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Welcome to Language Arts 10-12 Honors Option at FAITH!

Welcome to Language Arts 10-12 Honors Option at FAITH tutorial! I am so pleased that you have decided to share your student with me. Language Arts is a multi-faceted course that is both challenging and exciting. We will cover four main topics including: GRAMMAR, LITERATURE, WRITING, and VOCABULARY. If you would like to find out more about me, read this link: About Mrs. Amy Vaughan. To find out more about our new addition, please read here: LA Assistant Bio.

Important Dates/Announcements:

Mockingbird trial notes and verdict rationale

-Final Research Paper portfolio (included final paper, rough draft, and works cited)
-Unit 14 Literature questions

In Class:
-Bell Ringer:  Mockingbird quotes crossword (review aid for upcoming novel test)
-Literature:  Notes over and discussion of Paul Laurence Dunbar’s poem “We Wear the Mask” (p. 449); free writing prompt about “the masks we wear”
-Novel:  Distributed Mockingbird novel review sheet (completion of review sheet will be worth 10 points towards the novel exam grade)

Weekly Work:
-The class unanimously voted to move the Mockingbird final exam ahead to next Thursday, May 13.  This will allow us to begin watching the Academy-award winning film adaptation of Mockingbird in class. 

Mockingbird trial notes & verdict rationale

-Research Paper drafts

In Class:
-Novel: Finished Mockingbird trial (Reader’s Theatre)
-Novel:  Discussion of evidence and its’ implications, completed Trial notes and verdict rationale
-Research Paper:  Helpful hints and pointers

Weekly Work:
-No agenda changes

-Research Paper draft
-Emily Dickinson “Doodle Notes”

Mockingbird Symbolism assignment

In Class:
-Bell Ringer:  Foreshadowing handout for Mockingbird
-Novel:  Discussion of Bell Ringer
-Literature:  Analysis of Emily Dickinson poem, notes over imagery, in-class activity/booklet on figurative language
-Novel:  Began a Reader’s Theatre re-enactment of Tom Robinson’s trial–to be continued next week!

Weekly Work:
-No agenda changes!

Nothing today!

Mockingbird character similes
-Fanny Crosby hymn analysis
-Moody quotes

In Class:
-Bell Ringer:  Character Reflection–Dill (Mockingbird)
-Novel:  Discussion of Dill; symbolism (generally and in Mockingbird; in-class activity related to symbolism in Mockingbird
-Literature:  Emily Dickinson poetry (“Because I Could Not Stop for Death”); discussion and notes, handout on Emily Dickinson poetry, how to annotate a poem.
Weekly Work/Agenda Change

Agenda Change:
-Students only need to read and complete pages 364-405 in Literature Unit 12 this week.
-Students should complete Emily Dickinson handout and turn in 4/22

-Literature Study questions (Unit 10)
-Fanny Crosby hymn analysis
-Moody quote reflection

-Literature study questions
-Research Paper outlines

In Class:
-Bell Ringer (Journal reflection–Mockingbird quote about courage–how do you define courage?  Give an example.)
-Novel:  Mockingbird chapter reviews
-Literature:  Handout on D.L. Moody (bio and quotes), students selected a quote listed and wrote whether they agreed or disagreed with the quote
-Notes over Writing a Research Paper (focusing on format and in-text citations)

Weekly Work–Agenda Change:

*Students will submit their Research Paper rough draft–along with a Works Cited page–on 4/22*

-Research Paper Outline
-Literature study questions

-Unit 8A Literature Study questions

In Class:
-BellRinger (Novel:  Character growth)
-Novel: Discussion over chapters 4-7, Mockingbird
Literature:  Unit 9, discussion of Fancy Crosby and her contribution to hymnody; began watching Fanny Crosby biopic
Weekly Work:  Agenda Change

Weekly Work:
-Agenda Change:  Students should select a Fanny Crosby hymn, bring a photocopy/typed version to class–with a hymn summary (Due, 4/8)

-Unit 8A Literature Study Questions

-Writing Portfolios

In Class:
-BellRinger (Transcendentalism Quiz)
-Literature:  Class discussion and notes over Transcendentalism (with handout)
-Research Paper:  Notes over Outlines (due 3/30)
-Novel:  Brief discussion of Character perspective (Handout)
Weekly Work:  Agenda Changes

