Andrea Gowan

Welcome to Third grade at FAITH Tutorial!

fall 2022 agenda, 3rd grade

spring 2023 agenda, 3rd grade

Field Day is Thursday! Wear your comfortable clothes and sunscreen, and remember to bring a water bottle.

Math:  Practice your basic multiplication facts for speed and accuracy.

Science:   None!

English:  None!

Writing:    None!

Novel:  Pioneer Day was a huge success!!! Thank you all for your participation and support!

Field Day will be Thursday, May 18!  If your name starts with a consonant, please plan to provide a snack for the class that day.  So far, we have: sandwich sliders, drinks, fruit, decorated sugar cookies and more cookies, rice krispie treats, Pringles, and mini cupcakes being provided.  Also, everyone should wear comfortable clothes, sunscreen, and have a water bottle.

*Bring a peanut free snack and water bottle each day.  In addition to our supply list materials, please have: personal tissues and hand sanitizer.  It would also be helpful to send an extra book, sketchbook, or other quiet activity to do if/when your child finishes work before classmates.

*For help and ideas on getting the most out of your personal spelling dictionary, please read the author’s suggestions:

Meet Mrs. Andrea

What to Expect this Year

Third grade at FAITH Tutorial will be a big year for your child. To be most successful, your child will need to be responsible with his time and work. We cover a lot of material in a small amount of time, so please help your child with this important life skill.  Completing and checking of the work at home is necessary to ensure your child has time to master the many new skills presented each week.

Above you should find the link for our agenda for the semester. This is a general outline that may be modified significantly as need arises. I will update the website weekly at minimum and check my email often. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns, and I will get back with you as soon as I can.

*The homework assignments should be checked and corrected at home. They are given as a review of what we cover in class, or as a preparation of what we will do in our next class meeting. Most of the assignments I will grade will be those completed at FAITH.

Binder Organization: Use the binder dividers to label these subjects: Math, Science, English, Writing, and Novel.


We will be completing one lesson per week. On Monday of each week, the student is expected to watch the video lesson with the parent. After watching the video lesson, the student will complete Lesson Practice A, and the parent will check for accuracy, reteaching if necessary. On Tuesdays at Tutorial, I will reteach the lesson. As a group, we will complete Lesson Practice B. Lesson Practice C is expected to be done each Wednesday and checked at home. We will do Systematic Review D in class on Thursday, and if time allows, Systematic Review E.  If the student needs more practice or enrichment, the parent may choose to do Systematic Review F and/or Application & Enrichment G on Friday. The lesson test will be taken and checked at home on Friday. *Please note that when we reach multiple digit multiplication in the spring, math will take much more time.  Our math routine will be adjusted accordingly.


We will try to complete one lesson each Tutorial day. The student will be expected to read the assigned science text the day before we meet. The student will have assignments in the Activity Manual, and at times projects or experiments. The tests will be completed at Tutorial.

English (Grammar and Writing)

We will be covering a grammar-related chapter and a writing-related chapter at the same time. Expect to have homework assignments in both areas of the BJU Grammar and Writing text each day.  Tests will be administered at Tutorial.


We will be reading three novels this year. Along with the reading assignments, vocabulary words, comprehension questions, and tests will be given. The first novel we will read is The Swiss Family Robinson, which we will begin in August. The last novel we will read is Little House in the Big Woods, beginning in January.  We will end the novel with a fun, novel-themed event.


We will have Art on Tuesdays, and please keep in mind that Art can be messy!

Please be familiar with the Student Handbook; you will find important information regarding drop-off and pick-up, dress code, and behavior expectations.

“Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.”  Ephesians 4:32