Lezlie Haynes

9/17  Before Tutorial–Ms. Dula worked with students on prior quiz questions.

In class–we went over the rest of Lesson 5:  Complex fractions.  I worked several problems from the lesson sheet B1 (or B2) and reworked a lot of the examples in the textbook.  Students are to finish Lessons 2,5 and Test 2 at home for hwk.
Hwk–follow the agenda.  You will quiz over Lesson 5B1 and 5B2 content in class next week. Remember, the questions on the quizzes are directly from the lesson sheets.  If you complete the lesson sheets and work and rework those problems, then you have worked the quiz problems in advance.
Students that want to retake quizzes should do so before or after Tutorial.  We will not take them in class (retakes).  Don’t settle for low scores–strive for mastery of the material.  Quiz and requiz until you understand the material.  The grade book will show all quiz scores, but the only score you used for your class grade will be the highest grade on that quiz.
ACT–we worked on using the GC to work quadratic equations.

Before Tutorial:  Ms. Dula went over simplifying radicals.

Lecture:  I handed out a notes sheet for Lesson 2 and Lesson 5 on Rational expressions and Complex Fractions.  Ms. Kim returned prior work and we handed out Test 5A on factoring.  Students turned in Lesson Sheet 5A-1 and Test 4.  I then went over how to factor using the BOX method and worked problems from Lesson Sheet 5B-1 and Lesson 2.

Study Block:  Students took the retake Radical quiz and the factoring quiz.  I think they went over their formulas and worked problems until class ended.

Hwk–follow the agenda for hwk except complete Test 5A instead of Test 2. We still need some work to finish Rational Expressions and Mod 5.



9/3–In class, we reviewed some more on exponents, then finished factoring review and started simplifying rational expressions (which applies the factoring).  We did not finish the lesson on rational expressions, so we will work on it more next week.

I did NOT take up a lesson sheet from Mod 5 since we had to finish reviewing factoring today.  I forgot to take up Test Lesson 4.  My bad.  And, we took Quiz 4 today so it was NOT returned in class.  
  • 9/3
    • In Class–finished factoring review and part of lesson 2 on rational expressions
    • Hwk—2C, 2D, 2E, 3D (15,16), 3E (15,16), 4C (16), 4D (16), finish lesson 5 worksheets
  • 9/10
    • Turn in–Worksheet Lesson 5 (tbd), Lesson 4 Test
    • Return–Quiz 1/3 Retake #3, Quiz 4
    • In Class–Finish Lesson 2, 5B1 and 5B2 if possible
    • Handout–Rational Expression Handout, Test 5A
    • Quiz–Factoring
    • Study Block—Quiz Factoring, review formulas, work 3 Solver problems, work on hwk
    • Hwk–finish lesson 2 from last week, 5B1, 5B2, 5C (11-14,20), Test Factoring
Student grades on the last retake of exponent quiz improved, but we cannot spend any more class time reviewing this concept.  Students MUST master exponents so I would suggest watching Youtube videos (Khan Academy, The Organic Chemistry guy,etc).  Student grades on radicals (quiz 4) were very poor.  We will requiz on Radicals next week.  Students should plan to come early Tuesday for Tutoring from Ms. Dula as she will be reviewing Radicals.
I will email each student/parent individually with the Quiz 4 results and a picture of their quiz so that it can be corrected and used for study.

8/27–In class–we began to review factoring expressions.  We did not make it all the way through the lesson-we did not solve equations by factoring.  We went over how to factor out the GCF and then the 3 types of factoring problems they will see: binomial (difference of two squares), trinomial and polynomial with 4 terms.

Study Block–students continued to work on factoring.  Ms. Jenna had students come to the white board to work problems.  Students also took the make up quiz for Quiz 1/3.  Students did NOT take Quiz Mod 4 on radicals today so I am going to have them take it next week.

8/20–In class–we covered lesson 4 (mostly) on radicals. I worked several problems from lesson 4B.  Hwk is to follow the agenda.

Study Session–Students met Miss Dula, took quiz 1 & 3, worked on homework and with the tutor.  They also should have 3 new formulas to begin to memorize.
Please make sure that your student is studying the math formulas every week.
ACT–we discussed how to set a realistic goal, what to do to get that score, how the subscores work together, and the need to go to potential college websites and find out the entrance requirements and general scholarship requirements and how ACT ties into them both.


8/13–In class, we followed the agenda. We covered/reviewed exponent rules and scientific notation.  We worked most of the problems from Lesson 1A and Lesson 3A.  Students then had time in class to work on homework and ask for help.  We began our formula memorization today, too.  Students will be required to memorize math formulas that are helpful on the ACT.  We will review these every week in class and add 2 – 3 per class.  Students will be familiar with, and should know, most of these formulas.

I also handed out several notes sheets for students to use as review and reinforcement.  Reviewing these and knowing the terms will help on the ACT for sure.

Lastly, we started the day with an overview of how the classes would work and began to discuss the ACT–what is it, what does it cover, why is it important, when we will take it, who needs to take it, etc.  They have a handout that they need to complete for ACT homework.  And, so hwk is to complete the ACT handout and follow the agenda.  Call/text or email if you need help.  Tutor will be available starting next week from 8 am- 8:25 am in D220.

Agenda Fall



First Class:  Tuesday, August 13 at 8:30 am.  Meet in D220 and bring your homework (summer packet).