Weekly Work:
-Postcard Project (instructions provided in class–students will create a postcard based on prompts provided), due 3/30
-Mockingbird character perspective handout, due 3/30

–Memories of smiling faces looking forward to Spring Break! ♥

-Novel Test
-Literature Study Questions, Units 6A/6B

In Class:
-Introduced our next novel, To Kill A Mockingbird (Lee) with pre-reading notes, discussion over setting/era/social issues, and author bio details.
– Novel.  Worked on Mockingbird character profile handout
-Literature:  Discussion of “Snowbound”, pp. 198-199, with in-class activities related to tone, diction, and syntax.
Weekly Work:  Agenda Change

Weekly Work:
-Research Paper outline will not be 3/25–revised due date will be announced in class.

-Writing Portfolio
-Research Paper Thesis Statement (checked and returned with comments/edits)
-Unit 6B Literature Study Questions

-Unit 5 Literature Study Questions

In Class:
-Literature: Discussion of “Topsy” (Harriet Beecher Stowe)
-Research Paper:  Checked note cards and thesis statements, provided guidance on thesis statements (both individually and corporately)
-Novel Test:  “The Scarlet Letter”

Weekly Work:  No Changes


Novel Test Review: The Scarlet Letter Test Review

-Unit 5 Literature Questions (both sets)
-Unit 6 Literature Questions, pp. 133-147
-Writing Portfolios (for those who remembered!)

-Governor’s Letter
TSL quiz
-Chapter Summary drawings

In Class:
-Bellringer:  TSL Crossword
-Discussion of Anne Bradstreet’s “Author to Her Book” and Literary Allusions (sources, types, and use as a literary device)
-Discussion of Poe’s “Annabel Lee” with interactive group discussion of poem themes
-Discussion of next Research Paper facet:  Thesis Statement, due 3/4
-Novel test review
-Mrs. Amy checked Research Paper Notecards (sets 1-2, signed off on student’s Research Paper packet — 30 cards total with at least 5 source cards, one being a book)
-Weekly Work

*Students may submit their Writing Portfolios next week (3/4) with no late penalty!*

*To Be Collected on 2/25:
•Unit 5 Literature Study Questions (both sets)
•Unit 6 Literature Study Questions, pages 133-147
•Research Paper Notecards (sets 1 and 2 separated for me to check both sets and sign off on your packet — 30 cards total with at least 5 source card and one must be a book with your packet)

*Weekly Work:
-Bring your extra allusion examples from 2/11. We still plan on using in class.
-Literature: Unit 6, pages 133-147 (read and complete study questions).
-Research Paper – Notecard Set #2. ***We will discuss how to write your thesis in class this week.
-Novel: Conflict Worksheet and Theme Worksheet – please click the link, print each page, and complete and bring to class this week ( LA10 Weekly Work 2-25)
-Novel: Begin reviewing and studying for your novel test. We will discuss the last 10 chapters and review in class together this week.  YOUR NOVEL TEST IS ON 3/4!


Students, we missed you in class on Thursday but hope you had a safe ice day! For weekly work, complete your regular agenda assignments (Unit 5 literature and chapters 20-24 novel) for class next week. Please bring the extra allusion examples from yesterday to class so we can discuss what was missed last week too. Make sure to have your first set of research paper note cards (and research packet) to have checked as well. Stay warm and see you soon!

***BEGIN studying for your novel test for The Scarlet Letter which is on 3/4! I will start guiding you this week in that as well.

-Honors Option Letter of Intent
-Unit study questions
-Novel chapter drawings

-Essay drafts
-Literature Study questions (various units)

*In Class:
-Honors Option info
-BellRinger (Diary entry from a TSL character’s perspective–student choice)
-Novel Quiz: Chapters 1-11
-Novel Activity:  Chapter drawings
-Literature:  Discussion/re-enactment of Thornton Wilder’s The Unerring Instinct
Weekly Work:  Agenda Change

*Weekly Work:
Writing Portfolio due 2/11 (Grading rubric provided in class)

-TSL Letter to community leaders
-Unit 3 Study Questions

-Unit 2 Study Questions
-Symbol Project

*In Class:
-BellRinger: Journal Prompt (Guilt)
-Discussed and took notes over Research Paper Step #1:  Note Cards
-Mrs. Amy reviewed and approved Research Paper topics, by noting approval on Research Paper rubric
-Novel:  Discussed TSL, chapters 8-11
-Literature:  Discussed Hawthorne’s “The Great Carbuncle”; In-Class interactive work–students were randomly assigned to groups to discuss a particular “Carbuncle” character, their aims, and motivations
-Weekly Work *Agenda Change*

