Amy Vaughan

 Welcome to Language Arts 8 at Faith Home School Tutorial!

Welcome to Language Arts 8 at FAITH tutorial! I am so pleased that you have decided to share your student with me. Language Arts is a multi-faceted course that is both challenging and exciting. We will cover four main topics including: GRAMMAR, LITERATURE, WRITING, and VOCABULARY. If you would like to find out more about me, read this link: About Mrs. Amy Vaughan.

Important Dates:

May 15 – Last Day, Final Exam (Novel Test) & Class Party !

May 16 School Day for Faith Tutorial at the Jackson Generals Ballpark (game 12pm)

Register soon in the Faith office!

May 26 Final Progress Reports will be emailed to parents no later then May 26th

{ Please have any uestions regarding progress reports submitted as soon as possible after receiving }

5/15: Thank you for blessing us with your children this year at Faith Tutorial! Mrs. Jill and I wanted to say thank you for sharing your sweet children with us. We really appreciated the teacher gifts and kind words we received today from your children.
   We had a wonderful last day in Language Arts. The students took their final exams and they have already been graded and returned. The students celebrated the end of the year with a fun party and some delicious food. Thank you to all of those who helped make it a great celebration! Progress Reports will be emailed as soon as possible to parents. For those of you who will with us next year, please be looking for some additional information regarding class requirements and supplies later this summer. We wish you all a safe and wonderful summer vacation!
                                 Mrs. Amy & Mrs Jill 
5/8: This morning the students received their graded Character Analysis project. In class we worked on a “With Character” assignment and it was turned in for a grade. We spent the majority of the morning working on our final exam study guides that the students received today. This worksheet is all you will need to be fully prepared for the final exam. Please finish this study guide at home and bring it with you to our last class next week. The completed study guide is worth 10 test points so t is important that you have it completed.
     It has been a wonderful 8th grade year! We will be celebrating with a small clas party after we finish the final exam. Please note below what your child has committed to bring. Lets make it a great last day!
Sweets: Aaron- Skittles    Ella C: Oreo Pie    Jonathan: Doughnuts    Gregory: Cookie     Mrs. Jill: Cupcakes
Drinks:  Daniel, Jack, Eden, Lanna Kate       Silverware & Cups:  Sarah G.
Chips:   Ella D. & Joy     Breakfast Casserole: Mrs. Amy
5/1: This morning we collected the packet of Study Questions for The Westing Game. They were checked for a completion grade and have already been returned. The Re-do Essay assignment was also collected for a grade.
The students also received their graded Character Poster assignment. We spent our class discussion finishing up our novel and reviewing the story and characters. I hope you enjoyed this book! 
  Next week we will begin preparing for our final exam. The students will receive a detailed study guide that we will work on in class. It will help fully prepare them for the final exam on May 15th. Start reviewing your information at home including studying for vocabulary, in order to do your very best!
Note: The Critics Corner Writing Assignment will NOT be due and has been omitted from the Agenda.
Please follow the Agenda as always for all other questions, classwork, and assignments. Have a great week! 
4/24: This morning we collected Study Questions Unit 9 for a completion grade and they have already been returned back to your child. The students graded Character Poster assignment will be returned as soon as possible.
     I am giving the students a second opportunity to re- do their Character Analysis assignment if they choose as part of their weekly work. 
     In class we did a writing workshop to reinforce the proper format on how to write an essay. I hope this will assist them as they consider giving the assignment a second chance. I look forward to seeing their best work. 
    During our class discussion, {page 238} we read and discussed the story from our Literature Books,              “Terror of the Deep“, by Henry Lanier. 
Note: For next week, I will not be collecting Literature Study Questions for a completion grade. Instead we will collect the Novel Study Questions. Please be prepared ! Follow the Agenda as always for all other questions, classwork, and assignments. Have a wonderful  week! 
4/17/18: We collected Study Questions Unit 8 this morning in class for a completion grade and they have already been returned. They also turned in their Character Analysis writing assignment which will be graded and returned back soon. During our class discussion we looked at our Literature Book {page 183} and read aloud “The Secret of Coon Castle” by: Paul Annixter. 
     At the end of class the students broke into pairs and worked together on a novel Character Poster. They choose a character and made a creative poster naming various characteristics and information. The poster was collected for a grade.
      For next week, please follow the Agenda for all questions, classwork, and assignments.
  * Reminder: The Book Review Assignment is due May 8th! Have a great week! 
4/11/18: The students took a character quiz for The Westing Game Novel. The quiz has already been graded and returned.
    As a class we looked at page 140 from our Literature Books {Travel: Robert Lewis Stevenson}.
After reading this poem, I asked the students to write their own piece of poetry mimicking Stevensons style of writing.
     I am hoping to see similar rhythm couplets and word use, as they use the 5 senses to describe a location. They were to pick a place that they have perhaps traveled to? Or a location that they would like to visit in the near future.
I am also looking for a good use of adjectives and figurative language in their poems.
*For next weekOn your Agenda, you have been asked to write a Character Sketch. You do not have to limit it to the 2 options the Agenda gives. You may now choose any character from the Novel. The assignment should be at least 3 paragraph’s and include a title. Your writing should be geared toward a reader who is unfamiliar with the character you are describing. I have provided the class with a worksheet to use as a guideline for this assignment!Please follow the Agenda for all questions, classwork, and assignments. Have a great week!
4/3/18: Unit 7 Study Questions were returned this morning after being checked for completion. We spent the majority of our class time discussing the various characters from our novel in detail. The students turned in their character worksheet from novel chapters 1-16 for a grade. We finished the class with a challenging puzzle related to the Westing Game. For this week, please follow the Agenda for all questions, classwork, and assignments. Have a great week! 
3/27/20: The progress reports were emailed to parents this morning during class time. Please let us know if you have any questions. Students turned in Study Questions/Unit 7 for a grade. During our class discussion, we went over a character chart in detail for our novel, The Westing Game.
Note: I passed out a packet from our novel in relation to the next few chapters. Please complete this packet at home this week for additional weekly work. No tests or quizzes for next week! Please follow the Agenda for any other questions. 
