Lezlie Haynes

Welcome to PreCalculus!

I have updated the web page and added the agenda and forms for the start of school. Please print the handouts and put into binder.  Please print the Student Profile fill it out and turn it in the first day.
There is hwk to be done before the first class, so make sure that you look at the agenda and have that completed by the first class.
This class will also need a Google Classrooms account as we will use that throughout the year.
Finally, I will host a Zoom meeting the first week of Tutorial for parents and students.  I will send the invitation soon.  Please make every effort to attend the Zoom meeting as we will go over class policies, grading, how to study, etc.
See you August 11th!

Ms Lezlie

Student Agenda Precalculus
Syllabus 2020


(scroll to the bottom of the mathusee page to see the placement exams).

Email questions to sooners@click1.net.

Curriculum: Pre-calculus 20-21

Academic Calendar 20-21

Secondary Schedule 20-21