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Welcome to PreCalculus!

4/17–In class–we covered the next lesson on vectors. I handed out two wksts and we completed almost all of the first one (Wkst A was for in class practice) and then we worked all of the problems for Lesson sheet A.  Hwk is to follow the agenda and complete Vector Wkst B (handout) and then the assigned lesson sheets/lesson test in the student notebook.

4/2–In class–we discussed a tutoring option for the next ACT exam.  I highly recommend the tutors and their prep program.   I will be sending home a flyer tomorrow but those students that do not come on Thursday won’t get a flyer until Tuesday.  I will try to take a pic and text/email it to the group.  After going over prep info, we covered the next lesson in the book, graphing parabolic equations.  This was really hard for most of them so it would help to watch some youtube videos and the DVD from mathusee.

Hwk–follow agenda.


3/26–In class–we had our celebratory breakfast of donuts then started lesson 16.  We went over how to plot a polar coordinate, how to convert from polar to rectangular and how to convert from rectangular to polar.  Next, I taught the class how to use the calculator to do the conversions to get decimal approximations.  Lastly, students took a two section Minute Quiz in Science Reasoning.  The focus was on the data representation and the experiments sections.

Hwk is to follow the agenda.  You should be working on ACT prep every day–a minimum of 15 minutes per subtest.  Work problems, watch how-to videos on Youtube, etc.  Don’t stop now.  2 1/2 weeks until the test.

3/12–in class, we covered all of Lesson 15 and went over how to use a Unit Circle.  We worked problems from lesson 15 A and then problems from the take home worksheets for the Unit Circle lesson.  Hwk is to follow the agenda.  Make sure you are spending 15 minutes per day per subject prepping for your ACT exam in April.

2/26–In class–we went over Lesson 12 (not on the agenda..not sure why) and how to answer research summary science reasoning problems.  Hwk is Lesson 12 Wkst A-C and Test 12.  Students should spend 15 min/day (mininum) on each of the 4 subsections.

2/19–In class–we went over the different types of graphs that students might encounter on the ACT science section–we discussed the three things they should write down for each graph.  Hwk for ACT is to go back to the science test they took last week and analyze the graphs like we did in class.  For Precalc, we covered lesson 11.  I will make a few videos this week so that students have more examples. Follow agenda for hwk.

2/12–today students took Test #2 over lessons 1 – 9 in the textbook.  I was really pleased overall with the scores.  After the quiz, we talked about the three types of passages in the science reasoning section of the ACT and went over the first type of passage–data representation.  Students then worked on a passage that contained graphs that they had to analyze.

Hwk–complete the two sets of math review problems and take the practice science reasoning test I send via email.

2/5–In class:  we went over Lesson 10 and worked several examples, we worked review problems from the last lesson and then discussed the three main types of questions on the science reasoning test.  Several students did not do their homework this past week which resulted in a zero hwk grade for today.

Hwk–follow the agenda, study for and complete your study guide for the exam next week.  Our class will meet in D204 for the test next week.  I am planning to make several videos that I will either email to you or upload to our precalc page in which I review and work sample problems like what will be on the exam.  You will not have the entire class to test, so if you need more time, come in early and start at 8 am.

ACT hwk–go to Youtube (and with parent’s permission), search for ACT science reasoning tips.  You must watch 2 videos with a total time of 10 minutes and write a one paragraph summary for each video.  In the summary, write down what you learned.  The summary should be titled like it is on Youtube and the time of the video must be recorded.  I do plan to go back and check each summary to make sure that no corners were cut.

1/22–in class we went over the next Minute Quiz and then took a practice quiz on different math formuli–starting next week, I will add math formulas to the quiz–these will not be effort.  We did all of Lesson 8–this lesson begins proving identities or simplifying trig expressions and it is not easy.  You may need to get some extra help.  I would suggest trying out Youtube and maybe Khan Academy videos.  Hwk is to follow the agenda.  Work on ACT prep work–your score will not increase unless you are actively working problems.

