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Curriculum: Precalculus List 2019-20

Academic Calendar 19-20

FAITH Secondary Schedule 19-20

I will attach two spreadsheets by late July.  The first will be a detailed agenda and the second will be ACT information ie dates, deadlines and locations.  Students will most likely take their ACT exams at Jackson Christian School.  Start time is normally 8 am.  I will post that info as soon as registration opens.  Please print the agenda and place it in a binder along with the Summer Packet.  Don’t forget that students need a TI-83 or TI-83 Plus Graphing Calculator (I think the 84 is fine, too).  The only reason I specify those calculators is b/c I know how to work them!  If you choose to have a different brand or style, you will have to figure out how to use the functions on your own.  I have purchased most of my graphing calculators on Ebay for $50 – $60.

If you did not receive a Precalc Summer Handout, please email me at sooners@click1.net for an emailed copy.

Lezlie Haynes