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8/20–I sent an email detailing today’s class and the hwk (follow the agenda), so check your email.
8/13–In class, we followed the agenda. I went over Lesson 19 plus the 8 types of functions.  We completed or almost completed Lesson 19A and one of the two additional worksheets.  Hwk is to follow the agenda.
In Study Block (the first 40 minutes after ACT prep), students will be required to memorize math formulas that are helpful on the ACT.  We will review these every week in class and add 2 – 3 per class.  Students will be familiar with, and should know, most of these formulas. We reviewed the first two today.

I also handed out several notes sheets for students to use as review and reinforcement.  Reviewing these and knowing the terms will help on the ACT for sure.  These are optional work but working through them will help with algebra skills needed on the ACT.

Lastly, we started the day with an overview of how the classes would work and began to discuss the ACT–what is it, what does it cover, why is it important, when we will take it, who needs to take it, etc.  They have a handout that they need to complete for ACT homework.  And, so hwk is to complete the ACT handout and follow the agenda.
Seniors–you need to take the ACT every chance you get this fall, September, October and December (the December results might get back too late for your scholarship offers so know the requirements for each school you apply to).
We will take the national ACT exam in December and April–you are encouraged to take it more than that, but those two are required for this class.  More info to come.


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