Welcome to Geometry

Homework for 10/19/21:

  1. Workbook Pages 11B-11E
  2. Study for Test 11
  3. Complete Worksheet Packet (On the page that includes solving for the unknown, mark any that you have questions on and we will go over at the start of class on Thursday)  

Homework for 10/12/21:

  1. Workbook Pages 10B-10E
  2. Study for Test 10 (Be sure to know terms relating to triangles)
  3. Study for Unit I Test on 10/19 – Test covers Lessons 1-10 

Homework for 10/5/21:

  1. Workbook Pages 9B & 9D (We completed 9A, 9C, and 9E in class)
  2. Study for Test 9 (Memorize Area Formulas)
  3. Begin studying for Unit I Test on 10/19 – Test covers Lessons 1-10

Homework for 9/28/21:

  1. Workbook Pages 8B-8E
  2. Study for Test 8
  3. Complete the following exercises in the Graphing Packet: 4.1; 4.4; 4.5

Homework for 9/21/21:

  1. Workbook Pages 7B-7E
  2. Study for Test 7
  3. Complete Slope Worksheet Packet

Homework for 9/14/21:

  1. Workbook Pages 6B-6E
  2. Study for Test 6
  3. Complete Angle Pair Relationships Worksheet — Do NOT do #19, 20, 21, 22 

Homework for 9/7/21:

  1. Workbook Pages 5B-5E
  2. Study for Test 5
  3. Complete Extra Practice Lesson 4 Worksheet 

Homework for 8/31/21:

  1. Workbook Pages 4B-4E
  2. Study for Test 4
  3. Complete Solving Worksheet – First column on front & back complete by hand; Second column on front & back complete with calculator if possible (email me if you have questions)  

Homework for 8/24/21:

  1. Workbook Pages 3B-3E
  2. Study for Test 3
  3. Finish measuring angles on your name 

Homework for 8/17/21:

  1. Workbook Pages 2B-2E
  2. Study for Test 2
  3. Points, Lines, & Planes Worksheet; Order of Operations Worksheet

Homework for 8/10/21:

  1. Workbook Pages 1B-1D
  2. Study for Test 1
  3. Algebra Review Packet – Exercises 1.4; 1.5 1-10 only; 1.6 1-10 only 

Welcome to Geometry!!! My name is Brooke Evans. I am excited to be teaching math classes this year, and I look forward to seeing all the students on the first day. This class meets on Tuesdays at 10:25. Please bring Geometry workbook, test booklet, binder, and protractor to class on the first day. The instruction manual can be kept at home. To learn more about me, read Info about Brooke. If you have any questions, please email me at bevans234@gmail.com. 

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Geometry Curriculum Information

Parent Letter – Geometry

Course Expectations – Geometry

Geometry Agenda

How to Prepare for the First Day of Class:

  1. Bring materials to class – Student Workbook, Student Test Booklet, Binder with paper, Pencils, Small Dry Erase Board, Expo Markers, and TI-84 Calculator (The Instruction Manual is to remain at home)
  2. Print Agenda and place in binder
  3. Read Course Expectations and Parent Letter