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Welcome Second Graders!

 You may arrive to class after 8:15.


                                                                Second Grade Subjects

Reading will focus on vocabulary and fluency. Fluency is important because without fluency, reading is not enjoyable. Fluent readers will pick up a book and read on their own, even when it’s not assigned for class. More importantly, however, is that fluent reading leads to more success with writing, better vocabulary skills, and a stronger understanding of what is being read. Second Grade will focus on building oral reading with speed, accuracy, and expression.

Science will focus on encouraging and developing your child’s curiosity and wonder about everything in the world around them. We will learn to ask questions, predict, problem solve, draw conclusions, solve problems, share opinions, and work in teams.  Science will be filled with many hands-on based activities that will be supported by using our Science Textbook and Workbook. 

Spelling will focus on spelling patterns, word meaning, alphabetical order, comprehension of words, and spelling of words. Students will be introduced to new words each Tuesday. Practice of words will include using learning games, writing exercises, illustrations, and other fun supportive methods.

Social Studies will be a focus on Community and Government. This year our Social Studies Curriculum will focus on helping students learn how the world works around them. We will build on the understanding of citizenship and responsibilities, how governments ensure justice in society, and the importance of economics, and geography. Our study will help students understand how freedom, equality, individualism, and growth are core values of American culture.

I will send the Class Homework Agenda home in your child’s folder and also post on the Faith Tutorial Website at the start of each new month.

Second Grade is full of fun learning.