Science Fair Manual

Ideas for coming up with a topic:

*Set a timer for five minutes.  During those five minutes, write continuously.  Write any thought that comes to your mind, whether it is science related or not.  The first words you will write should be, “The things that interest me the most are…” and then just set your thoughts free.  If you cannot think of anything, just keep writing the opening statement and you will probably think of something!  When you are finished, read what you wrote and circle everything that you think is science related.

*Science solves problems.  If you are looking for a solution to a problem that is important to you, then you will be more interested in the solution.  Think of as many problems as you can that are encountered in your everyday life, such as getting up for school on time, remembering to do your homework, making your bedroom door stop squeaking and shut properly, etc. As you go through your day, take a scinece jornal with you and write down any problems you have.  After a few days, use the format below to organize the notes.

Problem #____: ____________________________________________________


Possible solution A:__________________________________________________


Possible solution B:__________________________________________________


Possible solution C:__________________________________________________


*The best science fair topics come from stuff you already find interesting.  Make a list of your hobbies and interests.  Then, make a list of things you already know about that activity and the things you would like to know.  For example, if you are trying to learn how to use inline skates and you know that you fall down a lot, can you find a wheel size that is best for beginners?  Or, if you enjoy painting, is there a formula you can develop to make your own paint?

***Ideas taken from: Science fair projects: an inquiry-based guide

Pamela J.Galus – Zomeren Matthew.Van – Janet Armbrust – Carson-Dellosa Pub. – 2003

Helpful Links:

Science Buddies

Easy Bib

Graphing site

Science Fair Coach-great site for assistance in putting together your project!

Research plan

Bibliography (To be turned in with Research plan but on a separate sheet of paper)

**Note to fourth grade:  The sample research plan is more complicated than you have to do.  Fourth grade is not required to include their research in the question and they are not required to have five sources in their Bibliography (you will probably have one to two sources).