Read what some of our families have said about us.

What a blessing FAITH Tutorial has been for our family! We have been so pleased with how well the school is run, from the warm welcoming smiles to the way they handle tough issues. Our children have received a high quality Christian education with Godly teachers that are challenging, but also will give grace when it’s needed. The teachers and staff at FAITH have been a wonderful Godly influence, one that can be easily partnered with while educating our children. FAITH Tutorial is an amazing resource for homeschooling families to tap into!”

–Lynn Fincher


After teaching in public schools for 7 years, my husband & I just assumed our children would go through the public system.  We never (in our wildest dreams) planned for homeschooling to be part of our future. After much prayer for God’s direction in schools for our children, it was obvious we were being called to home school for this season in our life. If Jesus is “Lord” then our answer to Him must always be YES. Through this journey, we feel that God has provided us with FAITH Tutorial to make homeschooling the perfect fit for our family. The tutorial provides aspects of schooling that we could not provide at home; such as classroom setting, additional teachers, and lasting friendships. Being a part of FAITH Tutorial has been more than a partnership in education. It has been a true blessing from the Lord.”

–Tarra Sims & Family


We came to FAITH a few years ago as a homeschooling family, and we found exactly what we were searching for.  FAITH allowed us to give our daughter the perfect balance of individualized work based on her strengths and interests, and of classroom work with high quality instruction and like-minded peers.  Our daughter absolutely loved her years at FAITH, and has so many fond memories and lasting friendships from those years.  She continues to thrive, and I have no doubt that her time at FAITH Tutorial is the reason. I feel we would not have had the confidence or success to home school without being a part of FAITH.

I have since been blessed to join FAITH’s staff.  I can personally attest to what a wonderful place this is!  The families here are all so supportive and encouraging, while the children are ready to learn and eager to help.  The Tutorial staff has welcomed me with open hearts, many prayers, and true generosity—all of which I am so grateful for.  Words cannot express my appreciation for what an uplifting place FAITH is.  FAITH Home School Tutorial is truly a phenomenal program, offering so much love and Christian service to each person fortunate enough to be a part of it.”

–Andrea Gowan


Faith Tutorial has been such a blessing to our family over the past few years. Both of my children have attended Faith and have thrived in its upbeat, positive Christian environment. The tutorial provides a relaxed, welcoming environment, yet is highly organized and professional. The high level of professionalism and dedication to quality Christian instruction are few of the reasons I have enrolled my children and love teaching at Faith.

I find the classroom experiences make learning fun and engaging. The instructors provide well-organized curriculum outlines for the year, along with hands-on learning experiences in cooperative classroom settings. This is a tremendous help when we have homeschooled children at different grade levels! Furthermore, my kids also have the opportunity to test and apply the skills and information learned at home in a more objective environment. This provides great feedback, so I can ensure my kids are meeting the appropriate bench-marks. When combined these benefits make Faith the perfect complement to our family’s homeschool routine. Faith is, without doubt, the best home-schooling aid in West Tennessee!”

–The Glenn Family


I would like to say that being a part of FAITH Tutorial for the past nine years has been a great experience. If you are thinking about homeschooling your children, go by and visit the Tutorial and see how great the teachers are and see what a great group of students they have there. The Director, Mrs. Ramona Mitchell, has encouraged my son all throughout the years that he has been there and for that he will be forever grateful.”

–The Cross Family


FAITH was a blessing to our family and Madison benefited greatly from your wonderful tutorial setting. We are just so thankful for the memories and progress she made during her years there. May God continue to bless you, your staff, and all the students during the upcoming year!”

–Kim B.


Faith Tutorial has added just the right balance to our homeschooling week. It gives me, as the primary teacher at home, a chance to catch my breath and regroup on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, so that I’m fresh for the rest of our time the rest of the week. I feel supported by the teachers and I feel like we’re in it together. This is our third year of homeschooling. My kids are now saying that they never want to do anything but homeschool forever. What a blessing to hear such words from the mouths of your children! I am thankful for Faith Tutorial.”

–Julia B.


My family has been involved with FAITH Tutorial since 2004. We originally began at the tutorial to support our homeschooling endeavors, expecting that we would homeschool in Kindergarten and then send our children to school in first grade. Yet here we still are, with three children enrolled!  In the beginning, the tutorial was a great place for my children to learn classroom manners, a time for me to have a break, and a place to have my values reinforced. Now, I look to the tutorial to challenge my children academically, instruct them in subjects I am less comfortable teaching, and still be a fantastic Christian environment where biblical principles are reinforced. The friends my children have made at tutorial are lifelong friends with similar values. The teachers at FAITH tutorial are top notch. They are good at working with children, they show that they love the work God has given them, and they demonstrate incredible flexibility as they deal with children of all educational abilities. I appreciate their professionalism as well as their personal testimonies of walking with Christ. I can honestly say that without FAITH tutorial, my family would not be a homeschooling family. It is a critical piece of our patchwork quilt we call “family life.”

–Mary Kaye W.


We are so thankful for Faith Tutorial and the academically sound and Christian-based teaching that our children receive there. Our three children have attended Faith for the last 4 years and have benefitted not only from the lessons taught there, but also from the friendships they’ve made. Faith has provided a nice balance for us as we combine the subjects taught there with the curricula we use at home. In addition to providing core academic material along with the benefits of social interaction with other students, it allows me two mornings per week to catch up on other areas of life. I don’t think we would have decided to home school three children without having a resource like Faith available. Thank you, Faith Tutorial, for all you do!”

–Janice S.


I would say FAITH is the most valuable asset to Jackson’s homeschoolers. Both parents and children benefit from it. FAITH provides a first school setting experience from pre-k to early elementary. It also sets a great learning atmosphere for high school students. The most exciting event starts from the registering for the next year’s classes because a variety of subjects are offered to us. The tutors are all energetic mothers or private teachers who desire high expectations from their students and the parents. FAITH contributes to my children’s success in a unique way. FAITH is the best in town!”




“We have been a part of the FAITH community for 8 years now. For several reasons, we decided to make a change last year and we immediately felt a void in our homeschooling life. To find such a large group of people that are so like-minded is rare and it truly is a gift. Around every corner there is a smile, a laugh, a kind word, there are sweet girls hugging and big guys giving knucks.

There is no price on the peace of mind I have when I leave my 3 kids at FAITH, knowing that they are loved and cared for and looked after in a safe environment is a sigh of relief. My kids get to experience the classroom environment, as it was intended, surrounded by morally guided, like-minded students and teachers that are able to make the most out of their time together without being encumbered by disobedience issues and a multitude of other things. FAITH is such an integral part of our homeschool life, we feel lost without it!”

–R. Farmer