Lezlie Haynes

 Welcome to Biology!  My name is Lezlie Haynes and I am the instructor.

Progress Reports–9/19 & 9/21

Jersey Day–9/19, where your favorite team jersey (must be in dress code)

Fall Football Fest and Bonfire–10/7, 4:30 pm – 8 pm, $3 for food, to attend sign up in Ms Tricia’s office

9/7–Great day!  I love lab days–especially with live samples.  In class, we covered about 1/2 of Mod 3, took Latin Quiz #3, turned in Exp 2.2 and bacteria coloring sheet, and performed exp 3.1.  Hwk is to follow the agenda. Most students have approved Sci fair ideas, so they should start working on their research plan/rationale.  They have a handout that explains each section but to summarize:

Rationale/Research Plan has several sections.  It is not the experiment or project report. It is the first phase of the project.  Students should research their ideas, print off info that pertains to their idea (need 5 academic sources) and begin to write the following sections:

Rationale–the purpose of the experiment.  Should be 2 – 3 paragraphs minimum.  This is the essay portion of the project.

Question–this is the question students want to find an answer to.

Hypothesis–this is what they think the answer to the question is based off of their research

Procedure–this is a step by step, detailed process for how they will test their idea.  Included in this section are the materials to be used, any diagrams or drawings, etc.

Risk & Safety–what student will do to minimize risk (wear gloves, adult supervision, etc)

Data Analysis–this is what the student will do with the data generated.  For now, a simple statement of data will be analyzed using stats and charts is fine.  After we have data, I will help students figure out what to do with it then we will reword this section

Bibliography–sources used to better understand the topic, need 5, use http://www.easybib.com to generate. We will look at this website in class next week.

8/31–Yesterday was a good day.  In class, students turned in their summaries, took the vocab quiz for Mod 2 then performed exp 2.2.  Hwk is to follow the agenda.  Be prepared for Latin quiz #3 next week and finish exp 2.2 in lab book.  Make sure your write a good conclusion.  This isn’t the same conclusion that you write for sci fair.  It is basically a paragraph that relates what you saw in lab and how it relates to what you have been learning in the module.

8/24–we had a good day!  Any day we get to go outside for lab is a good day.  In class, we took latin quiz 2, turned in the classification lab and vocab quiz 1, had lecture over Mod 2 then went outside for Exp 2.1.  I did not bring the supplies to make the samples today so students do not have to complete that section of lab report.  I will make the samples Sunday so that they are ready for Thursday.  Students should finish the lab report, study for vocab quiz mod 2 with bacteria diagram and follow the agenda.  Summary for Eugenics DVD due next week and bonus summary due, too.

8/17–great day!  Follow agenda for hwk.

Bonus Opportunity:  Monday, 8/21 is the Solar Eclipse.  If you take a pic of yourself outside during the eclipse and send it to me, you’ll get 5 bonus points.  I’ll post them on the chem page.  I’d like a pic of you with a sign with Eclipse 2017 or something similar.  With solar eclipse glasses will get you 2 extra points.  I plan to take my selfie during ‘Totality’!!!  Videos work, too.

If you do not have glasses, you can make a pinpoint projector and watch the shadow on the ground instead of damaging your eyes looking at it.

8/10–Today was a good first day.  In class, I went over class rules, how the book and student notebook go together, how to work a microscope and what are its parts, basic sci fair info and then the Latin quiz.  Hwk is to follow the agenda.  Be ready for next weeks quiz over the microscope, its parts, the study sheet I sent home and the PPT.  Vocab quiz 1 will be take home, but you should plan to study for it, too.

Check out quizlet to make notecards for bio terms–latin or module.  I have a quizlet that I use that you can search for:  sooners43.


“Exploring Creation with Biology is an award-winning, college-prep biology course that provides a detailed introduction to the methods and concepts of general biology. With a strong emphasis on vocabulary and experiments, the course provides the student with a solid background in biology which is presented an in a readable, conversational tone.” –Apologia website

Organization is very important and students are required to keep a binder with sections for notes, labs, quizzes/tests, and worksheets. Students should bring their textbook, student notebook, binder, colored pencils and pencils to every class.

Each module takes about two weeks to cover. During this time students will complete the reading, On Your Own questions and Study Guide Questions. Latin vocabulary is also included in the weekly content.  Every week students are quizzed—week one will be Latin vocabulary and week two will be module vocabulary and content. Students watch documentaries and read articles related to creation and evolution then submit summaries. Students will complete additional worksheets related to module content i.e. coloring sheets, genetics worksheets, etc.

Each semester there is a comprehensive final exam with module content, diagrams, at least one essay question (first semester only) and Latin vocabulary.

Students are required to complete a science fair project which will be due in January.  Hands-on labs are an important part of a biology course. During the first semester, most labs will be centered on the microscope.   The focus of second semester will be dissections—plant/flower, fruit, and animal. We normally dissect 7 – 9 different animals (students are in groups of 2 – 3).   Students are required to submit lab drawings and when appropriate, reports or abstracts.

I look forward to seeing each student in August!

Ms Lezlie

 If you have any questions, please email the instructor at lezlie@43llc.com.