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We took a brief look at an event in Colonial America that impacts us even now: The Great AWAKENING.  Like many Americans today, colonial citizens became more concerned about their financial (economic) success than about their spiritual health.  Many were obsessed with making money and acquiring way too much ‘stuff (or consumerism as it was described in your book).  But the Holy Spirit would change many lives when it produced a colony-wide revival that began with Jonathan Edwards, a pastor in Connecticut, who saw more than 300 people in his town converted to Christ in a short time.  The revival that began in his church spread quickly throughout the colonies and would have ‘profound’ implications for what would become the United States.  We will complete this discussion next week before taking the unit test.

The unit test will go all the way back to Columbus and will cover the DISCOVERY, EPLORATION, and COLONIZATION of America.  A review sheet has been posted below to help guide you in your preparation for the test.  Also, the focal point of most of next week’s assignment is geared to helping you remember the important people and events from this time in history.  And don’t forget to study you old quizzes and tests.  Some of the same questions from those tests will be repeated on the unit test.

Posted also are the tests from September 30 and October 14.  If you have not yet taken these tests, or if you did poorly on either one, you may take these tests again in hopes of improving your scores.

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October 21, 2021 History Notes

October 28, 2021 History Assignment

October 28, 2021 History Map Assignment

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Unit Test Review

October 14, 2021 History Quiz

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