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10/13 In class–students took ACT practice quiz and then we went over a small portion of lesson 22–growth and decay problems.  We spent about an hour working problems.  Then, we talked about a new ACT strategy called PITA and worked sample problems.  Hwk is to complete the PITA problems in INB, the growth and decay problems from the lesson pages (about 2 problems per lesson sheet, A-D) and complete the wkst on GC.
10/6  In class–we did not do lesson 22 but focused in more on lesson 21.  We graphed log functions using the parent functions and shifts.  Hwk is on GC. In the ACT book, go thru Exam #1 (math only) and work problems that use the skills learned in class so far.

Study Block–we met with Alg 2 for the lecture/review on imaginary numbers.
9/29  In class–students added log notes to their IN and worked on practice ACT problems.  In lecture, we began our study of logs.  We worked several examples and learned how to use the calculator for some, too. Hwk is to follow the agenda.  Begin to study for exam 1 which will be in a couple of weeks.
9/22  In Class–students reviewed formulas with Mr. Burgin and took their ACT quiz.  Then, in lecture, we reviewed circles–equation of a circle, ‘parent function’ circle,  shifting circles, writing equation of circles, area and circumference of circles, ACT problems with circles.  I also showed them how to use their answer document as a ruler on their ACT exam.

Hwk–follow the agenda.
In Class–I handed out wksts and notes for graphing Rational functions.  We worked thru several problems and learned how to find parts of the graph using the graphing calculator.
Study Block–students took ACT quiz and worked with Mr. Burgin on calculator problems and ACT problems.
Hwk–follow the agenda.
In Class–I handed out several worksheets, some sheets for the IN and notes for the lesson on parent functions and shifts.  In class, we went through many of the examples on the Student Notes page and also spent time working those problems on the GC.  Hwk is to follow the agenda and complete the wksts and IN pages.  Upload your work to GC when finished.
In Class–we went over a lesson not in the book (you can find the concepts covered in the honors sections)–8 types of functions and their graphs.  We worked several problems off the worksheet and learned/practiced using the GC.  We discussed degree (highest exponent value), zeros (solutions,  roots, x-intercepts, answers) and shifts.
Study Block–students took an ACT minute quiz and added work to their IN.  Cameron worked problems them, too.
In Class–we went over lesson 20 and worked on adding, subtracting multiplying and dividing functions. Then we went over how to simplify composite functions.  In study block, students took an ACT minute quiz, added to their IN and worked with the tutor.  Hwk is to follow the agenda and complete the function problems in their IN.
In Class–we finished lesson 19 in class, finished 1 – 8 for lesson 19A and worked on calculator use and evaluating functions.  Hwk is to follow the agenda.
Remember, when you get out of your seat, your mask goes on your face and covers your nose and mouth.  When you exit the building, the mask should stay in place until you reach your vehicle.  Clean your backpacks at home.  Lastly, check your temperature before coming to Tutorial on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and if you answer ‘yes’ to any of the four questions, please stay home.


In class–we followed the agenda and covered the first part of lesson 19 on relations and functions.  We worked through Lesson 1A problems 1 – 8 (we will do domain and range next week) and practiced using our calculators a little.  Hwk is to follow the agenda. Upload your worksheet to our Google Classroom page–join the class if you have not already done so.

Study Block–students took a practice ACT math exam under time (about 33 questions).  Mr. Burgin went over the answers with them.

ACT–I covered mini lesson 2 and 3-what is the ACT, what does it test, how are scores determined, what are benchmarks, when is it offered and when do our students need to take the exam (Dec exam and April Exam are mandatory for this class, but I would suggest taking it as often as you can).

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