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4/13–In class, we reviewed for the ACT exam this Saturday.  Students have a practice exam to work on this week. Answers should be recorded in the INB and a grade written at the top of the page of # correct.

4/6 In Class:  students continued to work on ACT practice tests and took a formula quiz (formulas needed on the ACT).  They also had 6 problems on the whiteboard for their INB that reviewed vectors.  During lecture, we finished lesson 18.  Hwk is to finish lesson 18 and the problems assigned on GC and in the INB.

3/23 GC is updated for hwk.

3/2  In Class–we covered all of lesson 14 and worked several problems from sheet A. Afterwards, we went over some of the info watched in the ACT video and then worked thru 2 sci reasoning passages to apply the skills learned. Hwk is posted to GC. Remember to sign up for April ACT–deadline is 3/12 I believe.

2/2  3In Class–we followed the agenda and did lesson 13. Hwk is to follow the agenda and do the ACT prep work on GC. Also, sign up for April ACT.

2/9  In class–students took their exam and then we worked thru mini lessons 5 and 6 for science reasoning. We did not cover a new lesson. Hwk is posted in GC. I was planning on just doing ACT prep review but after talking with students about their test, I thought it might be better to review.

I attached the test to the class email for those that were absent.  Please turn it in as soon as possible, preferably before next class. For those that were absent, please upload lesson sheet 10B to GC.

2/2   In Class–covered lesson 10, worked several examples and reviewed for the test next week.  Students glued some notes in their INB on sci reasoning problem types.  Hwk is Lesson 10A,B,C and complete the Study Guide.  I’ll post the key later in the week.

1/26 In class–students took an ACT practice quiz on 2 sci reasoning passages and a pop quiz over what has been learned in lessons 1 – 8. I think they realized they need to work a little harder on learning the formulas. During lecture, we covered lesson 9 (pythagorean identities) and then worked multiple examples of trig proofs. Hwk is to follow the hwk under the Classwork tab. Continue to work on and prep for ACT. Remember, 1/27 free ACT prep event thru UU. Go to uu.edu/events/ACTprep for more info.  You may need to call UU to register.

1/19  In Class–we covered all of lesson 8, worked examples and discussed modeling problems on the ACT.  Students completed two science passages for practice on ACT, too.  Hwk is to go thru the RED ACT prep book and locate modeling problems for next week, complete the practice ACT problems online, and complete lesson 8A,B,C and Test 8 plus INB problems.

1/12 In Class–we covered all of lesson 7 and worked several examples. We talked about reviewing some science terms for the ACT, students did some ACT work on Sci Reasoning and they received handouts for their INB. Hwk is to complete 7A – 7C, Test 7 (open notes/book), finish the practice test Science Reasoning section in ACT prep book, do the online ACT practice and work the ACT practice problems in the INB.

1/5 In Class–we went over all of lesson 5 and 6 in the book. We worked several examples and then began an ACT overview of the science reasoning section. Hwk is to complete the lesson pages for lesson 5 and 6 and complete the ACT page in the INB on goals.



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