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It is my privilege and honor to be the American History teacher this year. I look forward to working with your young people as we explore together the fascinating story of our great nation.
I have an undergraduate degree in history from Union University and a Master’s Degree in educational administration from the University of Memphis. I worked for 48 years in various capacities in both the public and private schools of Jackson before becoming part of the Faith Tutorial faculty last year. I can say unequivocally that my first experience with the Tutorial was one of the most rewarding experiences of my professional career.

Why study American History?
Students need to have knowledge of the people and events from our past, to learn from the mistakes that have been made, and to celebrate our nation’s accomplishments. Beyond the facts of history, however, I want our students to understand that they have been blessed beyond measure to have been born in the United States. However, students must understand that freedom is never free, and as citizens, they will be responsible for maintaining this freedom that all too often is taken for granted. Therefore, a major goal of this class will be to sow the seeds of patriotism in these young people so that they will become involved citizens who think for themselves and actively work to safeguard all that is precious to us as Americans. American History is an extremely important subject that deserves our passion and excitement.

We will cover on average about half a chapter a week
Homework will generally correspond to material that will be covered the following week
Homework will be checked each week
Quizzes will be given weekly primarily covering material covered from the previous week
To assist student preparation for quizzes and tests, detailed notes will be emailed each week summarizing material covered
Cumulative tests will be given at least once each six weeks
Information about projects, book reports, and/or essays will be forthcoming

Letter to Parents – Letter to Parents

Assignment Due First Day of Class – American History – First Day Assignment