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Welcome to Third grade at FAITH Tutorial!

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 Tentative 3rd Grade Agenda for 2017-2018

Remember that often our classroom is cold, so bringing a jacket would be a great idea.  Also, bring a healthy nut-free snack and water bottle each day, as we do have food allergies in our class.  Thanks for helping to keep our students safe!

No school during the week of Thanksgiving!  Have a blessed holiday!

Homework to complete by Tuesday, Nov. 28, 2017

Math:  Complete and check 11F and/or 11G and test 11.  Watch video 12 and complete and check 12A.  Please practice your math facts, especially the multiplication ones we’ve covered so far:  0, 1, 2, 3, 5, 9, and 10.  We need to be fast and accurate with those facts, just as we need to be fast and accurate with the addition and subtraction.  There are many games, both online and not, that are fun ways to practice.

Science:  Read pages 104-109.  Clean out the activity manual pages that are in your binder.

English:  Complete and check pages 114 and 116.

Writing:  Study for the chapter 6 test, which we will take on Tuesday, Nov. 28.

Novel:  Study chapters 6-11.  We will take the chapters 6-11 test on Tuesday, November 28.  If you bring your completed vocabulary assignment to school, I will give you bonus points on the test.

Coins for a Cause:  We are collecting coins (bills are great too!) for Make-A-Wish, a wonderful foundation that grants wishes to children with life-threatening medical conditions.  One of our our classmates told about his memorable experience with Make-A-Wish, and we are feeling inspired to help the foundation grant more wishes to deserving kids.  We will collect until December 12.  Thanks for any support you can offer with our donations!

Scholastic Reading Club: December orders are due on November 30.  If you have a birthday coupon, you can use it on any item that is listed as $5 or less.

What to Expect this Year

Third grade at FAITH Tutorial will be a big year for your child. To be most successful, your child will need to be organized and responsible with his or her time and work. We have a lot of material to cover in a small amount of time, so please help your child with this important life skill.

In order for us to complete our texts by mid-May, we will move at a fast pace. Completing and checking of the work at home will be a requirement to ensure your child has time to practice and master the many new skills presented each week.

Above you should find the link for our agenda for the year. I cannot stress enough that this is a general outline that may be modified significantly as the year progresses or as need arises. I will update the website weekly at minimum and check my email often. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns, and I will get back with you as soon as I possibly can.

Your child’s love of learning is important to me, as I know it is to you. I am confident that by our working together, your child will be able to flourish academically, socially, and spiritually.

*The homework assignments should be checked and corrected at home. They are given as a review of what we learn and discuss in class, or as a preparation of what we will do in our next class meeting. Most of the assignments I will grade will be those completed at FAITH.

Binder Organization

1 inch binder with five dividers labeled: Math, Science, Grammar, Writing, and Novel.



We will be completing one lesson per week. On Monday of each week, the student is expected to watch the video lesson with the parent. After watching the video lesson, the student will complete Lesson Practice A, and the parent will check for accuracy, reteaching if necessary. On Tuesdays at Tutorial, I will reteach the lesson. As a group, we will complete Lesson Practice B. Lesson Practice C is expected to be done each Wednesday and checked at home. We will do Systematic Review D in class on Thursday, and if time allows, Systematic Review E.  If the student needs more practice or enrichment, the parent may choose to do Systematic Review F and/or Application & Enrichment G on Friday. The lesson test will be taken and checked at home on Friday. Please put the completed test in your child’s binder in the Math section.



We will try to complete one lesson each Tutorial day. The student will be expected to read the assigned science text the day before we meet. The student will have assignments in the Activity Manual, and at times projects or experiments. The tests will be completed at Tutorial.


English (Grammar and Writing)

We will be covering a grammar related chapter (the odd numbered chapters) and the writing instruction (the even numbered chapters) at tutorial, at the same time. Expect to have homework assignments in both areas of the English text each day.  Tests will be administered at Tutorial.



We will be reading three novels this year. There will be reading assignments, vocabulary words, and comprehension questions given. Upon completion of each novel, there will be a celebratory activity. The first novel we will read is The Secret in the Maple Tree, which we will begin in August. The last novel we will read is Charlotte’s Web, which has become a exciting event for the entire school. We will create our own County Fair! To see past year’s pictures, click here.



We will have Art on Tuesdays, and please keep in mind that Art can be messy!


Please be familiar with the Student Handbook; you will find important information regarding drop-off and pick-up, dress code, and behavior expectations.


“Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.”  Ephesians 4:32