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Religion has played a significant role in the history of every people group throughout the history of mankind.  Humans from every generation have felt an innate sense of a higher power who created earth and everything on it.  Religion is man’s way of seeking God’s favor.  In no part of the world has religion played a larger role in the lives of citizens than in the Middle East where the predominate religion, ISLAM, strongly influences every aspect of life.  So strong is the Muslim influence that in several ME countries, the top church officials double as top government officials.  Even the Sheria legal system of some of these countries is based strictly on the teachings of the Quran.

Islam was born in violence.  Mohammed taught that the use of force, and violence when necessary, was a legitimate means of converting people to Islam.  And to die in service to Islam was guaranteed to earn a wonderful life in heaven.  Certainly most Muslims today eschew violence; most want to live in peace just like most Christians want to live in peace.  But there is a small minority of RADICALS who use violence in the name of ‘Allah’.  Read the articles and watch the video that details examples of extreme violence in Africa at the hands of Boko Haram.  Check out the video detailing the actions and goals of Hezbollah, an organized Muslim terrorist organization.

Israel, an ‘ OUTLIER’ country of the Middle East has felt the wrath of radical Islam…time and time again.  Yet this small country is an economic powerhouse whose story is worth knowing.  Astonishingly and in defiance of logic, a huge group of Arabs live peacefully among the Jews in Israel.  These Arabs are grateful for their high standard of living and the respect they get as citizens!  Understanding this relatively new, tech-savvy, economically stable country is to learn some important life lessons.  Be sure you have completed all assigned work on this amazing little country.

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