Amy Vaughan

Welcome to Language Arts 8 at Faith Home School Tutorial!

Welcome to Language Arts 8 at FAITH tutorial! I am so pleased that you have decided to share your student with me. Language Arts is a multi-faceted course that is both challenging and exciting. We will cover four main topics including: GRAMMAR, LITERATURE, WRITING, and VOCABULARY. If you would like to find out more about me, read this link: About Mrs. Amy Vaughan. To find out more about our new addition, please read here: LA Assistant Bio.

Important Dates/Announcements:

April 15–Baseball Jersey Day!

*Progress Reports have been emailed to all parents*

April 20/22: Registration for next year for current students. Check the Registration tab for more details.

-Character Sketch (Bear)
-Animal Poem

-Nothing today!

In Class:
-Bell Ringer (10 Things I Like about Myself/10 Things I’d Like to Change); Novel perspective: What would Crispin say?
-Literature: Discussion (p. 265)
-Novel: Discussion/Chapter review
-Novel:  Event Sort/Timeline (in-class activity to help students prepare for Novel test)
-Novel/Writing Assignment: Essay on Courage (Mrs. Amy gave detailed notes about content, format, etc.); due April 27

Weekly Work:
-No Agenda changes

*We didn’t collect Literature questions today; but, parents are welcome to grade and record the assignment for their student, if they choose!*

-Literature study questions (pp. 237-258)

-Friendship Poem
-Feudalism Presentation grades

In Class:
-Bell Ringer: Crispin quote about trust, journal reflection
-Enjoying the spring weather outdoors, we finished our Reader’s Theatre production of “The Million Pound Bank Note”.  Unit 8 Literature discussion (Where The Animals Are)
-Novel Activity:  Students participated in an activity that demonstrated the spread of the Black Plague–they also learned a bit of geography!

Weekly Work–Agenda Changes:
-No Lord’s Prayer writing this week!

-Literature: write a humorous poem about your favorite animal. Use one literary element: alliteration, consonance, or couplets.

-Novel: Students received a piece of cardstock to do a Character Sketch of Bear to include the following categories: a) Physical Description/Dress, b) Drawing, c) Careers/Training/Profession, d) Family, e) Beliefs, f) Connection to Crispin, g) Quotes, and h) Talents/skills. Be thorough in your research and diligent in your effort!

-Friendship Poem

-Unit 7 Literature questions
-Novel test (Fern)

In Class:
-BellRinger: (Novel vocab)
-Feudal System presentations and notes over class systems
-Novel:  Review of chapters 1-15 (Crispin)
-Literature:  Discussion of p. 211 excerpt
-Weekly Work (no changes!)

*We didn’t collect Literature questions today; but, parents are welcome to grade and record the assignment for their student, if they choose!*


-Plot Map
-Literature Questions

-Author Letter
-Plot Map

In Class:
-Novel Test (“Where The Red Fern Grows”)
-Literature:  Discussion of “Revelation” (Robert Frost)
-Novel Discussion (Crispin):  Notes over Feudalism and accompanying handout
Weekly Work:  Agenda Changes

Weekly Work–Agenda Changes:
-Literature:  Inspired by Frost’s “Revelation”, students should write a poem about friendship.  Due 3/30.
-Novel assignment:  Using the handout and assigned “social class”, do some independent research about that “class”, and bring a prop to next week’s Tutorial class meeting  that represents your “social class”.  Look for who are they, what did they, how did they become a part of that class, what did they wear, etc. You can record this on your pyramid or on a notecard for your presentation. Due 3/30.

-Author Letter

Gift of Age Interview
– Unit 5 Literature Study Questions
-Personification Poem

In Class:
-All class activities revolved around helping our students review for their novel test (3/23)
– Bell Ringer:  Fern Crossword Puzzle, Class “Fern-themed” Jeopardy game which included such topics as Characters, Plot, etc. , Story Map handout
-Weekly Work:  Agenda Change
Have a wonderful Spring Break!