*Weekly Work:
No Character Interview due 2/4

-Literature Questions
-Symbol Project


*In Class:
-BellRinger: The Scarlet Letter (TSL) wkshts
-Students shared their symbol project, with an impromptu explanation.  Our students are so creative and talented!
-Listened to audio version of and discussed O. Henry’s story, The Cop and the Anthem
-Discussed details of Research Paper workshop at UU, 1/28 (students have RSVPd)
-Discussion of TSL, Chapters 5-7
Agenda Change (TSL Letter), began letter in class, due 1/28

Weekly Work:
Agenda Change:  Placing themselves into the novel (TSL) , students will compose a letter to the community leaders of their Puritan village, addressing the punishment of Hester Prynne. They will write in the voice of a 17th century Puritan.  Due 1/28.

-Unit 2: Literature Questions

-Body Paragraphs for Essays

*In Class:
-Wksht: Theme – Shame (students had a wonderful discussion and shared willingly for this exercise)
-Discussed Literature book page 21, focusing on humor and dialect from Mark Twain
-Completed worksheet/notes over characterization from the novel
-Distributed research paper packets. Topics are due on January 28.

***Agenda Change: Symbol Project
-students need to select a symbol for themselves and create it (draw, design, craft, make, etc.) and provide an explanation as to why that item represents them.

-Unit 1: Literature Questions

-Mid-Term (per Mrs. Amy’s pre-Christmas e-mail)
-Vocabulary Sentences (with comments)
-Letter to the Editor
-Unit 1: Literature Questions

*In Class:
-Discussed new agenda, homework pass, and weekly work format
-Essay Portfolio: Mrs. Amy will pass back rough drafts on 1/14, discuss requirements, and distribute grading rubrics
-Proper format for Literature Unit questions
-BellRinger:  Author Bio (Nathaniel Hawthorne)
-“The Scarlet Letter” intro, discussion of setting, characters, and theme

Students completed their grammar semester midterms and enjoyed a little Christmas food and gifts.
***Please see important email about midterm grades.***
Thanks for a great semester! Have a Merry Christmas and wonderful holiday break.

-Vocabulary Sentences Lessons 1-16

-Grammar Test: Punctuation

*In Class:
-Took VQ 15/16
-Discussed midterm modifications which will be open notebook (organize in-summaries, notes, past tests) and grammar book
-Read aloud the short Christmas story: “The Gift of the Magi”
-Watched a short film of the story
Weekly Work:  Organize materials for midterm and study because it will be timed. Bring food items and gifts for our Christmas party! See previous email for specific details.

****Special note: Mrs. Tracie is quarantined from exposure for the remainder of the semester so please be patient with email responses, returned grades, makeup work, midterms, and progress reports. We need lots of grace! 🙂

*Grammar Exercise 13.8
*Body Paragraphs
*Punctuation worksheet

*Letter to the Editor #2
*Grammar Test (11/19)
*Vocab Quiz 13/14
*Grammar Exercise 12.11
*Punctuation worksheet

In Class:
*BellRinger–Grammar Review worksheet
*Grammar Test–Punctuation
*Notes over Essay Conclusion
*Mid-Term preparation
*Christmas Party details (e-mail coming soon!)
*Weekly Work:  Agenda Changes

Weekly Work:
*Agenda Change:  No Writing due next week–Writing Portfolio will be due after the New Year (date TBA)
*Agenda Change: Submit 5-paragraph essay draft (MUST include Introduction, Body Paragraphs, and Conclusion) due 12/17
*Otherwise–follow agenda

LA10-12 2021 Spring Semester Agenda – This is the basic outline for your spring 2021 semester in LA10-12. This will allow you to be organized and prepared each week and give you a plan for your work at home. Copies will be provided for students.
Academic Calendar 20-21 – current calendar for the school year

Language Arts 10-12 20-21 – Supply List: students must come prepared for class the first day with all necessary materials.They will receive a supply grade on the first day of school.

Language Arts Course Policy –  please read and familiarize yourself with these policies before the first class.

Secondary Class Schedule 20-21 – times and days that each class meets.

If you have any questions, you can email the instructor at Please give 24 hours for a response.