2018 – 2019 FAITH Tutorial Science Fair

Science Fair paperwork for Belmont Due–2/5
Science Fair at Belmont University–Friday, March 8, 2018
Science Fair Awards Ceremony at Belmont–6:30 pm, Tuesday, April 2, 2018
If you have not turned in your sci fair report for Belmont, make sure you follow the format from #8 below–the Sample Project.

The 2018 Science Fair was a success. Six high school projects, one eighth grade project, seven 7th grade projects and two sixth grade projects advanced on to the regional fair at Belmont University, MTSEF.  At MTSEF, we had multiple winners.  Please check out the FACEBOOK page to see pictures of our students and their boards, as well as photos of our winners at the regional fair.  You can also go to the MTSEF website to look at photos taken there.  http://www.mtsef.org