Lezlie Haynes

Welcome to PreCalculus!

8/14–Hey All, great first day!  I am pretty sure that I spoke super fast and you were probably a little overwhelmed, but I’ll eventually slow down and you will relax and this will be a great class for all of us.

In class:  took the first ACT minute quiz, went over 4 ACT mini lessons, talked about functions, domain, range, vertical line test, calculators, evaluating a function and turned in a bunch of paperwork.
Hwk–follow the agenda.  Complete #1-8 for lessons 19A-D in Student Notebook, complete Wksts 19A-D Handouts. Check your answers.  If you miss a problem, go back and figure out why you missed it.  You will turn in 2 of the aforementioned pages to Ms Kim next week–you don’t get to know which 2 she is going to ask for and the pages she collects will be graded for accuracy (shouldn’t be a problem since you have the answers).  For ACT, complete the handouts given.  You need to do the research on 5 colleges you might like to go to–one being JSCC for sure.  What is the average ACT score for incoming freshman?  What is the admission requirement?  Do they have your major?  What is your ACT goal-composite score and subtest scores?  How many do you need to get right on each test to meet your goal scores or to hit the benchmark scores?  I would suggest you spend 15 – 30 minutes every day working on ACT prep.  Use your ACT book.  Start with the review sections.  Work your way thru each section, working problems.

Agenda 18 19

ACT Dates & Info

I have attached two spreadsheets.  The first is a detailed agenda and the second is ACT information ie dates, deadlines and locations.  I am unable to access locations at this time, but students will most likely take their ACT exams at Jackson Christian School.  Start time is normally 8 am.  I will post that info as soon as registration opens.  Please print the agenda and place it in a binder along with the Summer Packet.  Don’t forget that students need a TI-83 or TI-83 Plus Graphing Calculator (I think the 84 is fine, too).  The only reason I specify those calculators is b/c I know how to work them!  If you choose to have a different brand or style, you will have to figure out how to use the functions on your own.  I have purchased most of my graphing calculators on Ebay for $50 – $60.

If you did not receive a Precalc Summer Handout, please email me at lezlie@43llc.com or faith.tutorial@yahoo.com for an emailed copy.

Lezlie Haynes