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There are many remarkable, courageous, intelligent people whose contributions to American History are very significant.  Among those special people are Daniel Boone, Merriweather Lewis, William Clark, and Thomas Jefferson whose exploits we examined today.  This early period of history was critical for the development of our country, so we owe these people and countless others our gratitude.  And thanks to those of you who presented reports about these people in class today.  When you participate, it always makes the class better.

We will conclude our study of the Lewis and Clark expedition next week as well as examine other important events from this era of history.  Of special importance will be our look at early Tennessee history.  The story of the settlement of Nashville, which is posted below, is an interesting story that proves again the importance of our American ancestors and what they accomplished to pave the way for the America we enjoy today.  I hope you will enjoy the story.

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February 27, 2020 History Assignment

February 27, 2020 History Map Assignment