1/15–In class, I handed out a notes sheet with common sci terms that are helpful to know for the science reasoning portion of the test.  We took a Minute Quiz and then I covered all of Lesson 7.  Hwk is to follow the agenda and keep working on your ACT prep–use your book and actstudent website.


In class–went over the practice ACT math exam, problem by problem, as time permitted.
Hwk is to work problems and practice for the ACT on Saturday.
Saturday:  We will meet at JCS at 7:45 am in the parking lot.  Bring your Calculator, watch and pencils and ID and ‘ticket’. You should have received an email with your ticket info on it.  Also, bring a healthy snack for break and water bottle.  Do NOT bring Apple watches, cell phones, Fitbits, etc.   Leave phones in the car.  Go to the bathroom before the test begins and at halftime.  Go to bed before 11 the night before.  Get up in time to eat a decent breakfast (stay away from empty, refined sugary breakfasts–eat some protein and fat!) and not feel rushed.
I will pray over you guys before you go in then will meet you with your goodies after the test is over.  I need to know 3 things:  are you taking writing portion, what kind of cupcake do you want from Woodstock and what kind of beverage do you want from Sonic (drink not dessert beverage!).  Tutorial is buying the cupcakes, I am buying the beverages.
Next Tuesday–we will move on with our ACT prep lessons and review Lesson 4 & 5 in MUS–you can bring party food (snacks, drinks, etc) to class if you want.

11/27–In class–students took an ACT minute quiz (9 problems in 9 minutes), took notes over lessons 4 and 5 and reviewed ACT strategies for trig problems and quadratics.  Hwk is to follow the agenda–complete lessons 4, 5 and work on ACT math problems either online or in their ACT book.  Test is in a week and a half.

11/6–We will not meet again until 11/27.  I have assigned work for each week–it is really important that students do not slack off now–that 12/8 test is fast approaching!  Olivia will take 2 full length ACT practice exams over the next 2 weeks (one for each Tuesday) as a way to prep for the big day and I would recommend other students do the same.  Review the minute ACT tests, handouts, practice test, Circles handout, math formulas, etc.  If you want to take full length tests, use your student ACT booklet.  ACT student site has practice problems that can be worked, too.  Plan to work at least 15 – 20 ACT problems every day until the week of the test.

Hwk–follow the agenda for lessons 1 and 2, read/study/complete the circles handout,and if time permits, work the honors pages as a review of all things from the first 9 weeks.  The Lesson 1 and 2 work could easily be completed in 1 – 2 days.  And, work on ACT!  Don’t neglect the other content areas when you are studying.


In class:
  • students took ACT Minute Quizzes #11 and #12
  • reminded students to sign up for ACT on 12/8–deadline is this Friday
  • went over lessons 26 & 27 on arithmatic and geometric sequences and summations
  • students learned to use the graphing calculators to complete sequence and summation problems
  • began discussing how to solve absolute value inequalities using graphing calculator
  • handed back Exam #1 and discussed retakes
  • complete lessons 26 and 27 in student workbook
  • review ACT sections–there is one month left before we test
  • sign up for ACT exam at Jackson Christian on 12/8!!!
  • study for test retake Thursday morning and afternoon (7:45 am – 8:25 am and 12:20 pm – 1 pm)

10/23–In class, students took their first major exam (9 weeks exam).  Afterwards, we reviewed ACT strategies on plugging in the answers or plugging in your own number.  I gave them a handout with problems to work.  Hwk is to finish the ACT worksheet and complete Honors lessons 4H and 5H in their student notebook.  As soon as I decide what I want to do about test corrections, I will send an email.  In the meantime, go back and rework the test review questions and study.

10/16–in class, students took their Minute Quiz then we reviewed for the exam that is next week.  We also went over the ACT lesson for the day.  Hwk is to work problems like the ones on the study guide and go back over the ACT exam to find and work PITA problems (plug in the answers).  Students will turn in lesson sheet B for lesson 21, 22, and 28 next week as I forgot to collect those in class.

