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It was good to see you today!  I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving and that you found something that you are genuinely grateful for!  There is just 2 more classes until Christmas break, so the challenge is to finish strong.

After reviewing Thanksgiving facts, material related to Veterans Day, and the assassination of President Kennedy, we used the remainder of our time examining the causes of the Revolutionary War.  Hopefully, you have a good understanding of those decisions made by the English government that ALIENATED their citizens living in the 13 colonies: QUARTERING, IMPRESSMENT, THE PROCLAMATION OF 1764, THE STAMP TAX, MERCANTILISM, THE BOSTON MASSACRE.  Remember that MERCANTILISM was the English trade policy that attempted to force Americans to sell raw materials only to England and then purchase manufactured goods only from England.  Because mercantilism was enforced by the use of tariffs, this policy cost Americans money and hindered their economic freedom.  (Remember the scenario where Emily intended to buy a $60,000 German car.)

But Americans did not always respond politely.  Persecution of tax collectors, boycotting English goods, and smuggling products into the country to avoid paying tariffs alienated England.  When the Sons of Liberty dumped tea into Boston Harbor, the English government was enraged.  We will discuss other incidents next week, but the end result of all this conflict was war.  Your job now is to fully understand why this war–the Revolution–was fought.

Have a good week.

LADIES, DON’T FORGET TO DO A LITTLE RESEARCH ON THE ‘DAUGHERS OF LIBERTY’ and be ready to share what you learned with the guys, .  .

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