3/20: Welcome Back! We hope everyone had a wonderful Spring Break spent with family and friends!
The Call of the Wild novel tests have been graded and returned back to your child. Unit 6 Study Questions were collected this morning and have also already been returned. In our class discussion, students discussed chapters 1-6 from our new novel, The Westing Game. The study packet for this novel has also been passed out to your child.
During class time, we tested our creative writing skills and wrote a Limerick Poem that we proudly shared with our friends. 
For next week, please follow the Agenda for all questions, classwork, and assignments.
Note: No tests or quizzes to prepare for next week! 
3/6: Students completed their novel test today during class over The Call of the Wild. These will be graded and returned after the break. They were also given the complete study packet with questions for the new novel, The Westing Game. Follow the agenda for the weekly work. Enjoy your spring break – have a safe and fun time! I will see you again on Tuesday, March 20.
2/27: The students turned in their Missing poster for a grade as well as their Tall Tales. In class we worked on writing our own version of a possible new ending to our novels. We shared our creative new endings in class!            For next week please be ready to take the novel test, The Call of the Wild. We reviewed for the test in class as well as the possible test essay options. I know they will do great! After next weeks test, we will immediately be starting our new novel, “The Westing Game”. It is important that you bring your copy of the book with you to class. The students will be given the opportunity to begin their new study packets and work on some other weekly work for the new novel. Please follow the Agenda for all other questions, classwork, and assignments.
Reminder: The Newspaper Article writing assignment will be due next week as stated.
2/20:  The students turned in the Unit 4/ part 2 Study Questions for a weekly grade. We discussed Chapters 1-5 from our novels in class. We also looked at a worksheet on “Characteristics” and applied it to the Tall Tale of Paul Bunyon.  Note: For this week, I would like the students to research another Tall Tale story of their choice. Please use the new story and apply it to your Character worksheet. We will be collecting this assignment next week. Note: Students will also be creating a “Missing ” poster this week at home. We also began this assignment in class.  It will be a “Missing”  poster for  the character “Buck” from our novel, The Call of the Wild. The poster should include a picture, description, name of contact, contact info, and a reward. Please be creative!
Follow your Agenda for all other questions, classwork, and assignments. Have a great week!
2/13: This morning students turned in Unit 4 Study Questions for a grade. The Study Questions  have already been graded and returned. Your novel test { The Hiding Place} from last week was also returned to your child. All progress reports have been this time.  Please let us know if you have any questions. We kindly ask that you keep record of this report for your future recording purposes.
   We worked on a freestyle writing journal worksheet in class and began our new novel, The Call of the Wild. Study packets for novel chapters 4 & 5 were passed out to students to work on at home. During our class discussion, we read aloud Old Sly Eye {pg. 86} from our Literature Books. For this week, please follow your Agenda for all questions, classwork, and assignments. Agenda Changes: No poster due this week! We will work on in class.
      * Thanks to everyone who brought such wonderful treats this morning. We really enjoyed sharing the  food during at our class Valentines Party! 
2/6: Students turned in Unit 3 Literature Study Questions and the student prayer today for a weekly work grade. They also submitted their novel study guide  which was worth 15 points on their novel test over The Hiding Place. Students then took their first novel test during class after we reviewed together as a class. These tests will be graded and returned next week. After completion, they had an opportunity to watch part of the movie based on the novel. Progress reports will be emailed within the next week after all tests have been graded and recorded. 
Weekly work: Follow agenda for literature and novel assignments. Make sure to bring your new novel The Call of the Wild next week to class. 
We will have our class Valentine’s party next week. Students signed up for the following:
Rotel – Ella C.
Sweets – Gregory, Jonathan, Eden, Aaron, Ella D.
Drinks – Isaac, Maddie, Faith, Lanna Kate
Chips – Jack, Daniel, Joy
Plates/napkins – Jill
Silverware – Olivia
Cups – Rylan
1/30: We turned in our Literature Study Questions for Unit 3. They have already been graded and returned back to your child. The Writing Portfolios were also graded and returned. Please feel free to have students make any corrections and edit the grade for your own records.
     Next week will be our novel test over The Hiding Place. In preparation for next week’s test, the students were given a detailed review sheet today. They are to complete the review sheet at home and bring it to class next week. *Note:  This novel review sheet will be worth 15 points toward your exam! The novel test will be our last grade on this semester’s progress report. It will have to be graded before we can complete the Progress Report grades and email them to you. Therefore, we will have a short delay with our reports. We really appreciate you patience. 
     In class the students started an “Education Poem” . Please complete the poem at home and turn it in next week for a grade. As always please follow your Agenda for all other questions, classwork, and assignments.
 ** Note: We will be celebrating Valentines Day with a small in class party on February 13th. Be thinking about what you would like to contribute for our Valentines party.  Have a wonderful week!
1/23: We are all so happy to be back in a routine after enjoying the snow! Today we turned in our Writing Portfolios for a grade. I look forward to reading your best work. The students also turned in their Literature Unit 2 Study Questions. They have already been graded and returned. The Wisdom Essays have been graded and also returned back to your child. This morning they were given the last set of Novel Study Guide Packets for Chapters 13-15 to work on at home.  In class were worked on a novel Quotes worksheet as a group as well as discussed some highlights from Chapters 5-12.
    Please follow the Agenda as always for all of this week’s classwork, questions, and assignments. 
Note: We do have an Agenda Change.  Please do not worry about the Novel Essay  page 35 at this time. This assignments due date will be pushed back. Have a wonderful week! 
1/16: I missed seeing you this week in class but I hope you are having “snow” much fun! My family has enjoyed some extra free time and relaxation. I am currently on a trip to Washington DC with my husband (which also means I have limited access to all materials and a computer) so just wanted to take a moment to update you on how to proceed for class next week.
Weekly Work:  Just follow the agenda exactly for 1/23. Go ahead and complete the items that are due for next week. We will work on both week’s assignments in class as far as notes, worksheets, and activities to stay on track for the semester.  Don’t forget that I will collect writing portfolios when we return as well!

