Amy Vaughan

Welcome to Language Arts 8 at Faith Home School Tutorial!

Welcome to Language Arts 8 at FAITH tutorial! I am so pleased that you have decided to share your student with me. Language Arts is a multi-faceted course that is both challenging and exciting. We will cover four main topics including: GRAMMAR, LITERATURE, WRITING, and VOCABULARY. If you would like to find out more about me, read this link: About Mrs. Amy Vaughan.

Important Dates:

November 21 and 23 – Thanksgiving Break (no classes)

December 5 – Christmas Party with Dirty Santa Game ($10 max gift), Midterm

11/14: This week we collected the Essay Outlines and Grammar Ex. 10-5 for a grade. Students took their last vocabulary quiz which will be returned next week. The class finished notes over the 6 Traits of Good Writing, discussed how to write an introduction, and reviewed parts of chapter 12 over Pronoun Use. Weekly work: Complete grammar exercises for Chapter 12 (skip Chapter 11), complete your introduction worksheet, and STUDY for your grammar test over Chapter 10 and 12 (SV Agreement and Pronoun Use). Enjoy your Thanksgiving Break!!!! I am grateful for each of you.

****Special note from office: Each student needs to bring a ream of copy paper ASAP to restock our supplies please. Thanks! 

11/7: Last week’s graded tests were handed back to the students this morning in class. We also collected the Roots Up Vocabulary Sentences for a grade. Our class discussion was on Subject Verb Agreement. We also spent our discussion time preparing for next week’s writing assignment, My Favorite Holiday. The students are to write an outline with thesis about their favorite holiday and give at least 3 reasons why. Be ready for your last Vocabulary Quiz next week! Study hard and have a wonderful week.

Note: Be prepared for our upcoming Spring Semester and be sure to have all required books/class supplies. It is soon approaching!

10/31: Thanks so much for a fun fall party day! We enjoyed yummy food and treats; thanks for your contributions! Progress reports have been emailed to parents. Please check over these and let us know if you have any questions. If your student turned in make-up work today, then that is not reflected yet on this report. During class today, we finished Vocabulary Quiz Roots 71-88 and Grammar Test: Clauses and Verbals.  These will take a little longer to return since we have progress reports to mail home for all classes first. Thanks for your patience.

Weekly work: No grammar exercises this week since we took our test today. For next week, complete your last set of vocabulary words. Be prepared to turn in all vocabulary sentences for Roots 1-100 for a completion grade (you can use your homework pass for one week of sentences – not all 100). In writing, you need to complete pages 61-66. For your essay: Decide on essay topic: What is your favorite holiday and why? Need to choose holiday and your three reasons. Have them written down before you come to class next week.

10/24: The students turned in their Photo Captions assignment this morning for a grade. They will be graded and returned back soon. Grammar Exercise 8.7 was also turned in and has already been returned back to your child. Our class discussion this morning was on Chapter 9: Verbals. We played a fun game of Kaboom to review sentence types before nest week’s test.

Next week will be a very busy week in Language Arts 8! We will take another Vocabulary Quiz on Roots 71-88. The students will also have a Grammar Test on Chapters 8 & 9. Please be prepared! No writing assignments will be due next week. Please use your time wisely to prepare for these upcoming tests.

We will also be wearing the color orange in our next class on October 31. We will celebrate with a fall party in class. Please refer below to  the class signup sheet/food allergy restrictions.  We encourage everyone to participate so that we call all enjoy a wonderful celebration. Your Progress Reports will be sent next class via email. Please let us know if you have any questions

Party: No Nuts Please!

Sweets: Grayce, Johnathan, Raven, 

Drinks: Maddie , Ella D. 

Dips: Rylan

Appetizers: Daniel C., Mrs. Amy

Plates: Sarah        Napkins: Addyson    Cups:  Eden 

Chips: Jack, Aaron, Isaac, Joy, Hannah 

10/17: Welcome back! We hope everyone enjoyed their Fall Break! This morning we took Vocabulary Quiz 53-70. It will be graded and returned to you soon. The students got their Preposition Poems back this morning. This morning our class discussion and notes focused on Chapter 8 Phrases and Clauses. We played a fun game as a group to reinforce this skill. For next week, be sure to complete the writing assignment found on page 204 Photo Captions. This assignment will require 5 photos on 5 different sheets. Each photo and page should have its own captionBe sure to be descriptive and use different types of sentences when writing your photo caption.  Be creative! We will have no tests or quizzes next week.  Please follow the Agenda for all other questions and assignments.

10/10: We had a busy rainy morning but managed to stay dry! For our Bell Ringer, we worked on Grammar page 436 and 437 which served as our review for the grammar test.  The students received their graded writing assignment ‘Reporting a Story’.  They also received their graded Grammar Exercise 6.7.  The students took their grammar test this morning on verbs, adjectives, prepositions, conjunctions and interjections.  After the test, the students worked in pairs editing each other’s Preposition Poems.

There are no grammar exercises for this week.  We are also omitting the writing assignment for the week.  We hope you can enjoy your fall break.  Weekly work: **Study for next week’s Vocabulary Quiz!

