Welcome to Kindergarten!

April is going to be a full month of fun activities and learning! Easter is one of my favorite holidays because of what Easter is all about! Being able to be with your children and talk about Easter will be an added bonus this year! The children are moving right along with their reading skills. I know you are so proud of your little reader! Their seed projects they just presented were over the top, I am so proud of every one of them!  We will enjoy learning about animals of all kinds this month which will be interesting for all of us. This group is so kind to one another, makes being together truly a blessing! We are moving quickly in our reading skills, keep practicing at home, they are learning so much! 

Sight words are important to good reading.  Please make flash cards and practice on these daily.  Remember, sight words are not sounded out-just memorized by “sight.”  Please allow your child time to work on these each day.  Flash cards, games, and spelling and writing the words are good ways to practice.

Our pick up time has changed to 12:10. We staggered pick up time for each clsss so we could keep up with all of the children more easily. I will walk the children down at 12:10. I have told the children they may leave when their parent, or whoever is picking them up, reaches the grass where we are standing. This procedure will help me keep the children safe, which is most important to all of us!

Kindergarten Curriculum Guide-

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New Snack Information!  Each child needs to bring his or her own snack in a disposable bag.  Also bring a water bottle in a disposable or reusable bottle.  Please no lunch boxes.  Thanks!

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Our subject focus in Kindergarten is phonics/reading, with an emphasis on manuscript writing.  We also include grade level Social Studies and Science concepts through the year.  Students may be assigned different projects relating to a Science or Social Studies topic we are studying at the time. 

Students will go to Art class once a week on Tuesday.

At the beginning of each month I will provide a monthly curriculum schedule on our website. This will allow you to plan for the month; you will know what we will cover in class as well as home assignments. Please be sure to check our website frequently for news, updates, and reminders.

We will have extra special days throughout the year (Holiday events, Field Day, etc…) I am looking forward to meeting you and your family! This year is going to be filled with lots of fun and learning!