Thank you for your interest in FAITH Home School Tutorial. Registration for current families began March 20. New families began registering on March 27. We encourage all registration to be completed by the end of April, if possible. However, registration will continue through the last day of Tutorial, May 17.

You must print off the registration forms (see link below) and bring the completed paperwork with you to registration. It must include the non-refundable $100 (per family) application fee. You must register in person during Tutorial hours (8:30 a.m. – 12: 15 p.m.). Registration is first come: first served. You will be notified immediately whether or not you are on the roster or on the waiting list.

In order to make the process as efficient as possible, please contact us prior to registration if you have any questions about the class schedule or curriculum listed below.  You may email us at or call us at 731.225.8172. 

Registration Forms 18-19

FAITH Tuition and Fees 18-19

FAITH Secondary Schedule 18-19

Academic Calendar and Progress Report Schedule 18-19

Student Handbook 18-19


Elementary Curriculum/Supply Lists:

PreK List 18-19
Kindergarten List 18-19
First Grade List 18-19
Second Grade List 18-19 (updated 3-19-18)
Third Grade List 18-19
Fourth Grade List 18-19
Fifth Grade List 18-19
Sixth Grade List 18-19

Secondary Curriculum/Supply Lists:

Science Lists:
General Science List 18-19
Physical Science List 18-19
Biology List 18-19
Anatomy & Physiology List 18-19

Math Lists:
PreAlgebra List 18-19
Algebra 1 List 18-19
Geometry List 18-19
Algebra 2 List 18-19
PreCalculus List 18-19

English Lists:
Language Arts 7 List 18-19 (updated 3-19-18)
Language Arts 8 List 18-19 (updated 3-19-18)
Language Arts 9 List 18-19
Language Arts 10-12 List 18-19

History Lists:
American History List 18-19
US History List 18-19
World Geography List 18-19

Miscellaneous Lists:
Contemporary Issues & Biblical Worldview List 18-19
Keyboarding & Software Applications List 18-19
Personal Finance List 18-19