Amy Vaughan

 Welcome to Language Arts 10-12 Honors Option at FAITH!

Welcome to Language Arts 10-12 Honors Option at FAITH tutorial! I am so pleased that you have decided to share your student with me. Language Arts is a multi-faceted course that is both challenging and exciting. We will cover four main topics including: GRAMMAR, LITERATURE, WRITING, and VOCABULARY. If you would like to find out more about me, read this link: About Mrs. Amy Vaughan.

Important Dates:

Dec 13 – Christmas Party, Midterm Exam, Progress Reports Emailed { as soon as possible after exams }

Optional Dirty Santa game will be played at the party. Bring a $5 gift to participate.

December 13 – Wear Faith shirts

January 3 – Classes Resume

***Be thinking about our upcoming Spring Semester and the required curriculum. Look under Faith’s Registration tab for more information

12/13: What a fun, festive, and productive morning we had. The students took their Mid Term Exams in class. I know they did their best. We all relaxed and enjoyed a great little Christmas Party in class along with a fun gift exchange! Your Progress Reports will be emailed to you by next Monday pm. Be sure to have your Spring curriculum ready to go when we return! Most importantly please enjoy the holiday season with friends and family.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

12/6: We had a very busy morning! Today, the students received their graded portfolios.  This was a large project and we are very proud of their efforts.  The students took their last Vocabulary Quiz 15/16 this morning in class. The Grammar test on Punctuation was also given this morning as well Next week we will have our mid term exam. Please use the study guide that was given to you this morning in class.

Next week we will take our mid-term exam.  Please use the detailed mid-term review sheet given to you today to review for the exam.  Complete the review sheet at home and earn a 10 point credit towards your mid-term exam score.  Please remember to bring food for next week’s Christmas Party and bring a Dirty Santa gift if you want to participate in the gift exchange.  Have a great week!

PowerPoint Notes for 11/28: Grammar – Punctuation PPT

11/28: Welcome Back! We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday spent with family and friends. The students took Vocabulary Quiz 13/14 this morning in class and it has already been graded and returned back to your child. We continued our class notes on Punctuation. Our class Agenda has a few changes because of our snow day. Therefore next week we will have our Grammar Tests on Chapters 10,12,13. Also your full and final copy of your Writing Portfolio will be due next week. I look forward to seeing your very best work. Pay close attention to my suggested comments. Be sure to include ALL of the pieces of the Portfolio.

Note: Our last Vocabulary Quiz will also be taken next week. Study hard! Have a wonderful week!

  • Please See the above notes on Punctuation


For 11/15 SNOW DAY:

Hope you guys enjoyed your surprise SNOWvember day! It was so pretty and a great reminder of God’s beauty in creation. In preparation for our next class on 11/29 (after Thanksgiving break), please have prepared:

  1. All chapter 12 and 13 grammar exercises completed
  2. Be ready for your VQ 13/14
  3. We will not have our Grammar Test on 11/29 during class
  4. Writing Portfolio: I will return your conclusions on 11/29 and your final portfolio will now be due 12/6
  5. Honors students: your chapter study questions and your presentation will be due on 11/29 when you return
  6. Class Party: we will just have a party on 12/13 for Christmas now (more info to come)

Let’s finish strong! We can see the semester finish line on the horizon so let’s run the race well.

