Lezlie Haynes

 Welcome to Biology!  My name is Lezlie Haynes and I am the instructor.

5/6  In Class–we began Mod 8 and went over who Darwin was and the history behind the theory of evolution.  In addition, we looked at the Fibonacci number series and how it is found in nature.  We watched 3 short, fun videos and then created our own Fibonacci spiral.  Hwk is to follow the agenda and study for the final exam.  I forgot to go over the Latin on the final exam in class (I did offer to stay late and read them off to the class) so we will do that next week.  Bonus is due in 2 weeks.  
4/29–In class–we finished Mod 12, watched 3 video segments on plant hormones and tropism and then students performed Exp 12.1.  Hwk is to follow the agenda and complete lab report for exp 12.1.  Study for FE, too.  
4/22  In Class–students took Latin quiz 12, I sent home Mod 11 vocab quiz (open book) and then we followed the agenda and covered about 1/2 of module 12.  After taking notes, we went outside for an exploratory lab (no lab report or summary) on classifying leaves.  Hwk is to follow the agenda.  Quiz 11 is due next week.
4/8  In Class–today was a chill day.  Students took their Latin 11 quiz, we took notes over Mod 11 thru the beginning of angiosperms, dissected a lily to look at the flower and reproductive structures (lab report due next week) and watched a video over plants–seeds specifically.  It is an old video, but one of the neatest I have seen.  Hwk is to follow the agenda and check GC.
4/1  In Class–Great job dissecting the rat today!  I was impressed with how well you guys did today–I did hear more gagging than I usually hear but you all persevered  and did really well.    No summary needed for the dissection.  Hwk is to continue reading Mod 11, OYO”s and SG’s.  Latin Quiz 11 next week!!!
3/25  In class–students took their Mod 15 quiz–not an easy one. Ask Ms Kim if you would like another copy to retake at home. We are a little off from the agenda (dissecting materials came in today…) so you DO need to begin reading Mod 11 and doing the OYO”s and SG’s. We will dissect the rat in class next week. If time permits, we will also do the fish. If not, we will do the fish on a different day. I will post a video or two about how to dissect the rat and where to find structures for those that want to be better prepared.
3/11 In Class–we reviewed Mod 16 info and watched two video segments  related to the module–Formed to Fly by Dr. David Menton about bird feather design and a video segment on Bee colonies (communication).   We will dissect the fish when we return from Break.  Hwk is adjusted:  Summary of Formed to Fly video, coloring page pig, study for Latin 16, study for fish diagrams quiz, read 1/2 mod 16, OYO’s and SG’s.
2/4  In class–students turned in their work, took quiz 10a over protists and then we finished the module with a discussion on fungi. I will post the PPT to GC. Hwk is to follow the agenda with the addition of STUDY FOR LATIN QUIZ 13 NEXT WEEK as well as Fungi quiz. I will work on a quizlet and send that out after I get it finished.


I will post the PPT for the virtual lab to GC by Sunday. You will have 2 weeks to complete the lab.

1/28  Great job today, looking at the slides. You are doing better on working the microscope. Hwk is to follow the agenda. Check GC for instructions on the lab report.  I will post specifics to study for the Protista quiz on Monday (remind me if I forget). Have a great weekend!
1/14  In Class–we finished the Dr. Purdom video on microbes, finished module 9 notes and watched several short videos on bacteria.  We ended with a video from Dr. Jason Lisle explaining what the corona virus is and what the CDC statistics mean.  We did not finish that video and no summary is needed for it.  Hwk is to follow the agenda.  I will post the PPT to GC.
Latin for 2nd semester is posted at the bottom of the Handouts section. 12/27/2020
Academic Calendar 20-21
Preclass information to print, read, sign and bring the first day of class:

“Exploring Creation with Biology is an award-winning, college-prep biology course that provides a detailed introduction to the methods and concepts of general biology. With a strong emphasis on vocabulary and experiments, the course provides the student with a solid background in biology which is presented an in a readable, conversational tone.” –Apologia website

Organization is very important and students are required to keep a binder with sections for notes, labs, quizzes/tests, and worksheets. Students should bring their textbook, student notebook, binder, colored pencils and pencils to every class.

Each module takes about two weeks to cover. During this time students will complete the reading, On Your Own questions and Study Guide Questions. Latin vocabulary is also included in the weekly content.  Every week students are quizzed—week one will be Latin vocabulary and week two will be module vocabulary and content. Students watch documentaries and read articles related to creation and evolution then submit summaries. Students will complete additional worksheets related to module content i.e. coloring sheets, genetics worksheets, etc.

Each semester there is a comprehensive final exam with module content, diagrams, at least one essay question (first semester only) and Latin vocabulary.

Students are required to complete a science fair project which will be due in January.  Hands-on labs are an important part of a biology course. During the first semester, most labs will be centered on the microscope.   The focus of second semester will be dissections—plant/flower, fruit, and animal. We normally dissect 7 – 9 different animals (students are in groups of 2 – 3).   Students are required to submit lab drawings and when appropriate, reports or abstracts.

I look forward to seeing each student in August!

Ms Lezlie

 If you have any questions, please email the instructor at sooners@click1.net.