Susan Hodges

Welcome to US History!


Hi students!  My name is Susan Hodges and what an exciting year to be taking US History!  I am so elated because this year is an election year and we have a lot of history to parallel with the history that is in the making as we speak!  Please begin to watch the news of the election coverage as well as currents events!  

I am married and a mother of four.  I homeschooled my children and have a love of history.  I told my children, ” if I can teach you to critically think, you will be prepared for any course in life”. This is true of this course as there will be many opinions as well as facts!   US history will delve back to our roots, lay a foundation for our government in America, take us through war, and edge the modern days.  We will have discussion, essays, papers as well as quizzes and tests.  Bring all quizzes and tests books to class the first day and I will collect them.  Come prepared and bring a respectful attitude and open mind to class and it will be a great year !



US History parent letter and HW