10/3: This morning we collected Grammar Exercises 6:7 for a grade. They will be returned back next week. We took our Vocabulary Quiz Roots: #37-52. The tests have already been graded and given back to your child. Our class notes and discussion this morning focused on Chapter 7. The students also started a Preposition Poem in class. I ask that they please finish this poem at home. Next week we will have a Grammar Test on Chapters 3,5,6,&7. Study Hard! 

Note :No writing assignments are due this week. Please follow the Agenda as always for all questions, classwork, and assignments.

9/26: This morning we collected the student’s writing assignment, Reporting a Story. It will be graded and returned back soon. We also collected Grammar Exercise 5-18, which has already been returned back to your child. Last week’s graded Vocabulary Quiz was also given back. Our lengthy class discussion this morning focused on Chapter 6: Adjectives & Adverbs. Please be prepared for next week’s Vocabulary Quiz Roots 37-52. We do have a small change to this week’s agenda. The Writing Assignment found on page 153, Character Profile, will not be due until a later date. Please follow the genda for all other questions, classwork, and assignments

9/19: All parents should have received their child’s first Progress Report via email. Please let us know if you have any questions. We took another Vocabulary Quiz Roots:15-36 in class this morning. They will be graded and returned back to your child next week. Grammar Exercise 3.7 was collected this morning for a grade, and will also be returned back soon. This morning’s class discussion and notes focused on all types of Adjectives.

Next week we have no scheduled tests or quizzes, but don’t forget about your Writing Assignment! Additional information on this writing assignment Reporting a Story can be found in your Grammar books on page 111. Please follow your Agenda for all other questions, classwork, and assignments.

9/13: We stayed very busy on this cool, rainy morning. The students turned in their Autobiography assignments for a grade. They will be returned back as soon as possible. Last week’s Grammar Test was given back to your child this morning. Today’s lengthy class discussion and PPT notes focused on Verbs – Chapter 3. They enjoyed playing a fun game in small groups to reinforce the topic. Follow your Agenda this week for all questions, classwork, and assignments. Remember as you work on your Grammar Exercises, several have been omitted! Please study hard for the upcoming Vocabulary Quiz. Have a wonderful week

9/5: We hope everyone enjoyed their long Labor Day weekend with family and friends. The Time Line Assignment was collected for a grade. It will be given back as soon as possible. Grammar Exercise 4.5 was also collected. It has already been graded and returned  back to your child. We took our first Grammar Test in class this morning. Graded tests will be given back next week. The students also worked in pairs in class on an Vocabulary activity that reviewed their next set of words.

Next week’s writing assignment, Autobiography is due next class.  { page 73 Grammar book} Try your best to keep this assignment under 3 long paragraphs. Follow your Agenda for all classwork, questions, and assignments.

8/29: The students took their first Vocabulary Quiz 1-14. They will be returned next week. Grammar exercise 2.11 was collected for a grade and has already been returned back to your child. The Childhood Treasure writing assignment was also returned back to your child this morning.

In today’s class discussion, we covered Chapters 2 & 4/ Nouns & Pronouns. Next week we will have a Grammar test on Chapters 1, 2, &4. {Sentences, Nouns, and Pronouns}. Please Study Hard!  The “Timeline” writing assignment will also be due next week. Full details about this assignment are located on page 37 of your Grammar books. A minimum of 10 events must be listed on your timeline. Please follow the Agenda for all other classwork, questions, and assignments.

8/22: We had a very busy and productive morning. The students turned in their Grammar Exercise 1-2. They have already been graded and returned back to your child. They also turned in their Childhood Treasure assignment. We will have them graded and returned back to you as soon as possible. In our class discussion, we discussed sentences from our Grammar book. {Chapter 1}  Next week we will cover Chapters 2 & 4 in class.

Your Agenda does have one change for this week. The Movie Timeline assignment has been moved back. It will not be due until September 5th. Please follow the Agenda for all other questions, classwork , and assignments.

Study hard for your first Vocabulary Quiz 1&2 next week!

8/15: Welcome Back! It was a wonderful first day of school at Faith Tutorial! We loved seeing our old friends and  meeting some new ones. We spent the morning closely going over our class procedures, syllabus, and agenda. Each stuvery dent should now have a clear idea of how our class will operate and my expectations. We did a curriculum check which was recorded as their first grade in our gradebook. For those who were still missing supplies, please bring  them next week. All students received a copy of our class agenda. Please refer to the class agenda this week for all weekly work and assignments which we went over how to complete in class. It is going to be a great school year!

LA8 Fall Semester Agenda 2017 – This is the basic outline for your fall 2017 semester in LA8. This will allow you to plan and be prepared each week and give you a plan for your work at home. As a class on the first day, we will discuss and practice how to prepare for each class in order to be successful in language arts which will include looking at this agenda. I will provide them with an example weekly schedule to aid in their success.

Language Arts 8 Supply List 2017-18 – students must come prepared for class the first day with all necessary materials.

Language Arts Courses policy – please read and familiarize yourself with our class policies before the year begins.

If you have any questions, you can email the instructor at Please allow 24 hours for a response.