10/9–today, after taking our minute quiz, we reviewed lessons 21 & 22.  I worked at least one of each type of problem from the lessons and showed students how to work problems on the calculator.  Then, we covered lesson 28 and I again worked several homework problems.  I did not take up a hwk page today b/c several students were still struggling. I will take up a lesson sheet next week from L21 and L22 as well as one from L28.  We started a new strategy for ACT today–Plug In Your Own Number–and worked all of the examples on the handout.

Hwk is to complete lesson 28 worksheets in student book and go back over the ACT exam from 2 weeks ago. Look specifically for Plug In Your Own Number problems and then try to rework them by plugging in your own number.

10/2–We really covered a lot today.  I could tell by many faces that this lesson was not super easy to comprehend.  Don’t stress about it, though.  I will arrive early Thursday and work hwk problems for any interested students in D210 (our precalc room).  I will start about 7:50 and end about 8:20.  If you want to come in and get some extra help, I’ll be there.  I will be working on whiteboard, fyi.  Bring your calculators!

In class–covered majority of info from L21 and L22.  Did not cover (and won’t test on) matissa, graphs of log and/or ln.  I will only test on problems like the ones I assigned in class.  I omitted several problems from most lessons so even though it looks like a ton of hwk, it really isn’t–especially from L22.
Hwk–do the problems from L21 and L22 that I specifically assigned in class today.
Lesson 21  A – D:  omit 13 -15, 22 – 24
Lesson 22 A–do 3,4,7,8,9,10,11
Lesson 22B–do 4,8,9, 10, 11, 12
Lesson 22C–do 4,6,7
Lesson 22D–do 4,6,7,8
Work on ACT problems, too.

9/25–today was a different kind of day.  We did not take an ACT minute quiz and I did not take up homework.  We spend the entire class going over ACT problems–how to maximize calculator use, relating what we have worked on with ACT prep and precalc to actual ACT problems and going over the hwk.  Students should finish the ACT test  handed out and the worksheets.  I sent home with answer key to the worksheets.  If you can’t read something, email me or phone a friend and ask.  Skipping something that didn’t copy well will not be an acceptable excuse.  Both sets of Hwk will be due next week.  Don’t look at the agenda–we went off script today. I just felt like we needed a day to focus solely on our ACT work.

9/18–In class–we took ACT quiz #6, graded the quiz, went over graphing rational functions, began learning how to use the GC to graph information.  Hwk sheets were handed out in class as well as keys.

UU has another campus tour date coming up.  If you’d like to go with me (and Olivia), here are the dates (we are fairly open):
Day at the U – Sept. 28 | Nov. 9 Family Weekend

Bulldog Days – Oct. 18-19

STEM Day – Nov. 2

I am adjusting our agenda to incorporate a full day of ACT review–no precalc content.  Hope to do it next week, but may have to do it the week after.  I’d like to review all of the ACT topics so far and then go thru an ACT test to find problems that match those topics plus what we have learned in class so far.

Lastly, I’d like to offer to meet 1x per week, outside of class, with those interested to work more on ACT content.  I am planning to do this with Olivia anyway so the more the merrier.  My class room at my house isn’t super big so we will be crowded but you’ll live…Liv has soccer until the middle of October so I won’t start until soccer is over.  I am thinking doing it on Tuesday’s after Tutorial will work for my schedule and hers.  If this works for you, great! feel free to join us.

9/11–Yesterday was a very full day.  I appreciate students’ willingness to help with set up and take down for our tiny room.  Students took quiz #5, turned in a worksheet and then we spent the rest of the class working on how to graph polynomials and rational functions.  I handed out several notes sheets, homework sheets and the answer keys.  Hwk is to follow the agenda.  We did not discuss ACT stuff today, but students can follow the agenda and review exponent rules.

9/4–In Class:  students took next timed quiz, turned in ACT work and lesson C worksheet, we went over Mini Math Lesson #4–Proportions, I handed out two practice sheets on ratios and proportions (not for a grade), then we covered the next lesson on Zeros of Polynomials and Synthetic Division.  I will email my notes from today with multiple problems worked out.  If you are not sure how to work one of the hwk problems, go to the answer sheet and work thru the problem following the answer.  If you need help, set up a time to come and see me before Tutorial.

