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May 15 Geography

First, and most importantly, prepare for the final. The exam will primarily consist of multiple choice questions based on material dating to January 2. Click on the exam review page below for a listing of ideas, concepts, and other information from which the test questions will be written.

There will also be a world map included on the test that will ask you to identify continents, oceans, major island/island groups, countries, and other features.  Locations to identify on this test have already been included on prior tests.

Click on the Prager University video page below to view assigned videos. The first 2 videos listed are required viewing, but the third video listed is optional. It is important to watch these presentations because they speak to fundamental truths that young Americans who have studied geography need to understand.

Be concerned enough to review your old tests and the review sheet referenced above.  If you spend time directed toward these 2 suggestions, you should do very well on this test.

Good luck on all of your exams!


Prager U. videos for May15

Geography Final Study Sheet