Ed Wheeler

Welcome to Algebra II

Instructor: Ed Wheeler, Ed.D.

Assignment for November 6th

Complete the worksheets for lesson 11 and prepare for a test over lessons 11.  One worksheet will be randomly collected for grading.

Assignment for October 30th

Complete the worksheets for lesson 10 and prepare for a test over lessons 9 and 10.  One worksheet will be randomly collected for grading.

Assignment for October 23rd

Complete worksheets for lesson 9 and complete the multiplication of polynomials worksheet I handed out in class.  I will randomly select one of the lesson 9 worksheets to take up for grading in addition to the multiplication worksheet.  Remember to bring your signed progress report, test, and effort sheet.  I will make copies and return the originals for your records. 

I was asked the question “What amount of time you should be spending each week for class?”.  Remember that you are in class two hours a week, not the five or six that you would be in class if you were in a typical school setting.  Add those hours to the hours you should spend outside of class, typically five or six, and you have approximately 10 to 12 hours you should be spending studying algebra.

Assignment for October 16th

Complete the worksheets for lesson 8.  I will take up a worksheet for grading.  We will have a test over lesson 7 and 8 (the typical 10 question multiple choice test). Progress reports will be going home this week.  They are to be signed and returned on October 23rd.

Assignment for October 9th.

There is a lot to do for this week.  Complete worksheets for lesson 7.  I will take up a worksheet from lesson 7 to be graded.  (I forgot to take one up from lesson 6…someone remind me!) 

There will be a test over lessons 1-6.  The link below are the answers to the review worksheets passed out in class.

Handout Answers

Assignment for October 2nd

Complete worksheets 5A-1, 5B-1, 5C, 5D, 6A, 6B, 6C, and 6D.  I will take up a randomly selected sheet from lesson 6 to be graded.  There will also be a test of lesson 6.

Assignment for September 18th

Complete worksheets 4A through 4E; I will collect one sheet for grading.  (You know the routine by now!)  There will be a test over lesson 4. 

Assignment for September 11th

I hope you will take to heart and put into practice our discussion of being active in class and not passive. 

Complete worksheets 3A through 3E; one of the worksheets will be collected for grading.  We will continue our routine by having a test over lesson 3.

Assignment for September 4th

I am sorry for the lateness of the posting; classes began at UTM and I was busy settling in there.  You should complete worksheets 2A through 1E before class.  I will randomly choose one of the sheets to collect for grading.  There will be a test over lesson 2.

Assignment for August 28th

You should complete worksheets 1A through 1E before class.  I will randomly choose one of the sheets to collect  for grading.  We will take the order of operations test that we didn’t have time for this week and take a test over lesson 1.  Each test will consist of 10 problems.

Assignment for August 21st

We had what I believe was an excellent start to the year.  For next week you should complete the Algebra I review (link is posted below the welcome announcement) and the order of operations handout.  There will be a short test on order of operations at the end of class.

Welcome!  I am looking forward to our year together in Algebra II.  My name is Dr. Ed Wheeler.  I am married, to Mrs. Ellen who works here at Faith, and have one daughter – a junior at USJ.  Typically you will find me on the campus of UT Martin where I am a Professor of Engineering.  This is my fourth year to teach at the tutorial and I thoroughly enjoy the experience.  For this class bring a good attitude, willingness to work hard and curiosity.  

We will be using the Math-U-See curriculum which includes a Student Text and a Test Book.  Please bring the Student Text with you to class every Tuesday.  Generally we will go straight through the topics, although we will add a few things here and there that are not in the text.  Bring the Test Book the first day of class; I will take them up and keep them during the year distributing pages as necessary. 

In order to succeed do all your homework.  Keep current with homework so you will not get behind!  I strongly suggest that you work all pages, not just those assigned to be turned in for grading.  Doing a homework page daily as repetition is a key to learning!

Each week I will discuss the topic of the homework for the following week.  I will answer any remaining questions concerning the previous week’s topic. 

In preparation for the first day of class, please download, print, and work the Algebra I review below.  It is lengthy so start early!  We will review material the first week of class and finish up the review the second week.  You should also brush up on you multiplication, division and radical facts…..for example 4 • 8 = 32, 9 ÷ 3 = 3, and  = 4.  (Multiplication up to 15)

I look forward to meeting each of you on August 14th.

Algebra I Review 2018


Pearls of wisdom from this year’s Algebra II students.

Know your multiplication tables through 15 and be able to perform simple division without a calculator. 

Be able to recognize perfect squares.

It is very important that you can find a common denominator for a fraction without a calculator.  For example be able to add 1/7 and 3/5 without conversion to decimals. 

Be able to perform basic mathematical functions with fractions without using a calculator. 

Know how to factor.

Know how to manipulate radicals

Know the order of operations.

Be prepared to study at home.

Take notes in class.

Know how to graph inequalities.

Know the slope intercept formula.  y = mx + b

Be able to create and read graphs using the Cartesian frame.  (x-, y-frame)

Always recheck your work.

Review worksheets can be found at the links:

Pre-algebra worksheets

Algebra I worksheets

Geometry worksheets  (A good review of algebra section)