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In the New Testament Jesus used the importance of a ‘firm foundation’ to teach his listeners an important lesson.  You may recall some detail from this particular parable…how the house built on an unstable foundation was destroyed by storms while the house built on a solid foundation remained intact.  The foundation on which any building is constructed MUST have a good foundation.  And so it is wAS our country!  Colonial citizens build the future United States on the firm foundation of SELF-GOVERNMENT, RELIGIOUS FREEDOM, and ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY (capitalism).  Hard work, education, integrity, moral living, and frugality were generously incorporated into that foundation.  With a genuine reliance upon God, their willingness to accept people from many cultures and religions, and their determination to succeed in the face of great adversity went a long way in creating the most free and most prosperous country in the history of mankind.

American History students, and really all Americans, should be most grateful for the manner in which early colonial Americans shaped our country.  More than ever before, American History students need to understand the struggles and be familiar with the successes of our earliest American ancestors.  The unit test that you will take on October 29 will test your knowledge of this extraordinary period in our history.  As you study for the test,  concentrate on the people and events that led our country toward independence, self-government, and liberty in all facets of our lives.

Be sure to check class notes dated October 22 and the assignment for October 29.  Be accurate with the work requested in the map assignment.  And lastly, information requested in the map portion of the assignment.  And in closing, you have a challenge.  I challenge you to get interested in the office of President, what the President actually does for the country, and the rather complicated process for getting elected to the office.  Join me in being excited about the November 3 Election, and whether our candidate wins or loses, join me in being thankful to live in America where elections rather than civil wars bring changes to our country.


October 22. 2020 History Notes

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October 1, 2020 Unit Test Review