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You guys did an excellent job today on identifying what you saw in the photos of earth.  You could certainly see the extraordinary resemblance of good maps to these pictures. ( Actually, without good maps, there would have been very little that we could have identified.)  It also seems that everyone understands the mathematical nature of maps and can calculate distances based on scale.  Keep up the good work of using the ‘orderly mind’ God gave you to study His orderly creation!

We will continue to expand our exploration of maps and physical geography next week as we examine bearings, latitude, and longitude.  These are concepts that are relatively easy to understand once you get a mental picture of how it all works.  Therefore, spend some time on latitude and longitude before coming to class on January 25.

I hope everyone has a great week.  Email me (BEFORE MONDAY) if you need my assistance. .

January 18, 2022 Geography Note

January 25, 2022 Geography Assignment


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January 18, 2022 Geography Quiz

world outline map

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