focus in Kindergarten is phonics/reading, with an emphasis on manuscript writing.  We also include grade level Social Studies and Science concepts through the year.  Students may be assigned different projects relating to a Science or Social Studies topic we are studying at the time. 

Students will go to Art class once a week, on Tuesday.

At the beginning of each month I will provide a monthly curriculum schedule on our website. This will allow you to plan for the month; you will know what we will cover in class as well as home assignments. Please be sure to check our website frequently for news, updates, and reminders.

We will have snack time mid morning. You will be given a day to send snacks for the entire group and these will be stored at school.  Look for our “Snack Calendar” as the start date nears.

We will have extra special days throughout the year (Holiday events, Field Day, etc…) I am looking forward to meeting you and your family! This year is going to be filled with lots of fun and learning!