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5/11  In Class:  covered the extra lesson on Matrices (an ACT topic). We went over their dimensions and how to add, subtract, multiple and solve for variables.  We used the calculator function whenever possible.  I did show them how to multiply matrices by hand but since we just did enough to get thru the ACT problems, I had them do more on the calculator.
Hwk–the two matrices handouts (I will take the matrix test problems directly from those two sheets) and study for FE.  I am currently making the exam and I am just going back thru the lesson sheets (mostly D’s and E’s) and finding problems.
Next week you are allowed to start your exam at 8 am.  I will quick grade each of the ones that you missed and give you a second chance in class to correct those for partial credit.
5/5   In Class–students turned in their worksheets from last week then we started a unit on probability–theoretical probability, simple events, complement of an event, compound events–independent and dependent, fundamental counting theorem, permutations and combinations.  I adjusted the hwk and gave them a packet.  It has the in class notes we took, the examples we worked, and their homework.  This lesson is not in their book, but is on the ACT.
Hwk–follow the agenda, study for FE, complete the packet.  I have attached the notes and examples as well as a blank copy of the packet for a student that was absent.
4/27     In Class:  students took a bell ringer on ACT average problems.  Then, after we went over those, we started a unit on statistics.  This week we focused on mean, median, mode, range, frequency tables, and stem and leaf plots.  Next week we will cover probability, permutations, and combinations.
Hwk–complete the wksts handed out in class, study for Exam #4, and look for mean/median/mode problems on an act practice test.
4/13   In Class–we covered lesson 28.  I sent an email earlier this morning that had video links to help with content.
Hwk–follow the agenda.
4/6   In Class–I returned exam 3 with corrected scores, students turned in 2 wksts, then we covered lesson 16 on Ratios and Proportions.  We worked several ACT style problems as well as the chemistry ones from the lesson book.  Hwk is to follow the agenda.
3/30    In Class–students turned in their INBs and then we went over lesson 15 on literal equations.  We also reviewed basic trigonometry that will be on the ACT–SohCahToa and applications of the trig.  We also went over how to work the trig on the ACT.  After that, we went over an ACT test online to look for trig problems and how to work them.  Hwk–follow the agenda.
3/23    In Class:  students took their third exam.  Afterwards, we went over two ACT strategies:  plug in your own number and plug in the answers.  We talked about when to use each and how to recognize those problem types on the test.  I sent home five ACT worksheets for students to practice those skills.  The answers should be written in their INB.  Students should also correct their exam-I will text/email the problems missed and return those in class on Thursday.
3/2    In Class: students weren’t there!  🙂  I gave the handouts out the week before and I am sending the zoom link tonight.  Students should follow the agenda.
2/17   In Class:  students turned in last week’s work on parabolas then started lesson 23 on circles. I split lesson 23 up into two lessons–one on circles and one on ellipses.  Today we did circles–the equation of a circle, how to find the center and radius, how to graph a circle, how to find the equation given a graph or center and radius.  Then, we reviewed the geometry of circles and related that to the ACT.  Hwk–follow the agenda, complete the INB problems.
1/26    In Class:  students started by working on a matching bell ringer on the 8 different functions and their graphs.  After that, we covered lesson 20 and 21 (these are taught in depth in Algebra 1 and Ms. Brooke reviewed them again in Geometry) on linear equations: types of lines, equations, t-tables, slope, y-intercept, slope-intercept form of a line, standard form of a line, point-slope formula (used to find equation of a line), parallel lines, perpendicular lines, parallel and perpendicular slopes.  Then, we talked about shifts and absolute value equations.  We covered a lot of information but the majority was review material.  Hwk–follow the agenda.
1/19    In Class:  students turned in their test corrections and hwk from previous week.  We then covered a lesson not in the book (relevant to Alg 2 and ACT prep).  We talked about functions, vertical line tests, concept mapping, ordered pairs, 8 types of functions, the graphs of the 8 types of functions, and domain and range.
I handed out a notes sheet that we filled out in class together (guided notes), a handout on the 8 types of functions, and take home worksheets for hwk.  We worked at least one or two problems per worksheet, too.  In addition, I called on members of the class throughout the class time to work parts of the problems.  Each student did a great job.
Hwk–follow the agenda.
1/12     In Class– students started the class by taking their exam.  I allowed them as much time as necessary and planned for us to review lesson 14 (mark up and discount) with the remaining time.
Ms. Kim made exam copies so that students can make corrections at home and turn in next week.  I will grade them today and email suggested test corrections to each student individually.  Partial credit will be added back to the exam for each corrected problem.  Work must be shown to receive credit (with the exception of the problems that specify calc use or the imaginary number problems that are applicable).
Hwk–follow the agenda.
1/5     Welcome back!  We had a full day in class.  We went over Lesson 13 on discriminants, talked about solving quadratics by the most efficient method, worked all of lesson 13A, learned how to find solutions/roots/zeros/x-intecepts (all the same thing) on the graphing calculator, turned in Lesson 12B for grading, and reviewed for Test 2.  

For the test, students are allowed to make a 3″ x 5″ notecard with the following:  sum of cubes formula, difference of cubes formula, Pascal’s triangle, steps to completing the square.  They are also allowed to have the notes they took on graphing calculator steps.  There should not be examples on the notecard or notes sheet.
Hwk–continue to study for Test 2 (handed out the study guide before Christmas break) and complete Lesson 13B,C and the graphing calculator worksheet.  Part of their reviewing for the test is to work quadratic problems by factoring, square root method, completing the square, and quadratic formula.  The graphing calculator worksheet can be used for test review and calculator review.  Lesson 13C, I believe, is a systematic review sheet so it too will be a good test review.


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