Students, as with all other important issues, you will have to make your own decisions about the validity of ‘man caused’ climate change.  Wouldn’t it be good, however, to get trustworthy scientific information on climate change rather that soundbites from politicians trying to secure votes for the next election?  The verdict may be out on climate change, but the facts are in on CAPITALISM.  We got accurate,firsthand information on the basics of capitalism from Ella class today.  Ella did a great job in sharing her experience of actually creating a small business.  (If we are lucky, maybe we will get a future cold taste of the ‘fruits’ of her capitalistic venture…and you will definitely like what you get!) 

When we return from spring break, we will conclude our study of capitalism and socialism.  Be sure to view the 3 short videos below a day or two before our next class.  Examine the article titled Economics 101 that reviews the Law of Supply and Demand.  Also review the article about American generosity…it is inspiring.  So, the only new material will be an article explaining the genesis of the communist revolution in Russia and an additional article (with pictures) that discusses Russia in 2019…yes, that Russia that’s in the news everyday.  In the meantime, I hope you have a great spring break and an especially good SPRING EQUINOX.  Email me if you need my help.

March 26 Geography Assignment        


Econ 101