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Welcome to Algebra 2!

5/4  In Class–we covered lesson 30 and worked several problems.  During study block, students reviewed content that will be on the FE.  Next week we will take part 1 of the final exam.  Students have a review sheet and I told them the additional problem types that will be on part 1.  The problems should be worked in the INB and turned in next week.  Text me or call if you have any questions.
4/27 In Class–we finished lesson 28 on coins, consecutive integers and mixture problems.  Students have some INB problems to complete for review and should finish the lesson pages for lesson 28.  Students should also memorize the formulas for consecutive integers: n, n+1, n+2 and memorize the formulas for consecutive even/odd integers: n, n+2, n+4.  We talked about the FE some, as well.  We will quiz on lesson 28 in class next week, too.
4/20  In Class–we began lesson 28 on coins, mixtures and consecutive integers.  We only covered coins as we also had to review how to do the addition method of elimination.  Hwk assigned was problems in their INB, problems assigned from lesson 28 (I went over the specific problems in class) and Ms. Sydni wrote  a set of problems on the board for final exam review (these problems are optional, but I highly suggest students work to complete them).  We will quiz on Coin problems in class next week.
4/13–In class, we reviewed for the ACT exam this Saturday.  Students have a practice exam to work on this week. Answers should be recorded in the INB and a grade written at the top of the page of # correct.  GC updated.
4/6  In Class:  we completed lesson 27 (incredibly hard) in class and worked through 3 of the problems on lesson sheet 27A.  During study block, students worked on INB/FE review questions on the board and also were given an ACT conics practice sheet for their INB. Hwk is posted to GC.  We are not on track with the agenda, so follow GC for hwk.  No quiz next week.  If you would like to complete the Hyperbola Quiz and have me grade it, you may turn it in to me Thursday or next week.  

3/23  GC is updated.  We finished lesson 23 in class.  Because we slowed down for this lesson, we are not current on the agenda.  I will work on an updated agenda and have it ready Tuesday. Be ready for your lesson 23 quiz next week.  It will not be open notes; however, you will be allowed to use a notecard with the steps for completing the square (I would suggest writing an example problem for each–circle on one side and ellipse on the other with the steps written to the side).
3/2  GC is updated for the week. You will have a quiz next week that will have review problems for graphing (use the problems in your INB to study): 1 distance problem, 1 midpoint problem, the formula for distance, the formula for midpoint, the formula for point-slope formula, graph a line, write general form of line in y=mx + b, find slope (given an equation, given a graph, given 2 ordered pairs), find y-intercept of equation of a line, fill in a t-table for a linear equation. If you want to check your INB answers with the key on Thursday, I will have it the INB key out for you.
2/23   In class yesterday, students took their test.  I will hand them back tomorrow in AP for those that attend.  Students should correct their tests and resubmit for partial credit.  Just writing an answer will get you no points.  You must work the problems out and show ALL work.
Hwk for the week: I have posted several videos for you to watch, a review sheet for finding distance and midpoint and you have your INB problems from yesterday.  There are 4 sets that go into the INB and one that won’t fit that you will turn in separately.
Videos–don’t just watch the videos.  Participate!  Pause the video, work the problem, restart video to see if you are correct.  If you don’t understand, go back and rewatch.
2/9  In class–we covered all of lesson 20. This lesson is a great review of linear equations. MUS does a good job of covering this topic in-depth in Algebra 1over the course of multiple lessons. In Alg 2, we review that info in lesson 20, review parallel and perpendicular lines in 21 and distance and midpoint in lesson 22. All are review but it has been a couple of years since most have seen this info. Why go over it again? ACT. We also filled out several pages in INB using a video by Organic Chem Tutor. Great resource! Hwk is to complete lesson sheets A, B, C, the problems in INB and test review sheet.

We did not review for the test today–no time. I posted the lesson sheets to review on GC. If you have questions or need help, see me Thursday, text/call or email me. SG info will be posted in GC classwork. Test will cover lesson 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19. Use your lesson sheets and lesson tests to work extra problems. The test will come directly from those lesson sheets and tests.

2/2  In Class–we went over lesson 19, more of distance problems.  We worked several examples.  Students took a quiz over lesson 18, glued problems in their INB and worked on hwk.
1/26  In class–we went over lesson 18 on  D=R x T problems (basic D=RxT and Da = Db problems), worked multiple examples. Students reviewed for their quiz, took quiz over lesson 17 and worked on hwk. Hwk is to follow what is posted on GC.
1/19  In Class–we covered lesson 17, quizzed over lesson 16, and worked on INB and hwk problems. Hwk is INB problems, lesson 17 A, B, C, D and Test 17.
1/12  In Class–we covered lesson 16, worked a lot of examples, took a quiz over lesson 15, added info to the INB and worked on hwk in class with the tutor.  Hwk is to complete lesson sheets 16 A – 16 E and work the problems in the INB.
1/5  In class–we went over lesson 15 and worked a lot of examples.  Students should have several problems, completely work out step by step, in their notebooks to use as guidance for the hwk.  Hwk is to complete all of the lesson pages for lesson 15.


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