Welcome to Algebra 1!

Homework – May 3:


2. Study for Final Exam

Homework – April 20:

1. Complete 34B – All, 34C – All of front; 17,18,19,20: 34D – All of front; 11,12,19,20: 34E – All of front; 11,12,19,20

2. Study for Test on Lesson 34

Homework – April 13:

1. Complete Worksheet Review Packet

2. Study for Quiz on Lessons 16-31

Homework – April 6:

1. Complete Workbook pages 31B-31E

2. Study for Test 31

Homework – March 30:

1. Complete Workbook pages 28B, 28C, & 30B

2. Complete Test 28 & 30

3. Study for Quiz on Lessons 28 & 30

Homework – March 9:

1. Complete Workbook pages 26B-26E

2. Study for Test 26

Homework – March 2:

1. Complete Workbook pages 25B-25E

2. Study for Test 25

Homework – February 23:

1. Complete Workbook pages 24B-23E

2. Complete Unit II Test and bring back to class on Thursday

Homework – February 16:

1. Complete Workbook page 23B

2. Complete Test on Lessons 16-20

Homework – February 9:

1. Complete Workbook pages 21B, 21E, 22B, 22D, and 23B

2. Complete Factoring Worksheet

3. Study for a quiz on Factoring (Lessons 21-23)

Homework – February 2:

1. Be sure to have all of Lesson 20 Workbook pages complete (20B-20E). Be prepared for a test on Lesson 20. 

2. Watch videos from Mrs. Lezlie that were emailed to your parents. (Videos along with Zoom video)

3. Begin working on Lesson 21 Homework pages. I will be glad to answer any questions you may have next week in class. Enjoy the time off! Stay safe and warm. 

Homework – January 26:

1. Complete Workbook pages 20B-20E

2. Study for Test 20

Homework – January 19:

1. Complete Workbook pages 18B & 18E and 19B & 19D

2. Complete the Exponent Worksheet Packet

3. Study for Test 18 & Test 19

Homework – January 12:

1. Complete Workbook pages 17B-17E

2. Study for Quiz on Lesson 17

Homework – January 5:

1. Complete Workbook pages 16B-16E

2. Complete 5 problems in INB

3. Study for Quiz on Lesson 16

Welcome to Algebra 1! I am looking forward to being with each of you when we return to tutorial. Be sure to order your curriculum as soon as possible. Students need to review math skills before class begins.  A great website is http://www.mathusee.com.  Click on Parents at the top of the page, go to the Parent Resources box at the bottom of the page, then select one of the options on the left side. Bring all materials the first day so we can get started learning Algebra! See you on Thursday, August 11th! If you would like to know more about the math assistant, Mrs. Anna Pope, click this link: Anna Pope. To learn more about me, read Info about Brooke. If you have any questions, please email me at bevans234@gmail.com. 

Faith Registration Information

Algebra I Curriculum Information

Parent Letter

Course Expectations

Agenda 22-23

How to Prepare for the First Day of Class:

  1. Bring materials to class – Student Workbook, Student Test Booklet, Binder with paper, Pencils, Small Dry Erase Board, Expo Markers (The Instruction Manual is to remain at home)
  2. Bring completed Algebra I Readiness Test (this is found in the front of the student workbook)
  3. Print Agenda and place in binder
  4. Read Course Expectations and Parent Letter

Students in this course will learn the foundations of algebra.  They will use the mathematical operation skills that they have acquired in prior courses to use formulas, solve and graph equations.  This course covers topics such as mathematical properties, order of operations, absolute value, slope, graphing lines, system equations.