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Do you understand what the English philosopher of the 1700s meant when he said that if people were angels, we wouldn’t have to worry about tyranny in government?  Our Founders understood clearly that none of us are not angels, not even those elected to leadership positions in our government.  So they wrote a Constitution with the aim of preventing government imposed tyranny on its citizens.  One of the wisest decisions made during the writing of the Constitution was to add a list of personal rights which government cannot take away-THE BILL OF RIGHTS.  We will examine these specific rights next week in class.

I am already looking forward to next week when we conclude our study of the Constitution.  But before next Thursday, spend time thinking about how best to respond to the homework questions.  You are strongly encouraged to discuss any or all of these matters with your parents or other trusted adults.  You may not understand why it is important to separate government affairs from church affairs, but your parents may have some great insight into this issue.  And, there are several other questions about which you will be wise to seek adult guidance.  If we all fulfill our responsibilities in this mission of studying the Constitution, I believe that we call all sincerely say ‘thanks be to God for the freedoms passed to me by our Founders!

It was great to have Mark and Morgan back in class today and to know that everyone is healthy.  I appreciate all of you and enjoyed being with you in class today.  Have a great week, and email me if you should need my assistance.

January 21, 2021 History Notes

January 28, 2021 History Assignment