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Meet Mrs. Melinda 2017

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Preschool Curriculum Guide August-September 2017

Updated information– September  15, 2017

  • We had another great week in pre-k. During our apple tasting experiment, children chose Granny Smith as their favorite.
  • Tuesday is jersey day. Children are encouraged to wear a jersey or t-shirt of their favorite sports team. If they don’t have one, a t-shirt that is the same color as their favorite team would be great. A jersey that they have worn during their own t-ball or soccer games would also be great.
  • Progress Reports go out Thursday, September 21st. Skills assessed will be the letters a, e, i, and u, basic shapes and colors, numbers 1-3, and rote counting to 10. Everything will be assessed one on one orally.
  • Check out the pictures at the bottom of this page to see some of the fun activities we worked on this week.
  • As you are helping your children learn to write their names, please encourage them to only capitalize the first letter.
  • Please check out the Preschool Currriculum Guide August-September 2017 link above this text box to see exactly which pages to send daily in your child’s folder.
  • Children will have an opportunity to say their Bible verse each Thursday. Please take a few minutes each day to work on this at home. 
  • Academic Calendar/Progress Report Schedule 2017-18.

General Information:

For each Tutorial day, please look at your curriculum guide and send only the pages necessary for that day in their folders. The curriculum guide will be posted and updated regularly at the top of this page.

Please try to remember to clean out their folders daily, so that we don’t have extra papers strewn about.

Try to find time to practice the Bible verse for the week at home. Most students will not be able to memorize it in the short amount of time we have to work on it at Tutorial.

Please make sure that your child uses the restroom before coming to class each Tutorial day.

Please make sure that your child has a change of clothes in his/her backpack.

Please send a healthy snack and drink with your child each day. We will have snack mid-morning.

Students may arrive as early as 8:15, and classes begin at 8:30. Please make a special effort to be here each day by 8:30.

Dismissal is 12:00-12:15.

Pre-K 2017:

  • Our subject focus in Pre-K is phonics/reading, with an emphasis on manuscript writing.  Our curriculum also covers basic numbers concepts.
  • In addition to our curriculum, we will play learning games, make crafts to complement our skills, read Bible stories and learn Bible verses, and enjoy educational and fun learning centers.
  • Preschool can sometimes be messy, especially on art day. Be sure to wear appropriate clothing.
  • We will have extra special days throughout the year  (Dr. Seuss Day, Holiday events, Field Day, etc…




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