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Welcome to World Geography!



Today we took a closer look at the physical geography of Earth through discussion and via satellite photography.  Earth is a phenomenal place, like it was made especially for mankind.  Click on the attachment below to access your physical geography notes and a brief assignment for next week.

Next week we will be multi-tasking, moving ahead with physical geography but also focusing on an incredibly important political geography topic: immigration.  Immigration, border security, and border walls, are topics  that get plenty of coverage by the press.  I fear, however, that Americans are long on emotion but short on facts when it come to immigration in the United States.  Let’s take Founding Father James Madison’s advice by conducting research and collecting facts in order to dispel ‘ignorance’.  In your assignment for next week, there are several questions about immigration that everyone is to research.  Everyone also has a specific country to research.  Click on the link below for further instructions.

REMINDER: You had homework assigned for today that we did not have time to discuss.  Bring that completed work with you when you come to class next week.  The links below on natural disasters, bearings,. directions of travel, latitude and longitude are provided again this week for your convenience.

january 22 geography research assignment

january 15 geography notes

Bearings/directions study guide –  bearings

Latitude/Longitude Power Point – lat lon bearings

Natural Disasters information and question sheet – natural disasters

World Outline Practice Map – world outline map