Ed Wheeler

Welcome to Algebra 2

Instructor: Ed Wheeler, Ed.D. 

Assignment for February 13th

Prepare worksheets 14B and 14C (Problems 1-16) for turn-in.

Assignment for February 6th

Don’t forget we will have a test this week.  Be ready to solve a set of linear equations using the substitution and elimination methods, and Cramer’s rule.  There will also be a problem using linear programming to solve a maximization or minimization problem.

Also prepare worksheets 13B and 13D (Problems 1-10) to turn-in for grading.

Assignment for January 30th

The two files below contain your assignment and more help on graphing inequalities and linear programming.  Remember we have a test scheduled for February 6th.

Graphing and LP

Assignment for January 30th

Assignment for January 23rd

I know we are working off book which makes it hard to give you an assignment.  Please review how to graph two-variable equations for example 2x + 3y > 12.  Also search the Internet for any information you can find on the graphical solutions to linear programming problems.  I have given one link below.

Graphical Solution to LP Problems

Assignment for January 16th

Here are a couple of links explaining Cramer’s rule.  You can find several more on YouTube by using the search function or by performing a Google search.

2 X 2

2 X 2

3 X 3

3 X 3

Assignment for January 9th

Prepare the 11 problems assigned on the handouts for turn-in.  Remember you must show all of your work in order to receive credit.  I told you that I would add the link to the handout solutions.  Here they are:

Elimination Handout


Substitution Handout


Assignment for December 12th

Based upon the progress we have made as I announced in  class on Tuesday, we will delay another exam until after the Christmas break.  We will continue to review and there will also be additional quizzes over basis arithmetic and algebra concepts.   Don’t forget it you want to bring a treat to share with the class if you desire.

Assignment for December 5th

Prepare worksheets 12B and 12C for turn-in.  Due to time constraints,  lesson 12 will be the last lesson covered before the Christmas break.   We will review for the midterm test which will be given on December the 12th.  Lessons 1 – 12 will be covered on the midterm.

Assignment for November 28th

Prepare worksheets 11B and 11C for turn-in.  Also begin reviewing the material in Lessons 12 and 13.  These will be the last lessons covered before the Christmas break.  Keep in mind that there will be a midterm test the last class meeting before the break, December 12th.

Assignment for November 14th

Tests will be returned from last week.  There will be a quiz covering Pascal’s triangle and the Binomial theorem.  Also prepare worksheet 11B for turn-in.

Assignment for November 7th

Finish the worksheet handed out in class last Tuesday (Binomial theorem).  Test over lessons 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8.

Assignment for October 31st

Prepare worksheets 9B and 9C for turn-in.  Don’t forget that you should work each sheet in every Lesson not just those you are to turn-in!

Assignment for October 24th

Last week’s test will be returned and reviewed.  Worksheet 8C is to be turned in for grading.  We will be discussing Pascal’s Triangle, Lesson 9.

Assignment for October 17th

TEST over Lessons 1, 2, 4, 5, 6.  Remember to bring the worksheets assigned last week, 7B and 7C to turn in this week. 

Assignment for October 10th

Worksheets 7B and 7C will be taken up for grading.

Assignment for October 3rd

Bring your signed progress report to class.  After I have made a copy, I will return it to you.  Worksheets 6D and 6E will be taken up.

Assignment for September 24th

Finish the worksheet covering algebraic fractions handed out in class.  This material is in section six of the text.  

Dont’ forget that you should be working ALL worksheets from an assigned section, not just those which are assigned for turn in.

A progress report will be sent home this week.  I want it signed and returned on October 3rd.  

Assignment for September 19th

Prepare worksheets 5C and 5D for turn in.

Assignment for September 12th

Prepare worksheets 3B (problems 13, 14, 15, and 16), 3C (problems 9 – 20), and 4A for turn in.

Assignment for September 5th

Prepare worksheets 2A and 2C (expect problem 16) for turn-in.

Assignment for August 29th

Prepare worksheets 1B and 1E (except problems 12 and 14) for turn-in.  

Welcome!  I am looking forward to our year together in Algebra II.  My name is Dr. Ed Wheeler.  I am married, to Mrs. Ellen who works here at Faith, and have one daughter – a sophomore at USJ.  Typically you will find me on the campus of UT Martin where I am a Professor of Engineering.  This is my third year to teach at the tutorial and I thoroughly enjoy the experience.  For this class, bring a good attitude, willingness to work hard and curiosity.

We will be using the Math-U-See curriculum which includes a Student Text and a Test Book.  Please bring the Student Text with you to class every Tuesday.  Generally we will go straight through the topics, although we will add a few things here and there that are not in the text.  Bring the Test Book the first day of class; I will take them up and keep them during the year, distributing pages as necessary.

In order to succeed, do all your homework.  Keep current with homework so you will not get behind!  I strongly suggest that you work all pages, not just those assigned to be turned in for grading.  Doing a homework page daily as repetition is a key to learning!

Each week I will discuss the topic of the homework for the following week.  I will answer any remaining questions concerning the previous week’s topic.

In preparation for the first day of class, please download, print, and work the Algebra I review below.  It is rather lengthy so start early!  We will review material the first week of class and finish up the review the second week.  You should also brush up on you multiplication, division and radical facts…..for example 4 • 8 = 32, 9 ÷ 3 = 3, and  √16 = 4.  (Multiplication up to 15)

I look forward to meeting each of you on August 15th.

 Algebra I Review