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As we discussed the Colonial Era in class today, I hope you grew in your understanding of this 169 year long, formative period of American History.  While all of the colonies made significant contributions, of particular importance were the colonies of Virginia and Massachusetts Bay.  Their combined legacy is one of RELIGIOUS, ECONOMIC, AND POLITICAL FREEDOM which define our country even now in 2019.  You have plenty of information to consider as you select one of these two colonies to write about for next week.  Give this assignment your best effort as you organize your thinking and put those thoughts in writing.

Thanks to Oz and Jake for their reports today and to Cate Cannon for being an excellent scribe.  Because time ran short, we will hear reports from students who did not present in class today.  Be ready…we will hear the reports first thing on 9/26.  These reports will paint a picture of life in the Colonial Era.

Please remember to complete the quiz distributed in class today and bring it to class on September 26.  Use your book and/or class notes if they will help you find correct answers to these questions.  The short ‘colony quiz’ you worked on in class today will also be due on 9/26.

Have a great week.  Email me if you have questions..

September 5. 2019 History Notes docx

September 12, 2019 History Notes

September 19 individual reports assign docx

September 19. History Notes docx

September 26, 2019 History Assignment

September 19, 2019 History Quiz

September 19. 2019 Colony Quiz