11/8: We took a Vocabulary Quiz this morning that will graded and returned back soon. The students turned in their Persuasive Essays this morning as well. Next week we will have a fun Fall Party during class. We need everyone’s participation to have a great party! Our class notes were focused on Chapter 12 : Punctuation/ Commas. Please follow the Agenda as always for all questions and assignments. *No tests or writing assignments due for next week! 
11/1: Happy November! We started our new month with a very rainy and dark morning.
Progress reports have already been emailed. Please email Mrs. Jill directly if you have any questions.
Students took thorough notes during class from Chapter 10/ Misplaced Modifiers. They also received last week’s Grammar Test. 
Note: Be ready for next week’s Vocabulary Quiz 11/12 ! You will also be working on your writing assignment this week,  “Writing a Persuasive Essay”. {See Link Above }
Follow your Agenda for all other questions, classwork, and assignments. Have a wonderful week!
10/25: It was a very wet and cold morning! The students took Vocabulary Quiz 9/10 this morning in class. It has already been graded and returned back to your child. We also took a Grammar Test Chapters 7 & 8 which will be graded and returned as soon as possible. 
    Our class notes focused on proper Essay writing. A final copy of your essay including the conclusion will be due next week! Please focus on showing your best work and applying the corrections that have been suggested to you. Because of the Essay, we will omit the Interview writing assignment from page 225 for next week. Hopefully this will help to spend your time doing your very best! 
Note: Next week Progress Reports will be emailed out to parents! Have a wonderful week!
10/18: The Folk Tale assignment was collected this morning from the students for a grade. Our class discussion and notes were based on Chapters 8 & 9 about Pronoun Use and Reference. We had fun today using stations to rotate through to fix pronoun problems and errors. They turned it in for a grade as well.
WEEKLY WORK CHANGE: For next week’s class work, please OMIT “Review the Skill” activities for 8 & 9. You will only do the ones labeled “Practice the Skill”. The Essay Conclusion will NOT be due next week. It has been postponed. Please focus on preparing for next week’s Grammar Test 7/8/9 as well as Vocabulary Quiz 9/10. Study Hard!
Helpful CH. 8/9 Test Tips and Material to Know:
-Ambiguous Reference
-Remote Reference
-Cases for pronouns: subjective, objective, possessive
-Types of pronouns: possessive, reflexive, intensive, demonstrative, interrogative
-Implied noun
-who vs. whom: definitions and when to use each (will have to choose and fill in the blank)
-this/these vs. that/those
-be able to choose the correct pronoun to complete the sentence for it to match in gender, number, and case
-courtesy order
****This is a shorter test in comparison (only 65 questions) but be prepared!!!!
10/11: We had a very busy morning in Language Arts ! The students took a Vocabulary Quiz and a Grammar Test. We plan to have those graded and returned back as soon as possible. The revised introduction and body paragraph were collected this morning as well.
Note: For next week, don’t forget the Folk Tale Writing Assignment ! We will not have any tests or quizzes next week. Follow the Agenda for all other questions. 
10/4:  Grammar Exercises 6:7 was collected this morning. The Memoir writing assignment was also collected for extra credit to those students who followed the Agenda. 
The Introduction Paragraph and Vocabulary Quiz  were also graded and returned back as well.
Verb use Tense/ Mood/& Voice were the focus of our class discussion.

Note: For next week, you are to take the Introduction Paragraph and revise and edit it! Several comments were made on everyone’s individual paper to assist you.
For this assignment, please add 3 body paragraph’s to the revised introduction paragraph !

