Susan Hodges


Hello, my name is Susan Hodges and I will be your instructor for American Government/Economics. I am married and have four children.  Two in college, one at Madison Academic High School, and one married with a beautiful daughter-in-law!  I was a Physical Therapist before retiring my license and homeschooling my kids.  Best thing I ever did!  I have two passions in the area of teaching: math and history/Gov’t and Econ.  The two almost go hand in hand…I am excited to teach this course and will use regular course material as well as the Uncle Eric Series books to teach.  Class participation and writing will be a must!  Current events will be used as food for thought and students will be asked to summarize events.  If you are just signed up for the first part – Gov’t – please have the ‘Whatever Happened to Justice’ book.  If you are signed up for the entire year, please purchase all books located under both courses in the registration page.

Feel free to contact me at or (731)-487-5737 with any questions!

Remember to check the Faith tutorial website for homework and to stay up yo date on what is going on in class!

2017-2018 Gov’t and Econ syllabus

Class Expectations: We will usually cover 1-2 chapters per class: Occasional pop quizzes covering homework assignments and class discussions: Tests will be given every two to four chapters; not having homework will put you behind in class so come prepared!

Homework for class November 28, 2017

  1. Read Justice book – chapters 28-32…be ready for a quiz!
  2. have in mind someone you could vote for in the class for president and vice-president … will be asked to submit a name for each and a character quality beds their name.
  3. We will be electing a president in class and fulfilling the executive branch next class……everyone will have a title before they leave!  Bring Justice book and paper.
  4. Work on final exam…remember if early I will I will reward you!