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It was good to have everyone present in class today, but especially good to have Bryson.  He proved that he is tougher than a fish hook!

It was also good to hear Olivia’s report on Harriet Tubman, the lady who is synonymous with the Underground Railroad.  And it was very good to hear your comments in class today.  I like it when students make intelligent contributions!  So, I’m happy but also a little sad that our time together is coming to an end.  Just 2 more classes…so I challenge you to finish strong!

The Civil War was the darkest time in the history of our country.  Yet to insure freedom for all citizens and to hold our country together, President Lincoln did not hesitate to use military force.  Hundreds of thousands would die during this war that would last for 4 long years.  Although an incredibly sad time, it was also a fascinating time.  Learn what you can in our brief time on this topic.  All of us owe it to the men and women (and sometimes children) who sacrificed so much!

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