Welcome to Geometry

Math-U-See Geometry – Instruction Manual, Student Text, Test Booklet, and Video for instruction. 

Welcome to Geometry!!! My name is Brooke Evans. I am excited to be teaching math classes this year, and I look forward to seeing all the students on the first day. This class meets on Tuesdays at 8:30. Please bring Geometry workbook, test booklet, binder, and protractor to class on the first day. The instruction manual can be kept at home.

Parent Letter – Geometry

Course Expectations – Geometry

Class Agenda for September:

September 1 – Test 3, Lesson 4; Homework – pages 4B-4E

September 8 – Test 4, Lesson 5; Homework – pages 5B-5E, Study Terms (Bring Protractor & Compass)

September 15 – Test 5 & Terms Quiz; Lesson 6; Homework – pages 6B-6E (May have additional worksheets)

September 22 – Test 6; Lesson 7; Homework – pages 7B-7E, 7H

Secondary Class Schedule 20-21

Academic Calendar 20-21

Geometry 20-21