Amy Vaughan

Welcome to Language Arts 10-12 Honors Option at FAITH!

Welcome to Language Arts 10-12 Honors Option at FAITH tutorial! I am so pleased that you have decided to share your student with me. Language Arts is a multi-faceted course that is both challenging and exciting. We will cover four main topics including: GRAMMAR, LITERATURE, WRITING, and VOCABULARY. If you would like to find out more about me, read this link: About Mrs. Amy Vaughan.

Important Dates:

September 19 – Jersey Day (wear your favorite team jersey or tshirt)

September 21 – Progress Report emailed

October 7 – Fall Football Fest from 4:30-8pm at Mrs. Ramona’s house

October 12 – Fall Break (no school)

Weekly Work:

9/14: We started our morning by writing a letter in our journals to a victim of the recent Hurricane Irma. We discussed Grammar Exercise 3.1/ page 58 in class but the exercise was not collected for a grade. The students did receive last weeks graded Vocabulary Quiz 3/4 as well as the revised Animal Essay Introductions. Note:The body paragraph of your Animal Essays will be due September 28th! This morning we also reviewed Grammar/ Chapters 3 & 4 before taking todays open note test on Phrases and Clauses. The Chapter 3/4 Phrases and Clauses test will be graded and returned back next week.

Be sure to study for next week’s Vocabulary Quiz 5/6! Your child’s first Progress Report will be sent to you next week via email. Please let us know if you have any questions.


9/7: The students who have chosen the Honors Option turned in their Author Biography this morning. All students took a Vocabulary Quiz this morning that will be graded and returned back next class. In our thorough class discussion , we discussed and took notes Phrases & Clauses. We broke into small groups and played a fun game to reinforce this skill. Chapters 3 & 4 will be on next week’s Grammar Test. The test will now be an “Open Note” test. Please be prepared to do your best! Follow the Agenda for all questions, classwork, and assignments.

8/31: We beat the rain and were able to have another great day! Honors contracts were collected from those who have chosen this option. The writing assignment, My favorite Book was collected this morning in class. They will be graded and returned back as soon as possible. The students took their first Grammar Test over chapters 1& 2 today as well. Tests will be returned to your child next week.  Be ready for next week’s Vocabulary Quiz: Lessons 3 & 4. Please study hard! Your writing assignment is due next week. You will only be responsible for the Introduction paragraph of the essay.

Topic Reminder: If you could be an animal for just one day, which animal would you choose and why?

Please follow the Agenda for all other classwork, questions, and assignments. Stay safe and dry!

8/ 24: The students took their first Vocabulary Quiz 1&2 today in class. These will be graded and returned back to them next week. Grammar assignment 1.10 was collected, graded, and returned back to your child. In our class discussion we discussed Chapter one “Parts of Speech” from our Grammar books. We enjoyed a group activity associated with this topic. Please finish the notes (write 5 sentences and label all parts of speech) at home this week from our class activity. We ran out of time to complete them in class.

Our first Grammar test on chapters 1& 2 will be next week. Study hard!

The writing assignment found on page 81 in your Grammar book will be due as well. Writing Assignment: write a literature response about your favorite book (this can be any from children’s literature to complete novels). Begin with a brief synopsis of your book, give specific details and reasons why this book is your favorite, what emotions do you feel while reading it, analyze characters, and summarize your thoughts. Type this with Times New Roman, 12 point font, 1 inch margin, and double space with a TITLE.

Please follow the Agenda for all other questions, classwork and assignments.

8/17: We had a very busy morning in Language Arts 10-12. The Grammar exercises were collected and have already been graded and returned back to your child. The writing assignment titled Personal Letter was also collected. They will be graded and returned back as soon as possible.
In this morning’s class discussion, we covered “Grammar Chapter 1: Sentences“. Next week we will discuss both Chapters  2 & 3. Be prepared for our first Vocabulary Quiz in class on Ch.1& 2! Follow your agenda for all classwork, assignments and questions. Please Note Agenda change: The Grammar test has been moved to August 31st as well as the writing for grammar page 81!

8/10: Welcome Back! It was a wonderful first day of school at Faith Tutorial! We loved seeing our old friends and  meeting some new ones. We spent the morning closely going over our class procedures, syllabus, and agenda. Each student should now have a clear idea of how our class will operate and my expectations. We did a curriculum check which was recorded as their first grade in our gradebook. For those who were still missing supplies, please bring  them next week. All students received a copy of our class agenda. Please refer to the class agenda this week for all weekly work and assignments which we went over how to complete in class. It is going to be a great school year!

LA10-12 Fall Semester Agenda 2017 – This is the basic outline for your fall 2017 semester in LA10-12. This will allow you to plan and be prepared each week and give you a plan for your work at home. As a class on the first day, we will discuss and practice how to prepare for each class in order to be successful in language arts which will include looking at this agenda. I will provide them with an example weekly schedule to aid in their success.

Language Arts 10-12 Supply List 2017-18 – students must come prepared for class the first day with all necessary materials.

Language Arts Courses policy –  please read and familiarize yourself with these policies before the first class.

If you have any questions, you can email the instructor at Please give 24 hours for a response.