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Spring 2020

Spring 2020 Agenda

4/28–in zoom class, we finished lesson 23.  Hwk is to finish lesson and do ACT work.

4/21–follow instructions in GC for lesson 23 and trig worksheet.  Complete ACT hwk.


4/15–finish lesson 18 in student notebook.  Complete ACT science reasoning practice test found in the link. https://www.highschooltestprep.com/act/science/practice-test-1/

4/7–class updated in google classroom.  I met with students yesterday via zoom and went over vectors.  Hwk is the wkst 18 and sci reasoning practice test.


3/26–Class is updated in Google Classroom.  I will meet with students Friday in Zoom for a review lesson on polar and rectangular coordinates.  It will help if you have attempted all the hwk and watched the videos so that you know what questions to ask.

3/10–In class–students spent the Study Block in with the Alg 2 class reviewing equations of circles.  Then, during the regular Precalculus time, we went over lesson 15 on Radian measure and I added the Unit Circle to that.  After covering the lesson, we worked on ACT science passage–conflicting viewpoints.

Hwk–follow the agenda and complete the lesson sheets for Mod 15 and the Unit Circle handout that is stapled.  Complete the Circle Act practice problems in the red student notebook and work through the Conflicting Viewpoints passages in the ACT Prep book (Tests 1, 2, and 3 all have this type of passage).

3/3–In class–students spent the study block with Algebra 2 reviewing distance formula and midpoint problems.  Then, we transitioned into precalc lecture and covered the Law of Cosines.  We worked several problems from the first lesson sheet.  Finally, we worked on ACT content.

First, we looked at three ACT problems that use the Law of Sines and Law of Cosines.  Then, we talked about how to work Research Summary problems for Science Reasoning section.  Students had 2 practice sets and we worked one set together in class.
Hwk–follow agenda for precalc work.  ACT hwk is to complete the ACT pages in the red notebook.  Ms. Kim will take the notebook up next week to check for completeness.

2/25–In class:  students turned in their test corrections and ACT notebooks plus lesson sheet(s).  Students stayed in Alg 2 for review of slope of lines and graphing linear inequalities.  Then, we moved to D210 for precalc lesson.  We learned Law of Sines and worked several problems form lesson sheet A.  For ACT prep, we began looking at the different types of charts, graphs and tables that are on the ACT, how to read them and pull three facts–what are the axes measuring, units and trends.  They practiced those skills on the samples in their ACT notebooks.

Hwk–Precalc hwk is to follow the agenda.  ACT hwk is to practice reading the graphs/charts,tables from one of the ACT practice tests in their red ACT prep book.

2/18–In class–I handed the second unit test back today.  We then went over several of missed problem types (not the exact problems) and students are to correct their exam and resubmit next week for partial credit.   After that, we went over Lesson 11 and worked several problems from lesson sheet A.  Finally, we added more info to the ACT notebook–how to tackle the science reasoning questions and linear equations.

Hwk–follow agenda and complete lesson 11 sheets and, if assigned, lesson 10 test.  Complete the ACT problems in the notebook for linear equations.  Ms Kim will check those AND the probability questions from last week.

2/11–In class–students turned in their test 2 study guide then took Test 2.  After the test, students prepped their ACT notebook, too.

ACT–we went over basic probability and worked several problems.
Hwk–follow the agenda.
Sign up for the ACT on 4/4 at UU on or before 2/28!!!

2/4     ACT DATE is 4/4.  Please sign up on the actstudent.org site on or before 2/28.  This test is a required part of Alg 2 and Precalculus.  We will all meet and take the test at Union.

In class–we covered lesson 10 and then worked on ACT science.  Students were supposed to glue the ACT pages into their ACT composition notebook–several have not done this.  Ms Kim will grade the notebooks next week for completion so make sure that your student has his/her book up to date.
Study Block–Ms. Phillips handed out the test review sheet and worked through several problems.  She also handed out the ACT materials so that students could get their notebooks ready for lecture.
Hwk is to follow the agenda.  Work on Lesson 10 hwk–don’t stress the proofs on the hwk this week. Focus on the test review proofs and other problems.  There are only 2 proofs on the exam next week.

1/28   In class–we went over lesson 9, worked several examples and then worked through ACT problems and added more to the ACT composition book.  Hwk is to follow the agenda.

1/21    In class–we went over lesson 8 (the start of proofs).  I believe they were not enjoyed…We worked several problems from the book.  Students needing more help should plan to come see me Tuesday at 8 am.

Study Block–students added ACT work to their composition notebook.  Ms. Kim will check it next week to make sure the work is being done so do not forget the composition notebook por favor.
1.14    In class–we reviewed more of lesson 7 concepts and I handed out a wkst that reinforces the info.  It is really important that students can find angles and their reference angles within a quadrant.  So, since the agenda was off by a week, this not only gets us in sync with the agenda, it also gives us more time to grasp a really important concept.  Hwk for class is to complete the wkst and Lesson 7 test from the test booklet.
Study Block–Ms. Kim handed back their ACT practice test and we added mini sci lesson 2 to the notebook (common science terms students should know).  This class sat in on the Alg 2 lesson on ratios and proportions.  They received an ACT handout with 6 problems that they can add to their ACT notebook if they choose.
Hwk–complete precalc handout on lesson 7, write in the definitions of the sci terms on the ACT handout, complete lesson 7 test.
1/7     In class–we went over concepts from lesson 7. We worked almost every problem from lesson sheet A.  The only issue I have with this lesson is that there is not enough practice for each type of problem.  I will link some wksts for those that want additional practice in the class email.  I will also meet with students before Tutorial Thursday to work more problems (D210)
ACT Prep Block–students took notes and began to fill out their notebook.  We discussed the types of passages on the sci test, # questions, etc.
Study Block–students began their interactive ACT prep notebook and then took a practice sci reasoning test.
Hwk–follow the agenda.  Finish the ACT prep work on p 5 of interactive notebook.  Also, classify the 7 passages from the practice test today based on the notes.



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