Welcome to Algebra 1!

Hi students! My name is Susan Hodges and I am excited about our school year together! I absolutely love teaching math! Please bring a curiosity, diligent work ethic, and great attitude and you will do well in my class! We will move quickly so be prepared for this class!  These concepts can be challenging, especially in graphing, so come with an excitement about learning new ways to solve problems!  I look forward to getting to know you and our class together!

Students need to review math skills before class begins.  A great website is http://www.mathusee.com.  Click on Parents at the top of the page, go to the Parent Resources box at the bottom of the page, then select one of the options on the left side.

Students in this course will learn the foundations of algebra.  They will use the mathematical operation skills that they have acquired in prior courses to use formulas, solve and graph equations.  This course covers topics such as mathematical properties, order of operations, absolute value, slope, graphing lines, system equations.

HOMEWORK: Due December 05, 2019

  1. Watch DVD if needed over chapter 14
  2. Complete homework 14A-14C
  3. Be ready for Test 14
  4. Complete Handout over substitution and bring back for a grade.  Remember – in the left column on the back of the sheet there is one problem whose answer will be “No Solution”

Algebra 1 parent letter

Algebra 1 2019-20120syllabus