Amy Vaughan

Welcome to Language Arts 7 at Faith Home School Tutorial!

Welcome to Language Arts 7 at FAITH tutorial! I am so pleased that you have decided to share your student with me. Language Arts is a multi-faceted course that is both challenging and exciting. We will cover four main topics including: GRAMMAR, LITERATURE, WRITING, and VOCABULARY. If you would like to find out more about me, read this link: About Mrs. Amy Vaughan.

Important Dates/Announcements:

****Progress Reports will be emailed this week! (March 31)

****Student Grades for Newspaper Article and Novel Test have been e-mailed to parents. I am attaching a blank test link below if students want to retake and will link the key when I can get it scanned. Copies of tests will not be sent at this time. All graded papers will be returned when the tutorial resumes.

SCANNED Novel Test – The Call of the Wild – students may retake if wanted.

****Through April 24: Faith Tutorial Covid-19 Closure Dates

Weekly Work:
For the Week of March 31:
Suggested At-Home Grading:
1. Unit 9 Literature Study Questions pages 248-256
2. Novel Questions: Chapters 7-10
Weekly Work for March 31- April 6:
1. Novel: Read Chapters 11-16
2. Literature: Read Unit 10 pages 257-276 and answer study questions
For the Week of March 24:
Suggested At-Home Grading:
1. Unit 8 Literature Study Questions pages 206-247
2. Novel Questions: Chapters 1-6 (worksheet packet that was sent home before break)
Weekly Work for the March 24-30:
1. Novel: Read Chapters 7-10
2. Literature: Read Unit 9, pages 248-256
Optional Resources for the Novel:
***Free Literature Circle Questions/Extension Activities
***Here is a great resource (Literature Kit – The Westing Game) to provide some guidance, lessons, worksheets, etc for your studies if interested. Not a necessity but if you feel like you need more. It is not free.
***Free resource to Character Chart Activity:
***Free preview to use for Sunset Tower model and key; setting worksheet and key. (The rest is just a preview and must be purchased to use.
March 10, 2020
Collected: Newspaper Article
Returned: Reading Log
In Class: Writing Assignment: Letter to a Newspaper Editor, Read Literature Book page 206  ” To Be A Pilgrim “
Students took Novel Exam for Call of The Wild.
For Next Week: Follow Agenda. Enjoy your Spring Break,
*Optional Extra Credit Assignment: Write a Poem about your personal Christian Journey/ Faith.
March 3, 2020:
Collected: Unit 7 Study Questions & Call of the Wild Reading Logs
Returned: Several Assignments
In Class: Discussed Final Chapters of Novel, Reviewed for next weeks test, discussed essay, did a worksheet in relation to the novel.
For Next Week: Be ready for Call of The Wild Exam, Newspaper Article assignment is due, Follow Agenda.
February 25, 2020:
Collected: Wanted “Buck” Posters
Returned: Literature Study Questions
In Class:Students wrote a personal writing letter/ journal entry as if they were Character John Thornton who was telling us about his new dog named Buck.
We did a novel Characterization Worksheet in class. Students also presented their Wanted Posters to the class.
For Next Week: Follow Agenda. Call of the Wild Reading Log is due. Note: Novel Test will be March 10th!
February 18,2020:
Collected: Unit 5 Study Questions
Returned: The Hiding Place Novel Test
In Class: Discussed novel The Call of The Wild Chapters 1-3. Did a Free Writing Exercise related to Novel.
Read page 135 from our Literature Books The Long Winter. 
For Next Week: Follow Agenda. Note: Poster Board  “Wanted” Project is Due! It’s Faith Team Jersey Day 2/25!
February 11,2020:
Collected: Test Review Sheet {For Novel Test Credit}
Returned: Literature Poem Analysis & Graded Writing Portfolio
In Class: Took Novel Test: The Hiding Place
Received 2 Worksheets to begin our New Novel The Call Of The Wild: Authors Notes & Reading Log
For Next Week: Follow Agenda
Note: Project Details that will be due 2/25!
February 4,2020:
Collected: Literature Study Questions Unit 3 & Novel Test Essay’s “Where is your Hiding Place?”
Returned: Todays Literature Study Questions
In Class: Looked at Literature Books page 86 The Forgotten Hero and acted it out.
Wrote a short journal entry on: How to Be a Good American Patriot.
Students received Study Guides for next weeks novel test. Complete this study guide at home and bring it with you {completed} next week. This has a 10 point value on our tests.
For Next Week: Follow Agenda, & Be ready for our Novel Tests!
January 28,2020:
Collected: Literature Study Questions Unit 2 & Writing Portfolios
Returned: Today’s Literature Study Questions
In Class: Discussed Novel Chapters 5-9 in detail. Referred to our Quote Worksheet assignment.
We looked at our novel character “Father” and wrote his obituary in our writing journals.
Looked at Literature Book page 60. We wrote a few of the hardships that the Pilgrims faced {extra credit}.
Received a Chapter Summary worksheet for Ch.10-12. Complete this at home for weekly work.
For Next Week: Writing Assignment Essay: “Where is your own personal “Hiding Place”?
Refer back to novel for comparisons. In detail tell me where your personal hiding place is and why?
{approx. 3 paragraphs}. This essay will be part of your novel test grade.
Note: Novel Exam is February 11th! We will review next class.
January 21,2020: 
Collected: Writing: Wisdom Essay
Returned: Today’s Novel Character Quiz & Writing: Conclusion {Essay}
In Class: Students took a novel Character Quiz. Received information and instructions for next weeks Writing Portfolio.
Read aloud poetry from our Literature Book pages 32 & 39. Wrote our own short poem.
Novel: The Hiding Place: With a partner students took notes/worksheet on Chapters 5-9 “Quotes”. {Please finish this if needed at home for weekly work! }
For Next Week: Follow Agenda. Writing Portfolio will be due {3 pronged folder}.
January 14, 2020:
Collected: Writing: Essay Conclusions & Literature Study Questions Unit 1
Returned: Today’s Study Questions.
In Class: Student’s Created a Character Web from our Novel. Discussed novel chapters 3 & 4 and looked for Foreshadowing.
For Next Week: Follow Agenda. Due: Writing: Wisdom Essay (see page 14 from novel study guides.}
January 7, 2020: 
Collected: N/A
Returned: Writing Body Paragraphs.
In Class: Students received new Agendas. Discussed Instructions for Essay Conclusions.
Discussed Chapter 1 & 2 of Novel The Hiding Place.
For Next Week: Writing: Body Conclusions will be due. Follow Agenda.
First Day Assignment for January 7:
-Read Chapters 1 and 2 in The Hiding Place
-Read pages 2-25 in your Of People Literature book
-Do not answer any questions or do any writing yet in literature or Progeny Press Guide.

LA7 2020 Spring Semester Agenda –  This is the basic outline for your spring 2020 semester in LA7. This will allow you to be organized and prepared each week and give you a plan for your work at home.

LA7 Supply List 19-20 – students must come prepared for class the first day with all necessary materials. They will receive a supply grade on the first day of school.

Language Arts Courses policy – please read and familiarize yourself with our class policies before the year begins.

Secondary Class Schedule 19-20 – times and days that each class meets.

 If you have any questions, you can email the instructor at Please allow 24 hours for a response.