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10/20     In Class– we covered lesson 26 in class.  I worked through several examples and taught students how to work the problems on their calculator for ACT prep.  

Study Block–Ms Brooke gave them their ACT quiz and then they worked on ACT prep problems.
Hwk–follow the agenda.  Make sure any INB work is completed and in the book for us to grade.
I am attached some videos in the email to help students work the problems.
10/12  In Class–we went over highlights of Mod 22 (natural logs).  I gave students some handouts on applying log and natural log formulas.  We then worked several examples as well as 2 examples from their student lesson book.  We also filled in a few items in their INB.
Study Block–ACT practice quiz then students worked thru ACT problems with Ms. Brooke.
Hwk–follow the agenda.  Exam #1 is in a month so now is a good time to start getting help for anything you have struggled with this semester.  You will be able to use your notes for take home portion.  There will be an in class portion following Thanksgiving Break, too.  Also, you need to sign up for the December national ACT exam.  Students usually like to take it at the JCS location  because it is smaller than the UU one, but either location is fine.
10/5  In Class–we completed lesson 21 on logs.  We worked thru several of the problems on the hwk sheet.  In addition, students are to complete the lesson 21 sheets in their student books.  Ms. Kim returned the sheet collected in class today.
Study Block–ACT practice quiz and then students played “Log War”.  Ms. Brooke said that entire group did a great job and really seemed to like it.  Yeah!!! That always makes me happy.
Hwk–follow the agenda, work the INB problems.  I included some videos to help students with the content in the weekly email.
9/28   In Class–we covered the assigned info from lesson 21 on Logs.  Not all of the lesson will be covered.  Students added notes pages to their INB that we filled in, too.

Study Block–students took their practice ACT quiz and then worked on a Circles-Geometry practice test for ACT prep.  Ms. Brooke walked thru the problems with them after first giving them time to work the problems.
Hwk–follow the agenda.  Complete the ACT problems, the INB problems and the lesson book problems.  In addition, as time permits, work in your ACT prep book.  Go back to the first test and rework the math problems.  Try to find problems to practice your calc skills.
9/21  In Class–we reviewed equations of circles, shifts of circles and completing the square to write the equation of a circle.  In addition, we worked on the ACT skill of using a measuring tool on the test.
Study Block–Ms Brooke worked thru ACT style problems on circles from a more geometric perspective.
Hwk–follow the agenda
9/14   In Class–we began graphing rational functions.  We went over the handout, several examples and watched an example from the Organic Chem Tutor on Youtube.  I am attaching his video below in case students need additional instruction.  After that, we talked about their new ACT prep book.
Study Block–Ms Brooke went thru lots of ACT problems with the class.  They also took an ACT practice quiz (mini).
Hwk is to follow the agenda.
ACT–students should spend time every day on ACT review.  For this week, they are to go to the first practice exam in their new book and complete the math and science reasoning portions–following the time guidelines of the test.

In Class:
  • we worked on transformations to parent functions (vertical and horizontal shifts, reflections about the x- and y-axes).
  • worked thru most of the problems on the student notes page and went over what to do on the remaining wksts
  • talked about calculator use on the ACT and went thru some problems so that they would understand terminology
    • used the LDM button to find common denominators
    • used the Apps-9:PolySmlt button to solve simultaneous equations
Study Block:
  • took ACT practice quiz
  • Ms. Brooke worked ACT calculator problems with students
  • handed out items for INB and hwk
  • Follow agenda and complete the INB wksts and  lesson wksts. Notice that one of the hwk assignments is the honors lesson from lesson 20 in your student book.
I attached several videos to help students with this lesson.  For this class, you only need to know vertical shifts, horizontal shifts and reflections.  We are not doing stretching and compressing.
8/31   In Class–we discussed the 8 types of functions: their equations, graphs and transformations.  We worked with the graphing calculator to graph them in ‘Y=’, then used the ‘2nd’ ‘Graph’ buttons to see a table of values.  We went over the hwk sheets, too.  After that we began discussing specific info about the ACT Math test and worked to fill in a handout in the INB.
Study Block–students took a practice ACT quiz, worked on exponent problems,  and added several sheets to the INB. Ms. Brooke worked with them as they did practice problems.
Hwk–follow the agenda.  Additional work: I am attaching a link to an ACT prep site.  Students are to complete Math Practice Test 1 and Math Practice Test 2. There are 10 questions per practice test.  They should write each problem in their INB, work the problems, and check their answer on the website.  The link is in the class email.

8/24  In Class–we did all ACT prep in class today b/c I accidentally taught this week’s lesson last week.  We went over how to attach the questions on each test and basic strategies.  We discussed the FREE ACT exam that state of tn is offering as a score booster–student or parent should call the school board or local high school to ask about signing up.  During study block, Ms Brooke reviewed all things exponents with the class.  Hwk is to follow the agenda.  I am attaching some videos for review in case it is needed.


In Class–we went over lesson 20 on operations on functions including composite functions. We worked several problems in class, including some on the worksheet.  We also worked on calculator skills.  For ACT, students are to research 3 different colleges they are interested in and find out their ACT admission requirement and/or scholarship admission requirements.  If they cannot find the info on the college’s website, then have call Admissions.  That is a fantastic skill for them to work on.  In study block, students took their ACT minute quiz, turned in hwk and reviewed radicals with Ms. Brooke.
Hwk is to follow the agenda.


In Class–students took a practice ACT, glued in ACT prep info in INB, worked on lesson 19 on functions, domain and range.  We also began discussing ACT info.  Hwk is to follow agenda–do the ACT research for the INB!

Agenda 21-22


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