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Welcome to Algebra 2!

10/19    In Class–students took their first exam today.  Afterwards, we reviewed rationalizing the denominator for lesson 8 problems.  We worked several from lesson sheet 8B and several examples from the INB set I gave out last week.  Hwk is to followt the agenda.
I will grade the exams today and email each family individually with the incorrect problem numbers.  Students are to rework those problems (they kept their exam hard copy) and resubmit next Tuesday for partial credit.
10/12  In Class–we went over lesson 8 on conjugates.  We worked thru several examples of determining the conjugate and then worked several examples on rationalizing the denominator.  We reviewed how to multiply monomials and binomials as well as the difference of two squares.  I then reviewed students (briefly) on lesson 7 to prep for the quiz.
Study Block–after administering the quiz, Ms. Brooke reviewed students on the types of terms and reviewed for the inclass exam next week.
Hwk–follow the agenda.  You do not have to complete all of lesson 8 hwk, just 1-8 for each sheet.  Then, review for the exam and complete the INB ACT review problems.
10/5  In Class–we went over lesson 7 on imaginary numbers–simplifying as a radical and as the letter ‘i’, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing (we only did division by ‘i’, not by an expression).  We worked thru several examples and completed most of lesson 7A together in class.
Study Block–students took a quiz over radical operations (add, subtract, multiply and divide).  Then Ms. Brooke worked on reviewing for the test in two weeks.
Hwk–follow the agenda, work the INB problems.  No quiz over lesson 6.
9/28  In Class–we went over lesson 6 on fractional exponents.  We worked several examples and then worked more than half (I think) of the problems from Lesson 6A.

Hwk–follow the agenda.  Study for your test.  I had the study guide handed out about 4 weeks in advance to give you plenty of time to practice, get extra help, go for tutoring, etc.  Complete the ACT practice test questions and record the answers and your score in your INB (grade next week).  I would suggest that you use the break down below to go back and rework problems.
Breakdown–I went thru the ACT test and broke it up into several categories: calculator, ratio, geometry with angles, trig, Other Geometry, modeling, stats, precalc (functions mainly), factoring.  Then I looked at each problem type and assigned it to a category.  Some could go in multiple categories but I tried to keep it simple.  Of the 60 questions, 24 were mainly calculator oriented.  That could mean just a simple key in of the problem or using a function key.  Of those, 6 problems could have been answered using the ‘SOLVER’ program and 4 could have been solved using the  MATH, APPS: PlySmlt2 function (Simultaneous Equation Solver or Polynomial Root Finder).  That’s 10 questions that could be very easily solved in a minute or less without the student really having to know how to do the algebra.
Lastly, I am attached some videos for students to watch for more instruction on lesson 6–I would also suggest that you watch the MUS DVD lesson.  There are several ways that many of Lesson 6’s problems can be worked.  Parents, please follow up with your child about how they are doing–especially since we have a test coming up.
9/21  In Class–we worked on multiplying and dividing radical expressions (this is a review of alg 1 material so the alg 2 book reviews addings, subtracting, multiplying and dividing in one lesson–we split it into 2 lessons).  In addition, we reviewed calculator skills using the MATH button feature (Solver, fraction, lcm).
Study Block–Ms Brooke went over the worksheet from last week on simplifying radicals, asked students to work problems and collected a hwk sheet from the book.
Hwk–complete the quiz given in class, follow the agenda, complete the two sets of problems in the INB.  Study for quiz next week over simplifying radicals.

9/14   In Class–we began lesson 4 on radicals.  Our focus today was on simplifying a radical, adding radicals and subtracting radicals.  Lots of notes were handed out in class for the INB.

Study Block–students took a quiz on adding/subtracting rational expressions and then Ms Brooke worked sample problems from lessons 2 and 5.
Hwk-follow the agenda.  Quiz next week will be on complex fractions.


In Class:
  • I worked one complete adding/subtracting rational expressions problem for review
  • we went over complex fractions and completed all problems for 5B-1 (back side of page).
  • I gave students 2 problems to practice and I walked around to check work
Study Block:
  • Students took a quiz over more advanced factoring
  • Ms. Brooke worked 4-5 adding/subtracting rational expressions problems with students
  • Follow the agenda
  • work the problems in the student book
  • work the additional problems given for the INB
I am attaching more video links to help students in weekly email.  Lessons 2 and 5 are the hardest things we do all year–Rational Expressions.  Please sit with your student and have them work thru problems so that you know how he or she is doing.  They really need help with this content.

8/31    In Class–we covered all of lesson 2. This could be the most difficult lesson we do all year.   I will add some video links to the email so that they can get more help.

Study Block–students took a quiz and then Ms Brooke worked with them on factoring problems.
Hwk–follow the agenda.  You can do all of Lesson 2 hwk in the student notebook.  You have problems in the INB, too.  If you aren’t sure which problems to do in the INB, come see me Thursday and we can go thru them. Study for Quiz #3 next week–exponents and lesson 3, I believe.

8/24   In Class–we reviewed 2-3 exponent problems from the homework and then worked on calculator skills and fractions.  After that, we reviewed factoring.  I reviewed the skill using the Box method and showed a factoring video in class after the lecture.  During study block, students took Quiz 1 and then Ms. Brooke had them work exponent problems on the whiteboard.  Finally, she worked through several exponent problems.  Hwk is to follow the agenda.  Do not forget to bring your composition notebook next week (INB)–we take a grade from that work every week.  This week you are to glue in the fraction problems and the 6 factoring problems.

8/17  In Class–we went over more exponent problems, worked on calculator skills and worked problems from lesson 3.  Students are allowed to use their calculators on lesson 3.  Hwk is to follow the agenda.  In Study block, students had an exponent activity to complete in class–exponent dominoes.  Ms. Brooke reported to me that the students really struggled with it.

Have your student write out all of the exponent rules on notecards and then quiz them over the cards.  Or, go to Quizlet and find/make a quizlet on the exponent rules.  Students should be able to verbalize each rule and apply it using PEMDAS.

Quiz next week over the exponent problems we covered in lesson 1 from 8/10.


In Class–we worked on lesson one exponent rules, order of operations, calc skills and took a practice Alg 2 exam.  Hwk is to follow the agenda.

Algebra 2 Agenda




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