Amy Vaughan

Welcome to Language Arts 9 Honors Option at FAITH!

Welcome to Language Arts 9 Honors Option at FAITH tutorial! I am so pleased that you have decided to share your student with me. Language Arts is a multi-faceted course that is both challenging and exciting. We will cover four main topics including: GRAMMAR, LITERATURE, WRITING, and VOCABULARY. If you would like to find out more about me, read this link: About Mrs. Amy Vaughan. To find out more about our new addition, please read here: LA Assistant Bio.

Important Dates & Announcements:

October 8–Fall Break

RIFA Outreach–“Cans for Credit”–through October 6 (see your e-mail for details)

Save The Date: October 23–FAITH Football and Fun Fest


*Honors Option Letter of Intent

In Class:
*Vocab Quiz (Chapters 5/6)
*Grammar Test (Chapter 4: Verbs)
*”Hamburger” Paragraph assignment
*Agenda changes
*RIFA Outreach–“Cans for Credit”

*Vocab Quiz (Chapters 5/6)

*No Grammar Exercises this week
*No Essay Topic/Outline due!
*”Hamburger” Graphic Organizer (Paragraphs) due 10/1


*Grammar Exercise 4.6
*SCOOT worksheet (Sentence Components)

*Compare/Contrast Paragraphs

*BellRinger–Verb Tense Paragraph Swap (masked and socially distanced peer review)
*For sentence components review, students played a game of SCOOT
*Notes over Chapter 5 (Adjectives & Adverbs)
*Honors Option info (Handouts, too!)

Weekly Work:
*No changes
*Study for Grammar Test (Chapter 4- Verbs) & Vocab Quiz (Chapters 5/6)



*Chapter 2-3 Take-home Grammar Test

*Bellringer Vocab activity
*Notes over Verbs
*Vocab Quiz 3/4
*Agenda change (see below)

*Persuasive paragraph
*Vocab Quiz 3/4
*Chapter 2-3 Take-home Grammar Test

Weekly Work:
*Do all Chapter 4 Grammar Exercises
*No Writing Assignment this week!


*Grammar Exercise 3.6
*Persuasive Writing paragraph

*Agenda and Weekly Work
*Writing Assignment (p. 110/Grammar book, Compare and Contrast)
*Finished notes on Pronouns

*Grammar Exercise 3.6

Weekly Work:
*Take Home Grammar Test (Chapters 2-3)–Honor System, please!
*No Grammar Exercises this week

*Essay Plan

*Finished Chapter 4 (Pronouns) – will finish next week!
*Grammar Test: Chapter 1
*VQ 1/2
* Parts of a Paragraph

*VQ 1/2

Weekly Work:
*Agenda Changes: No Grammar Test next week
*Write a paragraph: 5-9 sentences about topic of your choice

*Curriculum Check (for those who didn’t have it last week)
*Grammar Exercise 1.2 (Chapter 1, Exercise 2)

*Finished Chapter 1 (Sentences) & Chapter 2 (Nouns)
*Played a review game of sentence type trash-ket-ball
*Ch 1 Grammar Test prep
*Essay plan for “Why homeschooling is a valid educational choice”

*Five Words writing prompt
*Grammar Exercise 1.2

Weekly Work:
*Follow Agenda
*Study for Ch 1 Grammar test
*Draft essay plan for “Why homeschooling is a valid educational choice”



  • Signed Course Policy Sheet
  • Supplies/Curriculum Grades (if you didn’t have all of your curriculum today, please show it to Mrs. Tracie next week!)
  • “Five Words” paragraph prompt


  • Class policies and procedures
  • New COVID protocols
  • Semester agenda and weekly work
  • Took notes over Chapter 1 (Sentences), will finish next week

*Weekly Work:

  • Follow agenda (no changes)

Before Class on 8/13:

  1. Read Grammar Chapter 1
  2. Write all Grammar Ch. 1 In Summary sections and place in grammar section of notebook
  3. Bring books (grammar and vocabulary) to class for a grade
  4. Print course policy linked below. Sign and place in your notebook to turn in on the first day.
  5. Answer Writing prompt in paragraph form:
    -What five words describe you? Elaborate and give explanations and examples.

LA9 Fall Semester Agenda 2020 –  This is the basic outline for your fall 2020 semester in LA9. This will allow you to plan and be prepared each week and give you a plan for your work at home.

Academic Calendar 20-21 – the current calendar for the school year

Language Arts 9 20-21  – students must come prepared for class the first day with all necessary materials. They will receive a supply grade on the first day of school.

Language Arts Course Policy – please read and familiarize yourself with these policies before the first class.

Secondary Class Schedule 20-21 – times and days that each class meets.

If you have any questions, you can email the instructor at Please give 24 hours for a response.