Amy Vaughan

Welcome to Language Arts 9 Honors Option at FAITH!

Welcome to Language Arts 9 Honors Option at FAITH tutorial! I am so pleased that you have decided to share your student with me. Language Arts is a multi-faceted course that is both challenging and exciting. We will cover four main topics including: GRAMMAR, LITERATURE, WRITING, and VOCABULARY. If you would like to find out more about me, read this link: About Mrs. Amy Vaughan.

Important Dates:


2/15: Students turned in Unit 7 Literature Study Questions which have been graded and returned. Students also spent some time writing in their journals about a novel prompt. Students took their Vocabulary Quiz over lessons 5 and 6 which have also been graded and returned. In our literature book, we discussed the poem “Lochnivar”, focusing on the elements of rhythm, meter, rhyme, repetition, stanzas, and couplets. We concluded class by reviewing extensively for our major novel test next week over Wuthering Heights where they were given the essay choice options as well. Study hard this week to be prepared and be successful for this exam! Also, make sure to have our new novel for class next week, Great Expectations. Weekly work: Follow your agenda – no form poem due next week. 
2/8: This morning we collected Unit 6 Study Questions. They have already been graded and returned. The Study Packet for chapters 30-34 was also handed out this morning in class. These need to be completed this week for weekly work. The students took a quiz on our novel, Wuthering Heights during our morning class time. We focused extensively today on point of view and the multiple narrators in your novel. During our class discussion, we also went over the Chapters 14-24 of study questions of our novel. 
       It is time for the 4th Progress Report to be emailed out to parents! Due to the snow, we are about a week behind. We have several things to catch up on before the grades can be sent. Please know that Mrs. Jill and I are working hard to have them ready to send out  to you very soon. For next week,  please follow the Agenda as always for all questions, classwork, and assignments.
Be ready for next week’s Vocabulary Quiz 5& 6.
2/1: Today we collected Unit 5 Literature Study Questions for a weekly work grade. The students took a Vocabulary Quiz over Lessons 3 & 4. Both of these assignments will be graded and returned next week. Students worked on analyzing the poem The Road Not Taken. Students also were given the Study Questions for Chapters 25-29. They need to complete these for weekly work as well as read these chapters in Wuthering Heights. For literature, students need to complete Unit 6. There are no extra writing assignments or quizzes next week. Progress reports will be emailed home next week. 
1/25:  We are so happy to be back in class and into our routines. Today we turned in the Unit 4 Literature Study Questions for a grade. They have already been returned back to your child. The students also took a Vocabulary Quiz on lessons 1 & 2, which has also been returned.
      During class we looked at page 37 from our Literature Books, The Tell- Tale Heart. We did a worksheet {Scavenger Hunt}  related to this classic story. We also discussed our novel Wuthering Heights. The class is  moving right along with this novel. But for this week, please take the time to catch up on the novel Study Questions {chapters 14-24.} Do not go past chapter 24 at this point.     Please be sure to be caught up with your novel readings as well. { through Chapter 23}  Do not read past chapter 23 at this time.
-No essay due this week!
-Vocabulary Quiz over Lessons 3 and 4 this week!
As always please follow the Agenda for all other questions, classwork, and assignments. Have a wonderful week! 
1/18: I will miss seeing you this week in class but I hope you are having “snow” much fun! My family has enjoyed some extra free time and relaxation. However, I am currently on a trip to Washington DC with my husband (which also means I have limited access to all materials and a computer) so just wanted to take a moment to update you on how to proceed for class next week.
Weekly Work:
Just follow the agenda exactly for 1/25 (except for completing the novel SQ since you do not have). Go ahead and complete the items that are due for next week. We will work on both week’s assignments in class as far as notes, worksheets, and activities to stay on track for the semester. Don’t forget that you have your Vocab Quiz Lessons 1 and 2 when we return as well!
Union Writing Workshop Attendees: Please see me on Tuesday to collect your writing for editing and revising before I submit to the contest.

1/11/18: We collected the Literature Study Questions from Unit 2 for a grade. They have already been returned back to your child. In class we worked in pairs on a Character Chart from our novel, Wuthering Heights. We also looked at page 29 from our Literature Books in class. The students worked on a “timed writing” assignment in class from page 29.

For next week, please follow the Agenda for all questions, classwork, and assignments. Be ready for next weeks Vocabulary Quiz on Lesson 1 & 2! Be sure to bring all books and supplies with you next week and to every class! Note Agenda Change:Your study guide packets will be given to you in class next week. You will be allowed to work on them during class since you do not have them at this time.

1/4/18: Welcome Back! It will be a busy Spring semester and I am counting on each of you to be fully prepared ! The new Agendas were passed out in class this morning. Please follow your Agenda for all questions, classwork, and assignments  this week. The study guide packets were also passed out this morning. We will begin collecting  the Literature Study questions for a grade each week. Please be sure to have them labeled correctly, with the proper heading and page numbers of the questions clearly identified before class begins.

The class began our novel, Wuthering Heights during  class and we discussed chapters 1-6. I hope the students will enjoy this classic in the weeks to come.


LA9 2018 Spring Semester Agenda – This is the basic outline for your spring 2018 semester in LA9. This will allow you to plan and be prepared each week and give you a plan for your work at home. As a class on the first day, we will discuss and practice how to prepare for each class in order to be successful in language arts which will include looking at this agenda. I will provide them with an example weekly schedule to aid in their success.

Language Arts 9 Supply List 2017-18 – students must come prepared for class the first day with all necessary materials.

Language Arts Courses policy – please read and familiarize yourself with these policies before the first class.

If you have any questions, you can email the instructor at Please give 24 hours for a response.