Elizabeth Orr

Welcome to Keyboarding 2/Software Applications

September 17

  • Today we took a quiz over Chapter 1 Lessons 10-15.  The quiz was online so the students know their scores.
  • We learned how to calculate GWAM (Gross Words a Minute) and NWAM (Net Words a Minute) and took a WPM quiz online.
  • The students learned how to type and format documents in Google Docs. 
  • For fun the students started designing a flyer for Jersey Day at Faith Home School Tutorial.  They will need to print those out and bring to class next week.
  • Chapter 1 test is next week.
  • Progress reports will be mailed next week.


I am so excited to be teaching Keyboarding 2 and Software Applications this year!  I look forward to meeting you and assisting you in becoming better digital citizens. About the Teacher – Elizabeth Orr

Keyboarding 2 Agenda August – October 1

Keyboarding 2 PolicyPlease read, print out, sign, and put in student binder. 

Student profile for Keyboarding  Please print off, fill out information, and bring to class the first day. 

Typing Speed Goal = 30 wpm (Practice typing before school begins) – There are many websites on which to practice (e.g. http://www.typing.com)

It is required that your student has Microsoft Office (not the free version which will expire) and a Google email account for the Keyboarding/Software Applications Class. This Google account can be a personal one for the student or a parent’s account. The student will need to know and be familiar with the username and password. If your student or you already have a Google account (email @gmail.com) then there is no need to create a new account. If they do not have a Google account, please follow the instructions in the link below to set up the account. You can click this link to get started: Google Email Account   

We will be using Google Classroom to email homework, quiz and test assignments, so it will be mandatory that your child is signed into Google Classroom . Please have this step completed before the first day of class.  Please see the email that was sent on how to set this up and for the class code. 

Please make sure your child can connect to WiFi.  Practice logging in to email and connecting to WiFi before the first day of class. Laptops needs to be charged before class. Chargers are for backup only. If the laptop will not hold a charge, please bring the charger to class each meeting.