Welcome to Geometry

Math-U-See Geometry – Instruction Manual, Student Text, Test Booklet, and Video for instruction. 

My name is Susan Hodges and I am again privileged to teach Geometry for this 2019-2020 year!  Our course will start out in review and move toward geometry concepts.  Please make sure you have a compass and protractor with you at all times.  We will cover a chapter a week for most of our class except when we need to spend little more time on concepts like radicals and other things.  You will need a calculator later on this course.  Please bring your test booklet as well as Instructor’s manual and student textbook to class the first day.  Bring a great attitude, a curious spirit, and respect for yourself and others around you and this course should be fun and informative!  Learning is so fun!!!  Please contact me with any questions at the above email or text at 731-487-5737. 

HOMEWORK: DUE ON December 03 , 2019

  1. Watch DVD if needed
  2. Complete the handout if not finished in class
  3. Complete 14B-G
  4. Be ready for Test 14

Geometry syllabus 2019-2020

Geometry Parent Letter