Weekly Work:
Story Map/Plot Review handout, due 3/23

-Personification Poem
-Unit 6 Literature Study Questions

-Attribute Web
-Unit 4 Literature Study Questions

In Class:
-Bell Ringer (“Fern”–discussion of Billy’s experiences in town, and what it would be like if he came to modern-day Madison County)
-Novel: “Fern” discussion of chapters 10-18
-Novel:  Letter to Author assignment (handout provided in class)
-Literature: discussion of “Cannibal” poem, journal prompt over an obstacle that you have overcome

Weekly Work:
-No Agenda Changes

-Unit 4 Literature Study Questions, pg. 100-118
-Wksht: Novel Character Attribute Web
-Interview Questions and Answers
-Unit 5 Literature Study Questions, pg. 119-139

– Literature Study Questions (pp. 82-99)

In Class:
-BellRinger (“Fern” Vocabulary Review)
-Novel:  Discussion/Review, Chapters 1-10, “Fern”
-Novel:  Pop Quiz over chapters reviewed
-Literature:  Personification in Poetry, write your own Personification Poem (see handout)
Weekly Work:  Agenda Change

Weekly Work–Agenda Change:
-There will be no “Prayer of Thanks” due 3/2
-Personification Poem due 3/2

*To Be Collected on 2/23:
•Unit 4 Literature Study Questions, pg. 100-118
•Wksht: Novel Character Attribute Web
•Interview Questions and Answers (at least 20 total) (see weekly work below)
•Unit 5 Literature Study Questions, pg. 119-139

*Weekly Work:
-Literature: Unit 5 pages 119-139
-Novel: Read Chapters 10-13 and complete study questions
-Interview: A Gift of Age
Write at least 20 thoughtful, engaging questions to ask a person who is at least 50 years old (grandparent, neighbor, church member, etc). Record their answers. The attachment above has some ideas to get you started but are not required to use. This should not just be basic, boring facts but should be fun and interesting as well. Your answers should be detailed and might require a follow up question to get plenty of information. Make sure you tell me who you are interviewing and his/her connection to you.

-Literature Unit, Study Questions

-WPB Character Book
-WBP Novel Test

*In Class:
-Bell Ringer: Where The Red Fern Grows {Fern}; Two-year goal
-Novel:  Discussion of chapters 1-6 (Fern); note-taking exercise on Author Bio
-Novel:  Value of pets survey and discussion
-Literature: Up from Slavery (Booker T. Washington) discussion and worksheet on Washington’s transitional journey
Weekly Work:  Agenda Change

*Weekly Work:
Fern Attribute Web (handout and explanation given in class), due 2/16
-No Interview assignment due 2/16

-WBP Character Book

-Writing Portfolio
-Literature Study questions, pp. 47-61

*In Class:
-Literature Discussion: James Weldon Johnson’s The Creation; compared and contrasted Johnson’s poem with Genesis creation narrative
-WBP Novel Test

*Weekly Work:
*Make sure you have purchased our next novel (Where The Red Fern Grows) and its Progeny Press companion Study Guide*

-First Impressions essay
-Literature Unit Study questions, pp. 19-31, and 32-46

-Friendship Letter
-Literature Unit Study Questions, pp. 47-61

*In Class:
-BellRinger (WBP)
-In class discussion of end of novel, preparation for novel test on 2/2; Novel test will include matching, vocabulary, short answer, and *essay. *Essay topic provided–essay will be written in class, during test*
-In class discussion Literature excerpt “A Pilot’s Need”; in-class writing prompt (topic: Life Lesson learned)
-Weekly Work *Agenda Change* (with novel test prep assignment–Character Book)

*Weekly Work:
-No essay on Hypocrisy
**WBP Character Book assignment; As a novel test study help, students were given a WBP Character “book” to complete.  Mrs. Amy provided the “book” template, explained the requirements, and showed students how to put the “book” together.  The “book” will be graded for content and presentation.  Due 2/2**

-Writing Portfolio
-Literature Unit Study Questions (pp. 32-46)
-Comparison Poem

In Class:
-BellRinger: Witch of Blackbird Pond (WBP)exercise
WBP discussion and finished discussion of last week’s novel questions
-Compare and contrast “city life” versus “country life” (in-class writing)

