Welcome Second Graders!

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Class Verse:   John 15:12   My command is this:  Love each other as I have loved you.
Class Motto:  “Second Graders love Jesus, love others, and love learning!”

We are going to have a great time as we adventure through several new readers, explore our blessed Nation’s history, and investigate God’s wonderful creations in science!  We have lots of growing and learning ahead this year, so get ready to have fun thinking!

Creating Young Historians: 

Is that a fair trade? Second graders experience history through drama, art, group activities, and literature.  These activities are guided by the Bob Jones Heritage Studies 2 Curriculum.  There is an emphasis on early American history, which includes: identifying the globe(world) and its major features, community life from a Biblical perspective, the concept of citizenship/government, a study of the the Thirteen Colonies, the Revolutionary War, and the birth of this great nation.

Second Grade Scientists:

Second graders investigate the natural world using science processing skills and different types of experimentation.  The activities are conducted in small group settings, which provide cooperative and hands-on learning experiences. The course follows the Bob Jones Science Curriculum.  A few highlights include: proving methods for best plant growth, exploring environments/habitats, and experimenting with light movement.


Second Grade Skill Builders :

Second Graders are constantly improving literacy and language skills.  Spelling is addressed every class and incorporates word analysis instruction, basic handwriting reinforcement, and creative writing development.  Student Reader selections are assigned every class.  A pre-reading of each selection is required so the class moves easily into the vocabulary, comprehension, or fluency exercise for the day.