2017-2018 Parent LetterSusan Hodges

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Hi students!  My name is Susan Hodges and I am excited about our school year together!  I am married and am a mother of four: Daniel 27, John Paul 21, Sydney 19, and Noah 17.  I have a degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Tennessee, but I absolutely love teaching math!  Please bring a curiosity, diligent work ethic, and great attitude and you will do well in my class!  Make sure you have memorized the multiplication table 0-12 before you walk in my class on the 10th!  See you then!


Students in Pre-Algebra will receive a solid foundation for success in upper-level Algebra.  This course covers topics such as integers, basic equations using additive and multiplicative inverse, properties ( associative, commutative, and distributive ), absolute value, ratio and proportion to include a few.  Other upper level operations such as transforming Celsius to Fahrenheit, military time, volume of three dimensional shapes, and surface area are also included.  In class each week, students can expect to begin with a morning mental math activity.  The past week’s material is reviewed prior to taking a weekly quiz.  New material is taught with time to practice this together in class.  Honors lessons are required in this book for enrichment and as time allows, we go over them in class.

  2017-2018 Parent Letter               

 Pre-Algebra Syllabus 2017-2018

Have a great summer!