2019 – 2020 FAITH Tutorial Science Fair

1 Science Fair Packet

2Glossary of Science Fair Terms

3 Grade Sheet

4 Research Plan In Detail Instructions

5 Post Project Summary

6 How to Write an Abstract

7 Science Fair Board Instructions

8 Sample Project

9 Science Fair Timeline Biology

9 Science Fair Timeline Phys Sci

9 Science Fair Timeline Gen Sci 18

12 Checklist-for-Adult-Sponsor



Date of MTSEF regional fair will be posted when I have that information.

The 2019 Science Fair was a success.   At MTSEF, we had multiple winners.  Please check out the FACEBOOK page to see pictures of our students and their boards, as well as photos of our winners at the regional fair.  You can also go to the MTSEF website to look at photos taken there.  http://www.mtsef.org