Lezlie Haynes

 Welcome to Biology!  My name is Lezlie Haynes and I am the instructor.

Today was a full day!  
In class-we reviewed photosynthesis and then went on to complete the module. We went over cellular respiration with the PPT, watched a short video/animation of the electron transport chain and then we went over cell respiration two more times by hand.  By that I mean I wrote each step out, from beginning to end, twice.  
For cellular respiration, students should know the name of the step, where it takes place, the reactants and products, and where the products go.  Finally, they should be able to write the net reaction (this last thing is true for both photosynthesis and cellular respiration).  For photosynthesis, they do not have to know the actual chemical reactions.  They need to know the name of the two phases, where they take place, what is added to each phase and the major products produced.
Hwk–follow the agenda, study for the Latin Quiz next week, work on the coloring sheets and study for the module quiz.  Work on your Cell Analogy Project.  Please email me you topic (I know you all told me but I can’t remember who is doing what…feudal system, disney, starbucks, …)
I will also post some cell respiration videos to our GC stream.
10/15 In class–today was a fun day.  Students were able to do exp 5.1, a chromatography lab where they were looking at the the pigments in spinach leaves and some other plant I had in the front yard…have no idea what it is.  They all did a really good job!  While the exp ran, we covered the first two topics in Mod 5.  This is a hard module.  They have to understand ATP, Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration.  Today we did ATP and Photosynthesis.  I will make a study guide (basic) for photosynthesis so that each student understand what they are to know.


Hwk–finish and upload lab report, start on coloring sheet and follow the agenda.
10/1  In class–we took mod 4 quiz then completed exp 4.1 in class.  Hwk is to follow the agenda and complete exp 4.3 as a virtual lab.
9/24  In Class–we finished notes over Module 4 and reviewed the functions of the organelles and some terms (prokaryotic and eukaryotic). We also filled in a Venn diagram for plant, animal and prokaryotic cells.  Students were able to watch several short video clips about the different types of membrane transport discussed in class, as well.  Finally, we went over what would be on the big quiz next week–diagrams of both plant and animal cells, multiple choice, fill in the blank, matching section and 2 true and false questions.  The majority of the quiz (non-diagram parts) will be on the organelles and their functions.  


Hwk is to follow the agenda. 


In Class–took Latin Quiz #4 then began module 4.  We finished by watching a video on the wonder of the cell.  It is fantastic.  
Hwk–follow the agenda.  Complete the Venn diagram and spreadsheet in your student notebook before class next week.
In Class–we reviewed the nucleic acids and their structure–DNA and RNA.  Then we watched a video called, ‘The Wonder of DNA’ by Dr. Georgia Purdom who is a PhD in molecular biology, I believe.
Hwk is to follow the agenda.  Summary of video due in two weeks.  Study for Latin Quiz #3 next week.
In class:  students took notes over the remainder of Mod 2 notes (PPT) then performed Exp 2.2 in their SN.  Please check your email and I will include some info on how to finish the data section.  Hwk is to follow the agenda.  Study for quiz 2 over Mod 2 (vocab and concepts–use your OYO’s, SG and Mod 2 test in test booklet to help you prepare).  Upload your lab notebook pages before next class.
In class:  students took Latin quiz #2, completed experiment 1.1 in SN and took notes over the first 2/3 of Mod 2.  We covered matter and water sections.  Students also watched a short video segment explaining cohesion, adhesion and surface tension.
Hwk–follow the agenda. Complete exp 1.1 in SN–most just have to write a well-formed conclusion.  There is no hypothesis, so you can omit that part of your conclusion.  Upload the two lab pages to GC before the next class (the page you drew on and the conclusion page).  Type your conclusion and either upload it separately or print it out and tape it in SN.  No quiz next week.
If you think you would rather do Sci Fair than the Cell Analogy project, I need your ideas no later than 2 weeks from today.
In class–we finished notes on the module and then watched a video on the topic of life since that was what we discussed in class today.  The video features Dr. Georgia Purdom and her lecture is on Abortion, Eugenics and the Future.  We watched the second half of the lecture (the first half is on the history of the eugenics movement and abortion movement).  We finished class by watched Ben Shapiro in two separate video clips answering questions related to abortion and when does life begin.
Hwk is to follow the agenda.  Study for Latin quiz #2 next week!  It will have all terms from Latin 1 and Latin 2.
In Class–we went over the Cell Analogy project (and sci fair for those interested) and then followed the agenda.  We reviewed for hte Latin exam and then students took the quiz and sent it to Ms Kim. Due to a tiny tech issue, students did NOT get to go thru the PPT and watch the ‘How-to’ videos for working microscopes.  I went over all of the parts with them and then they performed Exp 1.1 A & B.  The purpose of the first part of the lab is to practice proper handling and then learning the functions of the parts and finding an image on all powers.  Hwk is to follow the agenda.  Bio students were to bring a bottle of clorox/lysol wipes.  So, keep looking!  I have a source for alcohol disinfecting wipes in you need some.  Text me.
Academic Calendar 20-21
Secondary Class Schedule 20-21
Biology 20-21
**You must purchase the newest Bio edition.**
Preclass information to print, read, sign and bring the first day of class:

“Exploring Creation with Biology is an award-winning, college-prep biology course that provides a detailed introduction to the methods and concepts of general biology. With a strong emphasis on vocabulary and experiments, the course provides the student with a solid background in biology which is presented an in a readable, conversational tone.” –Apologia website

Organization is very important and students are required to keep a binder with sections for notes, labs, quizzes/tests, and worksheets. Students should bring their textbook, student notebook, binder, colored pencils and pencils to every class.

Each module takes about two weeks to cover. During this time students will complete the reading, On Your Own questions and Study Guide Questions. Latin vocabulary is also included in the weekly content.  Every week students are quizzed—week one will be Latin vocabulary and week two will be module vocabulary and content. Students watch documentaries and read articles related to creation and evolution then submit summaries. Students will complete additional worksheets related to module content i.e. coloring sheets, genetics worksheets, etc.

Each semester there is a comprehensive final exam with module content, diagrams, at least one essay question (first semester only) and Latin vocabulary.

Students are required to complete a science fair project which will be due in January.  Hands-on labs are an important part of a biology course. During the first semester, most labs will be centered on the microscope.   The focus of second semester will be dissections—plant/flower, fruit, and animal. We normally dissect 7 – 9 different animals (students are in groups of 2 – 3).   Students are required to submit lab drawings and when appropriate, reports or abstracts.

I look forward to seeing each student in August!

Ms Lezlie

 If you have any questions, please email the instructor at sooners@click1.net.