ACT hwk–print out the requirements for your major, mark out what you are taking for Dual Enrollment (of what you have taken in the past) then make a plan for what you want to take the first semester in college.  Rework the Quiz 3 problems that you missed, the Ratio and Proportions wksts and go thru an ACT test in your student book, identify and work proportion problems.

8/28–In Class:  we covered the next lesson which is NOT in the book.  I gave several handouts and you can go to youtube and search for functions and shifting to get more help and examples.  I sent home the worksheets with keys–as usual, if you can’t understand where I got my answer, text me and I will double check to make sure I didn’t make a mistake and then I will send you a how-to for the problem.

ACT–choose 1 college from your list and begin researching a desired major.  Print out the general plan to graduate with that major then check the freshman level courses for their prerequisites.  You are looking to make sure that you know what subscores you need to take those classes.  For ACT work, check quiz 2 answers with your quiz and rework the ones you missed.  Go thru the first two quizzes and a test in the ACT prep book and look for ratio problems (work them), function and shifting problems (and work them) and the function problems like lesson 19 and 20 in your book (and work them).  Google ratio problem worksheets if you need more practice.  Check your email for answers to quiz 2.

8/21–In class–we covered lesson 20. Hwk is to follow the agenda.  For ACT, go back over Quiz 1.  Study the solutions.  Then, rework the problems.  If you missed any problems from Quiz 2, try to rework those until you can figure out how they got the correct answer.  Work on your 5 college choices and their ACT requirements.  You may have to call and speak with someone in admissions–ask if there are any prerequisites for their core classes that are ACT based ie JSCC you need a certain ACT score to take English Comp 1.  What is that score?  Take the terms from the mini lesson #2 and go thru one of the practice tests in your ACT book-highlight the terms in the math problems.  How often were those terms mentioned?  If you have any questions, text, call or email me.

8/14–Hey All, great first day!  I am pretty sure that I spoke super fast and you were probably a little overwhelmed, but I’ll eventually slow down and you will relax and this will be a great class for all of us.

In class:  took the first ACT minute quiz, went over 4 ACT mini lessons, talked about functions, domain, range, vertical line test, calculators, evaluating a function and turned in a bunch of paperwork.
Hwk–follow the agenda.  Complete #1-8 for lessons 19A-D in Student Notebook, complete Wksts 19A-D Handouts. Check your answers.  If you miss a problem, go back and figure out why you missed it.  You will turn in 2 of the aforementioned pages to Ms Kim next week–you don’t get to know which 2 she is going to ask for and the pages she collects will be graded for accuracy (shouldn’t be a problem since you have the answers).  For ACT, complete the handouts given.  You need to do the research on 5 colleges you might like to go to–one being JSCC for sure.  What is the average ACT score for incoming freshman?  What is the admission requirement?  Do they have your major?  What is your ACT goal-composite score and subtest scores?  How many do you need to get right on each test to meet your goal scores or to hit the benchmark scores?  I would suggest you spend 15 – 30 minutes every day working on ACT prep.  Use your ACT book.  Start with the review sections.  Work your way thru each section, working problems.

Agenda 18 19

ACT Dates & Info

I have attached two spreadsheets.  The first is a detailed agenda and the second is ACT information ie dates, deadlines and locations.  I am unable to access locations at this time, but students will most likely take their ACT exams at Jackson Christian School.  Start time is normally 8 am.  I will post that info as soon as registration opens.  Please print the agenda and place it in a binder along with the Summer Packet.  Don’t forget that students need a TI-83 or TI-83 Plus Graphing Calculator (I think the 84 is fine, too).  The only reason I specify those calculators is b/c I know how to work them!  If you choose to have a different brand or style, you will have to figure out how to use the functions on your own.  I have purchased most of my graphing calculators on Ebay for $50 – $60.

If you did not receive a Precalc Summer Handout, please email me at lezlie@43llc.com or faith.tutorial@yahoo.com for an emailed copy.

Lezlie Haynes