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We learned today that in 1954 the Supreme Court finally ‘overturned’ the unfair, biased ruling in the ‘Plessy v. Ferguson’ case that made ‘SEPARATE BUT EQUAL’ a legal policy in the South.  This was the case that gave rise to ‘JIM CROW LAWS’ that SEGREGATED everything in the South.  ‘Brown v. The Board of Education (in Topeka, Kansas) reversed the Plessy case, when the court decoded that little Linda Brown had the right to attend school in her neighborhood in Topeka, Kansas, even though it was a ‘white-only’ school.   Brown v. The Board of Education legally ended SEPERATE BUT EQUAL status for blacks and was a great victory for equal rights for all citizens.  Nevertheless, it would take another 10 years and more of legal battles before southern blacks could enjoy their new freedom.

One such battle occurred in Montgomery, Alabama, where segregation on buses was still practiced even after the Brown case had been settled.  Rosa Parks, a 42 year old black seamstress from Montgomery, one afternoon in December of 1955 refused to give her seat to a white person.  Her failure to comply resulted in her arrest.  Parks filed suit against the bus company.  To show their support, black citizens decided to boycott the bus system, opting to walk or ride bikes to wherever they needed to go.  After more than a year of the boycott, the Supreme Court finally ruled that public transportation must be ‘integrated.’  It was a great victory for blacks and for everyone who valued freedom.

We also completed our survey of the War of 1812, a war caused by England bullying the United States by instigating Indian rebellions and interfering with our shipping.  President Madison felt compelled to ask Congress to declare war, but when he did, there was little hope of victory for the United States against the world’s greatest military power..  But despite their capture of Washington and burning of the White House, the British had to take New Orleans in order to achieve victory.  The 10,000 men and 60 ships, however, were unable to beat Andrew Jackson’s army of ‘volunteers’,  so the war ended with a humiliating defeat for England.  With the signin g of the Treaty of Ghent, America had won her second “war for independence’, and England would become our ally–a partnership that still exists.

Don’t for get to complete the test distributed in class today.  And don’t forget to study for the map test in class on April 4.  Email me if you need my assistance.  Have a great week.

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