Welcome to the Pre-Algebra Home Page!

Homework – September 27

  1. Complete Workbook pages 8B-8F
  2. Study for Test 8

Homework – September 20

  1. Complete Workbook pages 7B-7F
  2. Study for Test 7
  3. Complete Unit I Test and bring to class on Tuesday (Study for a short quiz on Lessons 1-7)
  4. Complete problems INB (These are the ones we started in class but did not finish)

Homework – September 13

  1. Complete Workbook pages 6B-6F
  2. Study for Test 5
  3. Begin studying for Unit I Test on Lessons 1-7

Homework – September 6

  1. Complete Workbook pages 5B-5F
  2. Study for Test 5

Homework – August 30

  1. Complete Workbook pages 4B-4F
  2. Complete Worksheet Packet pages 28, 30, 31 – The entire packet should be complete and brought to class on Tuesday
  3. Study for Test 4

Homework – August 23

  1. Complete Workbook pages 3B-3F
  2. Complete Worksheet Packet pages 16, 21, 23 only
  3. Study for Test 3

Homework – August 16

  1. Complete Workbook pages 2B-2F; 2G
  2. Complete Adding/Subtracting Integers Worksheet
  3. Study for Test 2

Homework – August 9

  1. Complete Workbook pages 1B-1F
  2. Complete Adding Integers worksheets
  3. Study for Test 1 

Welcome to Pre-Algebra! I am looking forward to being with each of you when we return to tutorial. Below are links to several items you need to preview before class starts. Also, below is how to prepare for the first day of class. There is an assignment to complete and bring to class on the first day. It is very important to have all of your curriculum on the first day of class. We will begin Lesson 1. Be sure to memorize those multiplication facts! A timed multiplication quiz will be given beginning the first day of class. See you on Tuesday, August 9th! If you have any questions, please email me at bevans234@gmail.com. If you would like to know more about the Math Assistant, Mrs. Anna Pope, click this link: Anna Pope. If you would like to know more about me, click this link: Mrs. Brooke.

Faith Registration Information

Pre-Algebra Curriculum Information

Parent Letter – PreAlgebra

Course Expectations – Pre-Algebra

Agenda 2022-2023

How to Prepare for the First Day of Class:

  1. Bring all materials to class – Student Workbook; Test Booklet; Binder with paper & dividers; Composition Notebook; Pencils; Small Dry Erase Board; Expo Markers (The Instruction Manual is to remain at home)
  2. Bring completed Pre-Test to class —PretestShow all your work on the page or on notebook paper. You must show your work for each problem to receive credit. 
  3. Print Agenda and place in binder.
  4. Read Course Expectations and Parent Letter
  5. Study for Multiplication Quiz – Facts 0-12 — 6 minutes, 100 questions — Each student will take the quiz each week until they receive a score of 100. Study, Study, Study!!!