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NO SCHOOL TOMORROW NOVEMBER 15th due to weather conditions. 

Sec 47-54 Notes – These are the notes for class on November 15th 

Homework assigned on November 8th:

Thanksgiving Menu – Turn in using Google Classroom

Memo 3 pg. 70

Memo 3 pg. 71

Memo 2 pg. 72

Study for Quiz 6 – covers pgs. 63-72 & Notes (Will be taken on Nov. 29th)

Homework assigned on November 15th:

51.2 – Letter Practice

51.4 – Alphabet Sentences

52.3 – Letter 1 pg. 82

54.2 Document 1, 2, & 3

Study for Quiz 7 – covers pg. 81-85 & Notes (Will be taken on Nov. 29th) 

Practice to increase your typing speed!

Keyboarding Agenda  –  October, November, & December 

My name is Brooke Evans, and I am looking forward to having you in class this year. I am married to Buddy and have three children. I have lived almost all my life in Brownsville, TN pretty much in the same spot out in the country. I graduated from Mississippi State University with a degree in Secondary Education. I taught science at Haywood High School for 3 years and also taught science and algebra at Faith before becoming a stay at home mom. My family and I are active members of Woodland Baptist Church in Brownsville, TN. We have a precious dog named Muffin and three cats – Rex, Dino, and Gray. We enjoy being outside every chance we get. I love teaching and especially love working with middle and high school students. This is my second year to teach keyboarding. It is a fun class with lots of lessons that apply to today’s technology. I know we will enjoy learning together this year. Come the first day with your laptop, charger, student book, binder and quiz/test booklets. You will need a google account already set up before class starts. There is information below to help with set up. It is important that your child know all the passwords needed to log on to the computer and email. Also, please make sure updates are already installed and if possible, turn off the automatic update feature. This will help the students so much. If you have any questions, please email me at bevans234@gmail.com. We will get ourselves arranged and begin learning to type on August 9th! Enjoy your summer!

Please make sure you can connect to WiFi. You also need a Google email account. This Google account can be the student’s personal account or a parent’s account. The student will need to know the username and password. Practice logging in to email and connecting to WiFi before the first day of class. Laptop needs to be charged before class. Chargers are for backup only. If the laptop will not hold a charge, please bring the charger to class each meeting. 

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Setting up a Google Email account

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