1/9/18: Its a great start to 2018!  The students turned in their “Wisdom Essays” this morning. They will be graded and returned back soon. The Literature Questions were also collected and have already been graded and returned. In class the students worked in small groups discussing various points from chapters 3 & 4 of  our novel, The Hiding Place.

For next week please follow the Agenda for all questions, classwork, and assignments. Remember the writing Portfolio is due!  Please note the detailed instructions we discussed for the full portfolio format. {see last weeks website notes}.

It has been brought to our attention that the students Conclusion essays have accidently been misplaced. We sincerely apologize for this error on our part. The essays were already graded, and the grades were shown on our last progress report. As far as the writing Portfolio, please simply omit the Conclusion essay from your final portfolio. Have a great week!

1/2/18: Welcome back! We had a great first day back and did our best to stay warm. The new Agendas were passed out to the students along with a new “homework pass”. Please follow the Agenda this week for all questions, classwork, and assignments.

We will be starting our novel, The Hiding Place. Study packets that the students will be focusing on weekly were passed out as well. We read and discussed Chapters 1 & 2 out loud in class this morning from the novel.

  • A writing Portfolio will be due on January 16th! We discussed the format thoroughly in class Note: It should be submitted in a 3 pronged folder. The format is as follows:
  1. Final Essay Draft
  2. Revised Outline
  3. Rough draft outline
  4. Rough draft conclusion
  5. Rough draft Body Paragraph
  6. Rough draft Introduction
  7. Typed, 12 in sz font, Times New Roman, 1 inch Margin 

Next week a one page essay on Wisdom is also due. Please see page 14 from your packets for all the details for this Writing assignment. Be sure to answer all 3 of the questions!

LA8 2018 Spring Semester Agenda – This is the basic outline for your spring 2018 semester in LA8. This will allow you to plan and be prepared each week and give you a plan for your work at home. As a class on the first day, we will discuss and practice how to prepare for each class in order to be successful in language arts which will include looking at this agenda. I will provide them with an example weekly schedule to aid in their success.

Language Arts 8 Supply List 2017-18 – students must come prepared for class the first day with all necessary materials.

Language Arts Courses policy – please read and familiarize yourself with our class policies before the year begins.

If you have any questions, you can email the instructor at Please allow 24 hours for a response.