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Welcome to Algebra 2!

11/10  In Class–we covered all of lesson 11 on Completing the Square.  Hwk is to follow the agenda.  Quiz next week will be on solving quadratic equations using factoring and square root method.  I will stay after Tutorial next week (assuming it is ok with Ms. Ramona and review solving by factoring and square root method and completing the square (as needed by those who choose to stay for the free tutoring).


In Class–we went over how to solve quadratic equations by factoring and the square root method.  Students MUST be able to factor binomials and trinomials as well as simplify radicals to be successful with this unit.
 Hwk is posted to GC.  You will have to print the wksts off and work them.  I included answer keys.  Do NOT just copy the answer.  Try to work each problem.  Show some work.  I can usually tell where a student needs help by the work shown.
During Study Block, Mr. Burgin guided students through completing the handouts in the INB and then worked to review problems.  He is trying to review Alg 1 topics during this time to strengthen the skills needed for success in Alg 2.

10/27  In class today, we went over review problems from lesson 7 and 8. Mr. Burgin worked on review problems from Algebra 1–simplifying expressions, exponent rules, etc.  Hwk is to follow the revised agenda posted to GC for 10/27. Next week, we will be back on schedule. I am going to ask Ms. Ramona if we can do a tutoring session next week after Tutorial to go over simplifying radicals. That is a skill we will need over the next month or more.

10/13  In class–we went over lesson 8 on conjugates.  Hwk was adjusted since we changed the test date (moved it due to fall break).  The corrected hwk is on GC:  We will cover lesson 8 in the book (Mr. Burgin) and review for the exam. Hwk will be to study for the text next week and complete lesson 8 hwk. The study guide and key are posted to GC. • 8A,B (1-8) • 8C,D,E (1-4,9-14,17,19-20)

10/6    In Class–we went over lesson 7 on imaginary numbers:  simplify, multiply, add and subtract.  In order to work lesson 7 problems, students must be able to simplify a radical, multiply variable terms, add like terms, foil and remember to pull out the imaginary number from the radicand.  This lesson is a great review for the test.

Hwk–follow the agenda.  I think it mistakenly said the wkst due today was 7B, but should have been 6B.  GC is correct.  There will be no quiz over Lesson 6 next week.  The study guide is on GC as well as the key.  If you are struggling with the Alg 2 concepts, go to Kahn Academy or Organic Chem Tutor and type in the lesson title and get some reteaching for the areas you are struggling.

9/27   In class–students took their next quiz over simplifying radicals and radical expressions. Then, in study block, they worked on a practice ACT test.  In lecture, we covered module 6 and worked through many examples.  Hwk is to follow the agenda and begin to review for the exam in a couple of weeks.

9/22–In Class–today we went over multiplying and dividing radicals.  I did not work problems from the student book (there aren’t enough) but worked a lot of examples that mirror those in the book.  After lecture, students took their quiz over complex fractions (remember–we quiz 2 weeks behind so that students have a lesson introduced, have the next week to answer questions and get help, then quiz over that material the week after) and added notes and problems to their IN.

We also went over how to use the graphing calculator to find LCM and GCD.  Very helpful when finding common denominators and simplifying fractions.
Hwk is to follow the agenda.  We will quiz next week on simplifying radicals and adding and subtracting radicals (last week’s lesson).  If you need help, please let me know.  I am happy to review with students before Tutorial on Tuesday mornings.  Text or email me and I will let you in at 8 am.

9/15–In Class:  We covered radicals–simplifying, adding and subtracting.  I taught students the square root method.  They have a notes sheet in their IN to follow and a handout that lists the perfect squares (1,4,9,16, etc).

Study Block–students quizzed and then worked more radical problems with the tutor.
Hwk–follow the agenda AND work the two worksheets on GC.  The answers are included.
I am going to ask Ms Ramona if I can tutor students before class Thursday–I will review the radicals we just covered.


In class–we covered complex fractions.  While doing so, we reviewed factoring b/c you have to factor before you can deal with the fraction.  I have noticed some students really struggling, so please contact me if your student needs more help.
Study block–took quiz over factoring and then the Tutor worked with students that needed extra help on factoring and finding common denominators.
Hwk–follow agenda.  Study for quiz of 5B1 front side.
In Class–we went over adding and subtracting rational expressions (fractions with letters on the bottom).  We worked several problems from lesson 2A and lesson 5B-1.
Study block–students took their quiz and continued to work on hwk. Hwk is to follow the agenda.  Upload work to GC.
In Class–we went over how to find a GCF and worked problems from 2A to apply the skill. Then we moved to lesson 5a-1 to work on factoring binomials (diff of 2 squares) and trinomials (box method).  Hwk is to follow the agenda.
Study block–students took quiz 1, learned how to enter fractions on their calculators and worked on factoring trinomials.
In Class–we finished lesson 1 and lesson 3.  Students should follow the agenda for hwk and check Google Classroom for what to upload.
Remember, when you get out of your seat, your mask goes on your face and covers your nose and mouth.  When you exit the building, the mask should stay in place until you reach your vehicle.  Clean your backpacks at home.  Lastly, check your temperature before coming to Tutorial on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and if you answer ‘yes’ to any of the four questions, please stay home
In Class–we followed the agenda and reviewed PEMDAS, zero and negative exponents and reviewed algebra 1 concepts and terminology.  We also worked for a few minutes using our graphing calculators.  Hwk is to follow the agenda.  Please join our Google Classroom asap and upload your student profile.  If you need me to walk you through how to upload the assignment, just call me or facetime me and I wall talk you thru it.
Study Block–students worked with Mr. Burgin on a domino activity for exponents and some ACT problems.  Students should finish the problems in their red composition notebook.


Fall Agenda 2020  **Our class location will be different.  I will email that info before our class meets.**

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