Lezlie Haynes

Welcome to PreCalculus!

1/12 In Class–we covered all of lesson 7 and worked several examples. We talked about reviewing some science terms for the ACT, students did some ACT work on Sci Reasoning and they received handouts for their INB. Hwk is to complete 7A – 7C, Test 7 (open notes/book), finish the practice test Science Reasoning section in ACT prep book, do the online ACT practice and work the ACT practice problems in the INB.

1/5 In Class–we went over all of lesson 5 and 6 in the book. We worked several examples and then began an ACT overview of the science reasoning section. Hwk is to complete the lesson pages for lesson 5 and 6 and complete the ACT page in the INB on goals.



(scroll to the bottom of the mathusee page to see the placement exams).

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