*Note: Next week is a busy one! We will be taking a Grammar Test on chapters 6, & 7. In addition, we will also be taking a Vocabulary Quiz 7/8! Please study hard and be prepared.
**A 3×5 standard index card will be allowed for next weeks Grammar Test. You may write notes on both sides of the card and use it during test time !
9/27:  We had a wonderful, yet very wet morning showing our team spirit with Jersey Day!
This morning we collected the Introduction Paragraph worksheet and also took Vocabulary Quiz 5/6. They will both be graded and returned back soon. The students did receive the Grammar tests back from last week.
For those of you who are still considering the honors option you still have time! Packets can be turned in next week. This mornings class discussion was based on Subject/ Verb Agreement. We even played a fun game of “Mad Libs” in partners to reinforce this skill. Please follow the Agenda as always for all classwork, questions, and assignments. 
9/20: All Progress Reports were emailed this morning. Please be sure to save your report after reviewing it. If you have any questions regarding the progress report, please let Mrs. Jill know as soon as possible. {}.
We collected
Grammar Exercises 5: 10 and the Letter to the Editor writing assignment. They will be graded and returned back as soon as possible. The students took Grammar Test 3 & 4 Phrases & Clauses this am in class and it will be returned back next week. 
This year the students have the option to participate in our Honors Option. They received information about this and I strongly encourage you to review it and make a decision together.
For next week, please be ready for Vocabulary Quiz 5/6! The introduction to your essay is also due next week. The topic is, ” What is your most favorite and inspirational book that you have ever read”? Be sure to provide 3 reasons in your introduction. * Note: Wear your favorite team jersey next week! 
9/13: The students took Vocabulary Quiz 3/4 this morning in class. They have already been graded and returned back to your child. During our class time we discussed Chapter 5 /Clauses. Please be ready for next weeks Grammar Test on Chapters 4 & 5 Phrases and Clauses!
Reminder: You have a writing assignment {page 110} “Letter to the Editor ” due next week. Follow the Agenda for all other questions, classwork, and assignments. 
9/6: Both of the tests that were taken last week were returned to your child this morning in class. I am so proud of how great they all did! We spent the majority of our class time today discussing Phrases. The students were given a packet of valuable information that we reviewed together in class to help them fully understand Phrases.
   Note :Be ready for next weeks Vocabulary Quiz and remember that the Introduction assignment has been postponed. Have a wonderful week.
8/30: We had an extremely busy and productive class this morning in Language Arts! Grammar Exercise 2.3 was collected for a grade and has already been returned. The students worked hard and  took two lengthy exams in class as well. {Vocabulary Quiz 1& 2, and Grammar Test Chapters 1 & 2.} They will be graded and returned back next week!  Please follow the Agenda for all questions, classwork, and assignments. Have a wonderful week! 
8/23: We had another wonderful morning in Language Arts!  We collected Grammar Exercise 3-1 and it has already been graded and returned to the students.  We took a short quiz today on the various types of sentences.  This quiz has also been graded and returned.  Our class discussion was based on Chapter 2 ‘Parts of Speech’.  The students turned in their Analytical Essay today.  They will be graded and returned as soon as possible. 

Next week, be ready for your first vocabulary quiz on Lessons 1 and 2.  Also, be ready for your first grammar test on Chapters 2 and 3. Please follow your agenda as always for all questions and concerns.

8/16: We had a very rainy yet productive morning in class today. The final check for class supplies and required textbooks was done this morning for a final grade. A graded check for parent signatures on the syllabus was also done.
During our class discussion with PPT, students took notes on Chapter 3 – Sentences. (This means they are ready to do the grammar exercises for this chapter as listed on the agenda.) We also participated in a class activity looking through magazines for different types of sentences.
Weekly Work: please follow the agenda as always for all classwork, questions, and assignments.
Note: Be ready for a next week’s quiz on Chapter 3! Don’t forget the Grammar Analytical Essay assignment on page 30! 
8/9: Welcome Students! We had a wonderful first day of Language Arts. We spent the beginning of class time introducing ourselves and getting acquainted. As a group we took a very close look at our class agenda. Everyone should be clear on how the agenda is read and what is expected from each and every student. We checked all students for the required class supplies and did a curriculum check. This was recorded as their first official grade. In addition, we also collected the writing assignment for a grade as well.
Students were also given a detailed packet that explains all of our class procedures, policies, and class information. Parents please read over this and sign the packet. If you ever have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. It is going to be a wonderful school year with your precious children! Thank you for sharing them with all of us at Faith Tutorial.
***Optional Honors: I will give a packet and contract to all students after the first few weeks of class. I want them to get in a routine and groove with the regular class schedule before adding extra work and new info. This is all optional but a great opportunity for college, GPA, and applications.

LA10-12 Fall Semester Agenda 2018 – This is the basic outline for your fall 2018 semester in LA10-12. This will allow you to plan and be prepared each week and give you a plan for your work at home. As a class on the first day, we will discuss and practice how to prepare for each class in order to be successful in language arts which will include looking at this agenda. I will provide them with an example weekly schedule to aid in their success.

LA10-12 Supply List 2018-19 – students must come prepared for class the first day with all necessary materials.They will receive a supply grade on the first day of school.

Language Arts Courses policy –  please read and familiarize yourself with these policies before the first class.

Secondary Schedule 18-19 – times and days that each class meets.

If you have any questions, you can email the instructor at Please give 24 hours for a response.