Weekly Work—Agenda Change:
No “Coming Attractions” Movie Poster due
WBP Friendship Letter, due 1/26


-Literature Unit Study Questions
-Rough draft of essay

-Literature Think It Throughs pg. 19-31
-First Impression Essays

*In Class:
-Enjoyed a lively discussion and “debate” about some statements related to topics and issues that will arise in our novel. I am proud of how the students thought, shared, and listened to one another.
-Discussed poem pg. 19 (rhyme scheme)
-Reviewed ch.4-9 in novel
-Discussed writing portfolio and handed out grading rubrics (need a 3 prong folder with pockets; due next week)

*Weekly Work:
-Writing portfolios due next week
-Letter writing assignment listed on agenda will be done IN CLASS next week. Students were told this in class.
Addition: write a comparison poem, comparing life to something (music, book, game, flower, etc.). Needs to be 2 stanzas at least and try to use a rhyme scheme.


-Vocab Sentences (with comments)

-Literature Think It Throughs (pp. 2,3,10, 18)

*In Class:
-Reviewed Agenda
-Reviewed Weekly Work (*Writing Portfolio, due 1/19,)
-Using a dictionary, completed and discussed pp. 9-15 (Witch of Blackbird Pond {WBP} Study Guide);
-Discussed opening chapter of WBP, focusing on plot and characters;
-Discussed “First Impressions” novel essay, due 1/12

*No Agenda Changes*

Students completed their grammar semester midterms (have been graded and returned to students on Thursday) and enjoyed a fun Christmas party with food and gifts.

Thanks for a great semester! Have a Merry Christmas and wonderful holiday break.

-Grammar Exercise 16-16
-Essay First Draft
-Vocabulary Sentences Lessons 1-16

-Grammar Ex. 16-16, 9-17
-Journal 2020 Writing
-VQ 15/16

*In Class:
-Took VQ 15/16
-Completed punctuation word search and crossword puzzle
-Discussed midterm modifications which will be open notebook (organize in-summaries, notes, past tests) and grammar book
-Read aloud the short Christmas story: “The Gift of the Magi”
-Watched a short film of the story
Weekly Work:  Organize materials for midterm and study because it will be timed. Bring food items and gifts for our Christmas party! See previous email for specific details.

****Special note: Mrs. Tracie is quarantined from exposure for the remainder of the semester so please be patient with email responses, returned grades, makeup work, midterms, and progress reports. We need lots of grace! 🙂

-Grammar Exercise 9.17
-BellRinger:  Journal Reflection (Topic: Explain 2020 to a future generation)

-11/17 Grammar Test
-11/17 Vocab Quiz
-Body Paragraphs w/comments

*In Class:
-Discussed mid-term preparation (review old Grammar tests and In Summaries, for starters!)
-Discussed journal reflection topic as a class
-Notes over Conclusion paragraphs
-Notes over Punctuation (in-class worksheet/handout)
Weekly Work:  Agenda Change

*Weekly Work:
Agenda Change:  Submit 5-paragraph essay draft (MUST include Introduction, Body Paragraphs, and Conclusion) due 12/8
*Essay draft must be:  Typed, Double-spaced, Times New Roman (12 pt font), 1″ margin.  Student name, date, and class should also be typed on draft.*
Agenda Change:  No Writing Portfolio due this semester (new date will be announced)
-Reminder:  Vocabulary Sentences Due, 12/8
-Students should bring their old Grammar tests to class next week, as those will be helpful in completing their Mid-Term Study Guide (provided by Mrs. Amy)

LA8 2021 Spring Semester Agenda – This is the basic outline for your spring semester in LA8. This will allow you to plan and be prepared each week and give you a plan for your work at home. Copies will be handed out to students.
Academic Calendar 20-21 – days and times for secondary classes.
Supply List LA8 – students must come prepared for class the first day with all necessary materials.They will receive a supply grade on the first day of school.

Language Arts Course Policy – please read and familiarize yourself with our class policies before the year begins.

Secondary Class Schedule 20-21 – times and days that each class meets.

If you have any questions, you can email the instructor at Please allow 24 hours for a response.